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Christie: "This Shutdown Is A Failure of Executive Leadership!"
4 years ago


Chris Christie isn’t terribly impressed with leadership on either side of the aisle on Capitol Hill in the shutdown, but he’s even less impressed with leadership on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Appearing in a panel discussion at an event with the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, Christie was asked about the partisanship that divides Congress.  Never mind the partisanship, Christie responded — where is the executive?

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4 years ago

Well, Chris, the "Executive Leadership" was never there!   This is what you get when the country elects a community organizer to lead a country.    You get what you pay for those votes....Obamacare....Dead On Arrival!

4 years ago

Flip, Flop Christie is at it again.  While I agree with the sentiment, I do not trust the man that finds the Administration and President just great when it is what he needs from the government.  However, remember, he is looking at 2016 so he is going to flip back to the Republican position.  I would not vote for this man if he were the only candidate.

I am sorry, I do agree with the sentiment expressed by Christie.  We all do wonder where the executive is and where he has been.  It is too bad that Chrisie is asking that question now as he seemed to have a real lapse in memory at the time when New Jersey needed federal assistance.  

4 years ago

Linda, I agree with you completely.  Christie is as full of himself as Obama is of himself.  To bad we couldn't let the two of them go at it and be done with them both.

4 years ago

Christie, due to his lap band surgery looks like he is trimming down!

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