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4 years ago

The Obama's have just purchased another dog.  This doggie is a she - named Sunny!  She is also like her sib Bo - same breed.


Which brings about a question.  Since Bo gets his own private plane to travel with the family, at taxpayer expense, does this dog also get her private plane?


Corrrect me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember that when W and Laura traveled and walked down the steps of the Helicopter upon their return - their dog was always WITH them. 


Has anyone explained to us the reason that Bo always flies solo without family.


Could it be that Bo is actually the President of the US and, therefore, must fly in a more secure environment! 

4 years ago

Well, Tara Jane, he could be likened to a dog but I prefer dogs any day to Obama so would not insult dogs that way.

We always took our dog with us when we went on camping trips, etc.  He was part of the family.  I don't see why Bo has been excluded. 

4 years ago

Michelle & the girls fly separately from Obama.  Bo flies separately.   In a way, I don't blame them.  I'd fly separately from Obama, too. 

I notice a similarity between the 2 dogs and Barack & Michelle. 

Bo (left) and Sunny (right) hang out on the South Lawn of the White House. The Obamas just added Sunny to the family.

4 years ago

Linda....All our dogs have always traveled with us on vacation.  Rode in the car - slept in the hotel, all that good stuff.  But, I've never owned a dog that cost between $1,400 to $2,000.  That is the going rate for a Portuguese Water Dog - and the Obama's own two.  Both black dogs.  Is there a message there!


FLOTUS stated that they bought "Sunny" because Bo needed some doggy interaction. 


It seems that Bo, in the past has been eager to help the First Familywith the official whitehouse duties.  He has visited Walter Reed and the Children's Medical Center.  He also attended the lighting of the yearly Christmas Tree.  Greets guests on tour and attended the Easter Egg Roll.


With Bo helping so much - why does the administration still need Valerie Jarrett! 

4 years ago

LOL, Sandy!!   Does Sunny have a severe underbite?


Great comments and pic!!   

4 years ago

Sandy, they don't always fly separately from his as when they came back from this last vacation I saw the footage of them getting off the plane together.  I have seen it many times.  I think the only time they went on a vacation where he was not on the same plane was when he went to Florida to golf and they went to Colorado to ski.  LOL

But seriously, Bo flies separate from the family and the Obamas and girls fly together normally. One thing I remember that a lot of people used to consider was not having the entire family fly together (not talking about presidents, talking about anyone in general) as if there was an accident not all the family would be lost.  Just a comment.

But no, they fley together to Martha's Vineyard.  LOL 

4 years ago

Linda, there have been many times they have flown separately.  Not to say they have never flown together, but I was making an attempt at humor.  Bo flies alone, but now he'll have Sunny for company.

I see that Bo, the male, is part black & part white while Sunny, the female, is all black.  That was what first came to mind.  The hair on their heads remind me of Michelle's more recent do with the bangs.  Was that her inspiration?

4 years ago


4 years ago

Sandy...Michelle says she gave up the bangs because it was hard to read a speech looking through them. 


Gee Michelle - you shorten the bangs!  Duh! 


Folks these people are downright black crackers!

4 years ago

With that I agree, you and Sandy have her pegged; both of them actually.  And I do see the similarity with the dogs, Sandy.  Good observation.  Sad to have to do that to the dogs, though as they didn't ask for that comparison; poor things.  LOL

Now, Tara Jane, remember who you are talking about.  The obvious solutins are just too foreign to them.  

You are right, though, Sandy, the poor dog and now dogs do need to be protected.  The cigarette smoke would get them I am sure.  Now, do you think that might be part of why they would travel alone?  I know that a lot of people don't like to be around it and I am sure he can't keep from smoking for an entire plane trip.  LOL 

4 years ago

Maybe it depends on what you're smokin'.

4 years ago

I'll drink to that, Tara Jane.

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