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Vets Storm World War II Memorial
4 years ago



On Tuesday, the federal government closed down the World War II Memorial after a government shutdown went into effect. That did not stop an Honor Flight of World War II veterans from moving barriers to the memorial to visit anyway. They arrived to see the site barricaded, and a sign reading: “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN, All National Parks Are CLOSED.” The vets simply walked into the grounds anyway. The Mississippi veterans went to their tower at the memorial to leave a wreath. They were joined by Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Steve King (R-IA). King said it was a “White House decision” to close the memorial in the first place. Police refused to evict the veterans, and eventually opened the park unofficially. One officer told the Washington Post, "I’m not going to enforce the no stopping or standing sign for a group of 90 World War II veterans. I’m a veteran myself."

4 years ago

There were a number of other politicians that joined them, also as I saw this on the morning news.  And one politician put it very aptly (it was a female and didn't get her name but a Republican) it is better that these veterans see their memorial while they have the health to do so and they can apologize later if necessary.  

I heard Obama say this morning that the Republicans do not have the right, as they are proposing, to go back and pick and chose what government services and people are allowed to work and what are not and my question to him is this, is this not exactly what he did?  He and his advisors met and deterined what people and services would be considered non-essential.  

I just don't understand the fact that Obama feels it is all a one-way street in his behalf.  There is no attempt to sit down with the politicians, Republican and Democrat, to iron this out, none at all.  I also listed to newscasters and advisors say that this is what needs to happen but they all failed to acknowledge that it is Obama and the Democrats that refuse to do this; the Republicans have wanted this since day one in 2009 after Obama was inaugrated.  How many proposals and modified proposals do they have to take the time and effort to write and present just to have it ignored because of a political group and President that refuse to work for bipartisan effort.  It just boggles my mind. 

4 years ago

"The congressman [Steven Palazzo] worked in vain to try to convince the National Park Service to open the memorial.

He called the Department of Interior but they did not intervene.

He even wrote to President Obama – pleading with him to open the memorial so that the elderly men could lay flowers and pay their respects to fallen brothers. But the president remained silent.

“They did not lift one finger to help these veterans,” Palazzo told me. “It is sad that they would not even make an exception for our World War II veterans.”

...Gohmert called the decision to barricade the open-air memorial mean-spirited and beyond the pale.

“This is an open-air memorial for heaven’s sake,” he said. “It’s beyond outrageous to say that people have to walk around the exterior instead of walking across the middle. You have to be pretty hard-hearted, pretty petty to say we’re going to keep these guys away from their own memorial.”...It’s unfortunate that President Obama did not respond to Palazzo’s reasonable request. But this president has a penchant for being petulant."

The Democrats, who claim to always being the ones to compromise, are digging in their heals and refusing to even talk with Republicans as usual.  Boggles my mind, too, Linda.

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4 years ago

I am afraid that when this shutdown is over that both parties are going to share the wrath of the American people.  There is nothing that will be proven; it is not going to stop anything.  There are better ways to handle this as well.  Right now people just see two sides that are stubborn and mean-spirited and too immature to sit down and settle this as adults.  I am fast agreeing.

4 years ago

The lame excuse that the WWII vets were not allowed at the memorial was that there would be no gov't workers to do cpr if one of the vets should have a heart attack.

4 years ago

Linda: First you have to have adults to have an adult discussion and the Demagogues have NO adults in the room and the GOP leadership are all career politicians and Beltway insiders that are only acting because part of the base is revolting and the Dems are rubbing their noses in feces constantly. Keep in mind this is only the first of at least four fiscal "crises" in the hopper that includes as second round of continuing resolutions since this batch is very limited in time, there is still the unresolved FY2014 budget (that year started yesterday), and the pending debt limit fiasco that is coming soon. DC is totally dysfunctional and has been for some time but went on steroids when the likes of Pelosi and Reid took over "leadership" positions in the alleged "Legislative Branch" and went stratospheric when our Communist in Chief Dear Leader Obama was elected Emperor of the World. The country went over the cliff some time ago but that was confirmed with the 2012 "election". I don't see any political way out of this mess and am concerned where we're going.

4 years ago

John, I am rapidly reaching the point where I agree with you on this.  It is not a good situation at all.

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