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Sunday Salad Bonus: Salad Nicoise
5 years ago

Yes, I have a weakness for salads especially ones like Salad Nicoise.   Back in the late 1980's I was in Switzerland and this is where I had my first Nicoise salad.    I never forgot about how elegant it was and once back on American soil, it wasn't long before I duplicated this recipe.


It's a tiny bit labor intensive due to the prep time but it is worth it:



The recipe follows.  

Salad ingredients for one person (Nicoise pronounced "nee swah"
5 years ago

1/4 lb of fresh green beans

1 cup of chopped, crisp romaine lettuce

3 roma tomatoes

3 hardboiled eggs

1/2 of boiled new potatoes

Cured olives

Thinly sliced red onion to garnish

1 teaspoon of fresh tarragon

1 can on tongol tuna packed in olive oil


Dressing:   High quality olive oil and the juice from one lemon -


1/4 cup of olive oil with the juice of one lemon and one teaspoon of tarragon, salt and pepper.   Mix thoroughly.   Once you have assembled your Nicoise salad you will drizzle this dressing over the entire plate.


Blanch the green beans by boiling in water for about 10 minutes, remove and cool.  Boil the eggs, remove, cool, and peel cutting into wedges.


Roma tomatoes washed and cut into wedges.  Tuna removed from can.  Do not rinse.


Arrange romaine lettuce in the middle of the plate.  Place tuna in the center and follow the pattern in picture above.    Generously drizzle the salad dressing over entire salad.


This, of course, is a hearty salad perfect for the evening meal.   It is a low calorie meal chocked full of simple but nourishing vegetables.    The tongol tuna is dark and flavorful.





Salad "nee swah"
5 years ago

There are several variations of this beautiful salad.   In place of the tongol tuna, you can add a piece of grilled salmon or other grilled fish.   I also prepared this salad with grilled shrimp.  Once when I had access to fresh bay scallops, I removed the tiny muscle on each scallop, dried them off with a paper towel and placed them in a very hot iron skillet leaving them in until they formed a hard crust.   This took about 6 to 7 minutes and then turned them over to cook on the other side for 4 to 5 minutes.    I have also used fresh grilled tuna.


Don't like seafood?   Not a problem.  Pound thin two chicken tenders, pat dry with paper towels and place one tablespoon of butter in a medium hot heavy skillet.  Salt and pepper and quick fry the chicken until just done.    

5 years ago

YUM, YUM, can't wait to fix this one Diane.  Presentation is beautiful and the flavors would be excellent.  Loving scallops, I have to try that variation, too.  

5 years ago

Linda, this recipe is one of my many weaknesses....

5 years ago

I luck out with this recipe because, except for the cats & dogs bugging me for a taste, I'm the only one who likes canned tuna.   I love scallops, too, but the ones that I can get locally aren't exactly the best.  They're saturated with a phosphate brine to preserve them & plump them up, so instead of browning they turn more of a gray color.  eww  


Also no tongol tuna available around here, I use Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna in water. I can get salmon and shrimp though.


Whole Foods might have the Tongul or decent scallops, but that's over a 30 mile drive from here.  We go there only very occasionally.

5 years ago

Sandy, next time you go to Whole Foods, if they have it, stock up for your salad.  Fortunately I have lived near the Pacific Ocean or now near the Atlantic, so seafood is fresh or close to it.  When I move to Oregon I will be 13 miles from the Pacific and you can purchase fresh caught fish off of the boats when they come in so that will be a first for me.

5 years ago

I'm jealous.   Kansas is rather landlocked except for mainly the Missouri River.  We have a lot of cows   though and some Buffalo.  

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