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FLOTUS Goes After Obese Parents Now
5 years ago


First Lady Michelle Obama

"But in the end, we also know that it's not enough to simply change the way our children eat — we have to change our own habits and behaviors as well. And this is final point I want to make today. We as parents are our children's first and best role models and this is particularly true when it comes to their health. Research shows that kids who have at least one obese parent or more are then twice as likely to be obese as adults. So, as much as we might plead with our kids to “do as I say and not as I do,” we know that we can’t lie around on the couch eating French fries and candy bars and expect our kids to eat carrots and run around the block. But too often that’s exactly what we’re doing.We’re skipping the gym so that we can drive the kids to school in the morning.  We’re eating fast food at lunch so we have time afterwards to pick go to the store to pick up something decent for dinner. We are working so hard to keep our kids healthy that we are neglecting ourselves.  Now in some ways that’s what it means to be a parent, right? It means there are plenty of things we won’t do for ourselves but there is nothing that we won’t do for our children. But as it turns out one of the most important things we can do for our children’s health, is to take care of our own health and to make being healthy truly a family affair.”

5 years ago

Oh the red flag is waving and waving hard.  She is the biggest phony I have ever heard of and I have no, absolutely no respect for Michelle Obama.  

Maybe if her husband were out there doing his part to balance the budget, pass a plan that will help to reduce spending in a constructive manner, work for a honest plan to create jobs, etc.; just maybe these obese parents would be able to afford a diet that would reduce the family's weight issue.  It is darn hard to feed a family today when you are middle class or under.  It is very hard for many people to purchase those items that would be better; you have a family to feed and limited income (I am not talking the Welfare people here, I am talking middle and low middle income families and low income families where there is the real effort to work and support your family).  Therefore you go for those menu items that will fill them up as cheaply as you can.  It does not allow for a lot of fresh veggies and fruit; if any at all.  

As for the parents, I agree, they are so worried about feeding their children as healty of a diet as possible and that means they are eating even worse.  I can tell you that the number of times that fast food is brought into this house for a family of 6 (3 children and 3 adults) is no more than 1 time a month, if that.  I can't remember over the past 3 months when that has happened at all.  We eat a lot of chicken and not always chicken breasts; usually the dark meat that is on sale.  We really can't afford fish or much beef, so we have pork and chicken that is on sale.  We are middle middle class people, we are not poor (at least as an entire family) but we are not wealthy by any means.  

It angers me to no end, as I am sure it does others like me and my family, to hear this narcissistic, ego-inflated woman that spends enough on one outfit (dress, shoes, makeup, jewelry and hair) for probably 2 or 3 months.  One of her vacations alone would feed our family very well for probably 10 years and she wants to tell parents that it is their fault that their children are obese.  

I am not saying that obesity is not an issue nor that children are not obese.  But if your diet consisted of high carbohydrates you would have problems, too.  

On the flip side, I do think that parents need to get their children outside playing and spending less time on computers, computer games, TV's, etc. and that this would definitely help.  I now that my grandsons have no weight issues at all but they do get outside to run and play and we get out with them and play and exercise this way as a family.  Walks are free entertainment, a game of tag is free entertainment, etc.  Lots of exercise and free.  

I would also suggest that schools could help, but their hands are tied now due to budget cuts and the increase in cost of providing meals under Michelle's direction.  They could have real physical exercise classes from grade school on which they do not have anymore.  It is not enough for children to have "gym" one day a week for 30 minutes and play tag; they need more exercise than that.  We used to have 1 hour a day for recess; 30 minutes at lunch and two 15 minute periods, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Now my grandsons get a total of 30 minutes to eat their lunch and have recess, so recess is limited to 10 minutes at lunch time and then they get one more 10 minute recess in the afternoon. It used to be that there was value in getting the children outside to play and get fresh air; now they are too concerned about getting them prepared for the PAL's or SOL's and they can't afford time for "gym" or recess.  

So, yes, this is a red flag for me.  I sympathize with the parents as I am not sure that I could do better.  Milk is $4.89 a gallon here (when I raised my kids it was $1.89 a gallon.

Apples are $1.69 a pound here, I paid 69 cents a pound and thought that was horrible as for the most part I got them free from my parents orchard.  Cereal; oh my gosh the price of cereal, even oatmeal and Cream of Wheat.  

Long story here and sorry; on my soap box yes.  Michelle Obama, if I were not a lady I have something very significant I would say to you but I won't, you are not worth relinquishing my dignity.

5 years ago

Why does Michelle Obama remind me so much of Marie Antionette?

5 years ago

David, I suspect a more close match would be Imelda Marcos, exciled widow of Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Phillipines.  

Imelda's extravagant lifestyle reportedly included five-million-dollar shopping tours in New York, Rome and Copenhagen in 1983, and sending a plane to pick up Australian white sand for a new beach resort. She purchased a number of properties in Manhattan in the 1980s, including the $51-million Crown Building, the Woolworth Building (40 Wall Street) and the $60-million Herald Centre; she declined to purchase the Empire State Building for $750m as she considered it "too ostentatious." Her New York real estate was later seized and sold, along with much of her jewels and most of her 175 piece art collection, which included works by MichelangeloBotticelli, and Canaletto. She responded to criticisms of her extravagance by claiming that it was her "duty" to be "some kind of light, a star to give [the poor] guidelines."

I worked with a lady from the Phillipines (she came to the U.S. around the time that Imelda was exciled.  She told me that the extravagance of Imelda was unbelievable; she had so many pair of shoes, alone.  Her gowns and clothing was very extravagant; all designer clothing and top designers.  The people of the Phillipines hated her; as well as her husband.

This sounds more like Michelle to me.  Also, Imelda was known for her lavish trips, vacations, and entertaining.  The people of the Phillipines were hungry and the poverty rate was high, but you would never see that by the way the Marcos' lived.  Does that sound similar?

5 years ago

You're right, Imelda does make a better comparison, 4000 (seriously, no exggeration) pairs of shoes and all!

5 years ago

David, Hermie (the lady I know and worked with from the Phillipines) expressed just how hurt the people of the Phillipines were over Imelda's personal over-indulgences and the fact that so many of the people were barely scraping by if that.  She left the Phillipines because of them and worked here and saved the money to bring her Aunts here, too.  Her mother had passed away, as had her dad, but she was able to get her aunts here.  And it was due to the Marcos that she left her own country.

Sad, really.  I would hate to think that someone like the Obama's could cause people in this Country to do the same.  I'm afraid I am too stubborn and I will stay and fight for this Country, even if it is against people like that. 

5 years ago

Well, Linda and David, it IS sad.   Michelle Obama has gone Hollywood, and those "bangs
 honest to God are atrocious.    Talk about an out of touch First Lady...whew!


American families when on a limited budget have choices to a big bag of dried beans, a sack of potatoes, a bag of rice, whole chickens to cut up yourself at home and get to work actually cooking for your family when you get home from work.    I work full time and I cook all weekend long just for the two of us.    I have the time to put together real food, no preservatives and the food is nutritious and delicious.    It takes planning.    It takes dedication from a mother and yes a father to get in the kitchen and cook this food.


Americans have become lazy and I know I am generalizing here but it seems that mothers will get a bag of hamburgers and french fries to support instant gratification.    How much does it cost to buy a large container of oatmeal and prepare that for breakfast for the children?    What happens is that the mother with food stamps will buy the "instant" packages which costs three times as much rather than get up 30 minutes earlier and cook the real oatmeal.   


I always hammer home "choices."   We are all a product of the choices we make.

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