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Time To Make the Republican Party Heard
4 years ago

As Margaret has been reminding us, as well as Tara Jane, we need to get the voice of the Republican Party out there.  We come here to gain knowledge and to be aware of the issues and then we need to take it the next step; write Congressmen, and send our letters to the editors of our local newspapers to be printed in the Op section.  Anita has shared this letter she just had published in her local newspaper.  I know that Tara Jane has had done this, too.  It is time all of us really consider doing this; Sandy, you may have, too, and if so did not mean to leave you out.  

October 2, 2013
South Lake Press
Letter to the Editor
To the Editor:
How do I rate Barack Obama’s presidency?  Let me count the ways.
1.  President Obama has never owned a business, not even a lemonade stand; nor has he managed a business.  He has never cut a pay check or paid unemployment taxes.  He has  been only  in “Public Service,” code word for government jobs. Yet he purports to know how people should run their businesses.  He does not.
2.  President Obama has never served in the military.  He has not endured boot camp or slept in a fox hole with bullets flying over his head. He does not understand military terminology, nor can he pronounce the terms.  Awarding a brave Marine The Medal of Honor our Commander-In-Chief, 3 times in one statement, referred  to the Marine Corpse; and Dan Quale could not spell potato. He fails the test as commander-In-chief.
3.  President Obama has no former friends or girlfriends he can name from his college days. No one can remember him as ever being in one of their classes. He has sealed all of his theses and records from Occident, Columbia, and Harvard. No one  knows anything about him  before he sprouted on the stage at the Democratic Convention. He is the only president of these United States who has been shrouded in  so much secrecy. At the Post of the most powerful position in the world he fails at being transparent and above board.
4.  President Obama was not raised in America.  Did he ever ride in a parade on his first two-wheeler with training wheels and red, white, and blue streamers flying from the handle bars?  Did he proudly watch old veterans with the  VFW marching on Memorial Day in uniforms overused and too small? Does he remember the 4th of July, fireworks, hot dogs and candy cane?  In a foreign country, instead of being proud, he calls America arrogant. This is his legacy as a proud American and he fails.

A man with a resume like this in not a leader but is like the “Emperor With No Clothes,” surrounded by sycophants.
Anita Hansen

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4 years ago

Linda....Also keep hounding them by calling the Whitehouse telephone line.  So many people have been calling in that they took the "phone off the hook."  Some members of Congress are complaining that they have been "bullied by people calling me and I haven't been bullied since the second grade."  I LOVE it!


And, since most of these Congressmen and Woman are having to man their own phones due to the "slowdown" because their staffs are on furlough - the poor babies are actually having to talk to the people.  Now, if we can just get them to really "LISTEN."



4 years ago

Okay, everyone, do you hear this. Time to get on the phone.  It may be the first and only time you will ever get to actually speak to your Congressmen/women.  And if they don't answer, leave a message and keep calling.  Let them get so annoyed with the sound of the phone ringing that they finally listen.  Great news, Tara Jane and I will be on that Monday morning.  What fun.  Better than anything I have heard of as yet.  Margaret, want to join me on the phones Monday?  Sounds great to me.  Anyone else?  Sandy, how about you.  We could keep track of how many calls we make and how many actually talk to us.  We could do a survey; do you believe the people in your area voted for you?  Do you feel you should listen to them?  Do you feel they are going to re-elect you now?  Do you think that it might be best to listen to these people now?  Is government shut down really a solution you support?  If people don't want Obamacare, why do you continue to support it?  Did the president elect you or did the people?  Who do you owe your loyalty, the president or the people?

Just for starters.

4 years ago

Wish I had time to join you, ladies, because they need to be asked the hard questions.   Our faux president loves to create chaos then walk around like a peacock with his snippy remarks.   Most unpresidential man to ever walk the halls in Washington DC.   He makes Jimmy Carter look like a prince.

4 years ago

Anita did a good job.  Linda, good questions you pose to ask Congressman on the phone.  My two are already in favor of ditching it so no need to call them.

Do you know if we can call others or democrats?  It would be nice to tell them we don't want Obamacare.

4 years ago

Way to go, Anita!!!

4 years ago

Margaret, I don't know why we can't .  I would also suggest calling Senators Lee, Rubio, Cruz, Vitter, Rand Paul and any others that were involved in the filibruster and thanking them and letting them know we are behind them regarding Obamacare and appreciate what they are doing for us.  And that they should ignore the media and others, even in the Republican Party, that are agianst them as they obviously have forgot what these gentlemen have, who the boss is, the voters.

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