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Regulate guns like we register automobiles?
5 years ago

This is a good read on the subject--humorous and absolutely correct!


5 years ago

I don't know, David, this is way too much government control.   We need to leave the Second Amendment alone, tell Obama to take his robe and crown off and understand that he is only a legend in his own mind.    The rest of us can easily do without his input into our lives.

5 years ago

I agree completely.  It amazes me how the 'but we register our automobiles and don't fear having tehm confiscated' argument is never questioned by people who think we need more gun laws and have no idea how many of them or how restrictive they actually are.  Obama didn't start the problem, but he is certainly running with it in sociopathic glee.  My solution to this and most other problems:  Read the Constitution, do what it says, and don't do what it doesn't say.  Myriad problems solved.

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