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Iran Sends Serious Warning to Obama Over Syria
4 years ago

AFP - A top Iranian military chief warned on Sunday that the US will face "harsh consequences" if it intervenes in ally Syria over claims of chemical attacks, Fars news agency reported.


"If the United States crosses this red line, there will be harsh consequences for the White House," armed forces deputy chief of staff Massoud Jazayeri was quoted as saying.

A year ago US President Barack Obama warned the use of chemical weapons in Syria would cross a "red line" and have "enormous consequences".

On Sunday, his Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said the US military was ready to take action against Syria.


"President Obama has asked the Defence Department to prepare options for all contingencies. We have done that," Hagel told reporters in Malaysia.

"Again, we are prepared to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options," he said, a day after Obama held a rare meeting his top aides and brass to discuss Syria.

After the meeting, Obama spoke by phone with Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, which has accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons on a large scale.

A statement from Cameron's office said if the use of chemical weapons by Syria would "merit a serious response" -- echoing French calls that "force" be used if the claims are confirmed.

But the Iranian military leader warned Washington, its Western allies and Israel against playing with "fire".

"The terrorist war under way in Syria was planned by the United States and reactionary countries in the region against the resistance front (against Israel)," Fars quoted Jazayeri as saying.

"Despite this, the government and people of Syria have achieved huge successes.

"Those who add fire to the oil will not escape the vengeance of the people," added Jazayeri.

Foes of the Damascus regime say Syrian forces unleashed a chemical attack Wednesday on areas southwest and east of the capital, killing hundreds of people.

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad denies the accusations, saying instead that rebel fighters have used chemical weapons in the 29-month conflict.


4 years ago

And just how many contingencies can there be?  1) we intervene with full military force, 2) we place blockades on all incoming and outgoing supplies, 3) we place ships along the coast and bomb them or 4) we do nothing.  The top 3 will incur the wrath of the Russians and the other Middle Eastern Countries for the most part and put us in the middle of a war I am afraid and the last will mean that we no longer have any credibiity in the World.  Simple, take your pick.

4 years ago

I have always thought that Sadam sent his WMD's to both Syria and Iran.  Neither country wanted to mess with Bush, however, they now have a "ninny" in the whitehouse who they can threaten.  It would be interesting to know just how the libs feel about Obama going to war.  Especially since they were so adamant that we get out of Iraq and Afghanastan!  And so adamant that we have nothing to do with the middle east.  So, if Husein Obama decides to go to war has be betrayed them all.  I would say so. 


This is the man who thought he could "talk" to these countries and everything would just be rosy!  I guess if he decides to go to war I will just have to find a liberal blog and go to town on his "peace lovin' liberals.


And, I can't wait to talk about all the money we are spending on war that could be spent at home.

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4 years ago

A personal story that helps me to see the situation with Obama and how ridiculous he is.  When my older brother (4 years younger than I) and his wife had their first child after being married 12 years, he was determined to show the family that he was the best father ever.  So when my nephew was 6 months old and really crawling and motivating himself around, he became the typical little one and would try to get into areas or do things that could ultimately hurt him.  Of course my brother decided to have a "no spanking even on the diaper response" but he took it further, he did not feel a little swat to the hand was acceptable either.  Rather, he took my nephew on his knee facing him and would say something like, "No my little man, Daddy doesn't want you to do that because you could get hurt".  This was a 6 month old little boy who had no clue what my brother was even saying to him and he is going to reason with him?  My mother almost rolled on the floor laughing until she realized he was serious and then she just remembered that this was not her child and she was not the parent and turned and walked away.

Now, remembering that I realized that this is Obama, reason at all costs even though the person that he is reasoning with has no desire to accept what he wants, whose culture is such that they just do not accept it as that is not the way they settle things.  But he keeps  it up, "No listen Mr. (fill in the blank) what you are doing is not nice and someone is being hurt so you must stop".  Really, and where does Obama think he has any right to tell them anything nor that they will in any way respect him and stop what they are doing.

I just have to roll on the floor laughing, turn and walk away before I scream and shout and get so angry with the fool.  He wants to create that sort of foreign policy, hope it works for him as it is not going to change one thing other than that he has no respect as a leader and the US looks like a fool, not for what he did but for electing him to the presidency. 

4 years ago

Where are all the liberals, going to war with Syria must be the fault of the Bush, or will they blame republicans? Let's hope Obozo goes to the golf course or takes his family on another hundred million dollar vacation.

4 years ago

Mike, it seems that they have not yet realized that they guy, Obama is in the White House and has been for 5 years.  They seem to think Bush is still there or how else could they blame him.

They are consistent, I will say that for them.  Great comments, Mike.  Glad to see you post and please do so more often as we need new everyone's views.

4 years ago

Yeah Mike, I agree - just where ARE the liberals on this one?  I guess they can't get over the fact that their are actually WMD's.  All this time they thought it was a figment of Bush's imagination.  Where is their outrage over how much this is going to cost?  Remember how they bitched and moaned about all the money spent on wars with Bush? 


And isn't it hillarious that Obama mentioned his infamous "red line".  "If Syria uses WMD's they will be crossing the red line."  Has anyone noticed that the "red line" just gets pushed further back each day. 


So now we have a "threaten each other" war.  Russia, Syria and Iran are threatening the US if they intrude - haven't heard the latest Obama threat!  Maybe Valerie hasn't had time to tell him what to do! 


I still say -- stay out of it.  Let them settle their own battles.  I'm tired of watching young men being killed for someone's else's problem!

4 years ago

They are like deer in headlights as more and more Iraq WMD's are showing up in Syria.  Liberals are between a rock and a hard place.

4 years ago

Diane -- a great place for all Libs!

4 years ago

Ain't it the truth?    They've been chanting "People Died Because Bush Lied" for 10 years...wonder what they'll be singing next.....

4 years ago

Could it be that WMD were moved from Iraq to Syria as many said years ago?

How many Syrian people will die if Obozo gets us involved and bombs start dropping?

Terrorists have joined forces with the rebels, and Obozo will be helping them.

Will Obozo get congress to approve, can he wait until next week when congress comes back to Washington, bet he does not.

Well you liberals can't blame Bush for this one.

Obozo a tool of military industrial complex.

Will liberals hold Obozo to the same standard as they did the Bush?

Where will the money come from to finance Obozo's war? Maybe he'll skip another hundred million dollar vacation, really?

Read more:

4 years ago

Yeah Mike, I agree, I don't think he will wait until Congress returns or will he call them back for a special session.  Cameron did call Parliment in to vote on a decision in England..  But then Cameron doesn't think he is a king or a dictator.


Wonder what kind of response their would be if the American people were allowed to vote on this? 

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