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Obama's "Job Council" Shuts Down
5 years ago






You just can't make this stuff up....
5 years ago

As new weekly jobs numbers  emerged Thursday showing a jump in unemployment claims and a report released the previous day  showed the economy shrinking in late 2012, President Obama is effectively laying  off his jobs council.

The layoff -- which comes in the form of the administration not renewing the  council, which sunsets Thursday -- takes off the table a first-term panel set up  to field ideas from the business community for spurring growth. But the  administration was accused all along of never taking full advantage of the group  at a time when the economy desperately needed those ideas.


The council itself, a group of business and labor leaders, hasn't met  officially in more than a year. The group was tasked with making recommendations  to Obama to help create jobs, but the 26 members only met four times in two  years.


As the council expires Thursday with no plans to extend it, House Speaker  John Boehner's office panned the president's alleged disinterest in the  group.


"To understand the abysmal nature of our economic recovery, look no further  than the president's disinterest in learning lessons from actual job creators,"  spokesman Brendan Buck said. "Whether ignoring the group or rejecting its  recommendations, the president treated his Jobs Council as more of a nuisance  than a vehicle to spur job creation."

But White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that the council  "was always intended" to expire after two years, and said "the work that the  jobs council did was very helpful."

Further, Carney said the White House would "begin a new, expanded effort to  work with the business community and other outside groups to advance specific policy priorities  promoted by the jobs council -- including expanded new skills and talent  initiatives, promoting entrepreneurship and small businesses, expediting  permitting for infrastructure projects across the country and continuing  progress on fiscal issues and tax reform."

The White House says that the president took "action" on 33 of the council's  35 recommendations in the first year and implemented 16 of them.

Now as it comes to an end, administration officials say Obama has met with  dozens of CEOs since the election -- separate from the jobs council -- and  doesn't feel compelled to work only through that panel.

But Republicans say the president is putting the economy on the  back-burner.

"Instead of taking real action, like renewing his Jobs Council or approving  the Keystone Pipeline, President Obama has moved on to his second-term liberal  agenda," the National Republican Congressional Committee said in a statement.  "But with 12 million Americans unemployed and a national debt over $16 trillion,  shouldn't President Obama keep his eye on the ball and work to find real  solutions to create jobs and tackle our out-of-control spending?"

When Obama in January 2011 formed his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness,  unemployment was hovering above 9 percent. Two years later, more than 12 million  people in the U.S. are out of work. The unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8  percent, but both parties agree that's still too high.


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Mission Accomplished: Obama Ending Job Council
5 years ago

By JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will let his jobs council expire this week without renewing its charter, winding down one source of input from the business community even as unemployment remains stubbornly high.

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When Obama in January 2011 formed his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, unemployment was hovering above 9 percent. Two years president later, more than 12 million people in theU.S.are out of work. The unemployment rate has improved to 7.8 percent, but both parties agree that's still too high.

A provision in Obama's executive order establishing the council says it sunsets on Thursday. A White House official said the president does not plan to extend it.

Officials said the president always intended for the council to fulfill its mission and then wind down, and said that Obama would continue to actively engage and seek input from business leaders about ways to accelerate job-creation and economic growth. Among the steps Obama plans to pursue are expedited permits for infrastructure projects, the White House said.

Even before it was clear whether Obama would renew the jobs council, Republicans seized on its likely expiration as evidence the president has devoted insufficient attention to creating jobs, which polling shows remains a top priority for Americans. The Republican National Committee dubbed it part of "the failed Obama record," while the House Republicans' campaign committee, in an online petition, accused Obama of laying off his own jobs council.

Adding to the concern about the job market's continued vulnerability, the Commerce Department said Wednesday that theU.S.economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.1 percent from October through December of last year, the first quarterly drop since 2009.

The jobs council was a successor to another economic advisory board Obama created at the onset of his presidency. The panel was chaired by General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and was comprised of prominent business leaders and economists.

Obama met with the council only a handful of times. During the last meeting, in February 2012, the president and the council highlighted an engineering educationinitiative alongside school deans.

The jobs council's main work product was report released in January 2012, entitled "Roadmap to Renewal." The council also organized a series of "listening and action" meetings across the country last year with business owners, local elected officials and academics, although Obama didn't attend those sessions.

Critics have argued that the council's primary purpose was to create the appearance of action at a time when the nation was pining for something — anything — to rein in soaring joblessness. The administration acted on many of the council's recommendations, including suggestions for streamlining the permitting process. But the White House was at odds with several council members on tax policies, particularly a proposal to exclude overseas corporate earnings fromU.S.taxes. That idea divided even the jobs council, whose membership included labor and Obama's political allies.

The council's dissolution also comes as White House aides are optimistic about the prospects for a second-term detente with the business community, which bristled during Obama's first term at his harsh depiction of "fat-cat bankers" and his efforts to impose regulations, tax policies and spending initiatives they argued were unfriendly to business. Obama aides hope the softening of the relationship between the president and the business world can benefit the White House in future fiscal debates with Republicans.

White House officials said the president made a fresh effort to reach out to business in the days following his re-election. Between the November election and the end of 2012, in the height of negotiations to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, more than 400 business leaders, ranging from CEOs of large multinational companies to small business owners, met with Obama or his aides at the White House, officials said.


5 years ago

Diane, I had posted this yesterday so just moved it over here to your new thread on the subject.  Very interesting I thought.  No matter what the White House has to say about optimism for second-term detente with the business community, this is the closing of the door, I suspect.  He needed to look good to get the votes and to dispel Romney's position that he didn't want to really help business; so I ask all of you liberals out there reading, who was right?

I hope that you all realize now that Romney knew this president for what he is and Romney also knows business and knew Obama spelled death to businesses and he appears to be right on target.  If you work for one of those small businesses, hang on tight as you could be out of work within the next 4 years and hope that Obama vote was worth it to you.

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