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Hillary Goes Into 2016 Chameleon Mode
2 years ago


Hillary Clinton is now acting as though she is a pragmatic moderate who desires nothing more than reconciliation with the GOP. Speaking at Hamilton College in upstate New York on Friday, she said the government shutdown is the result of politicians choosing "scorched earth over common ground." 

Recalling the days when she was First Lady, Clinton said she couldn’t remember when Washington was so willing to risk "so much damage to the country to pursue their own agendas." She lamented that Barack Obama canceled his trip to an Asian summit attended by China and Russia, and noted that when her husband was president, both sides involved in the shutdown gave up something to balance the budget.

2 years ago

In this case I would have to say I appreciate her message.  We know that she is still testing the water regarding 2016 and I do still think that she has not determined what she will do for certain, but she does have a fair message.  What she fails to say, though, is that the Republicans have given concessions every single time and it is the Democrats and more importantly the President that refuses to do this.  Her husband, unlike Barack Obama, did give concessions, he did his part to work with both parties of Congress.  There was bipartisan effort on his part, on the part of all presidents prior to Barack Obama.  G. W. Bush, Jr. even gave concessions and unlike Obama, he had presented budgets every year of his term in office.

I wish she would go all the way in her comments; tell the people that it is this President that has shown the least amount of willing bipartisan effort of any in the history of the U.S.  That would be the full truth. 

2 years ago

We all know there is no love between Hillary and Barack Obama.   Our country will never forget how the DNC through her under the bus in 2008 to clear the path for the Kenyan.   That was ugly.    However, Hillary is used goods and is not presidential material.    We need new blood in Washington DC and we need to shed as many progressives as we can in the 2014 election and then find another Ronald Reagan type of leadership in a Republican candidate.   My greatest worry is that because of the biased left wing hatchet media many will not consider throwing their hats into the ring because they don't want to put their families through the nasty comments.  

2 years ago

What I failed to mention above is that yes it would be nice if she could for once tell the truth but she doesn't have any experience in that area.   LOL

2 years ago

Diane, I agree with you on both points.  Hillary has had a history of lying or major manipulating since college, at the least.  She has been involved in many illiegal activities as well.

The only reason she has not come out and really told everyone what she really things of Obama is simply because she doesn't dare do this if she and Bill want to continue in any political position within the Democratic Party; and even more that it would kill Chelsea's potential as well.  I do think that as I have listened to and watched both Hillary and Bill, it is more likely that they are going to now push Chelsea's political career and it will be Chelsea tha tthey will groom to run for President as she does not have the tarnish on her that Hillary now has. 

2 years ago

Chelsea is an empty pant suit just like her Mom.   She has no credentials that will in any way propel her to a higher level.   She is at best....the daughter of Bill and Hillary....her father a certified skirt chaser and adulterer who lied under oath and was impeached and Hillary, AC DC, not that there's anything wrong with that, unless, of course, you are married it is considered cheating when you bed down with other women...hello?    That's her stock.  I don't see Chelsea resonating on any political radar screen now or in the future.   The Clinton's are in la la land if they think Chelsea could ever in her lifetime be a viable candidate for the POTUS.


A saying in the South...."that dog won't hunt."

2 years ago

But, yes, my dear friend, Bill and Hillary will continue to try to build the sordid Clinton legacy.  Meanwhile, Chelsea has claimed 2014 to be the "Year of the Baby"  in a very political way to give "candidate" Hillary something to hold in her arms to warm the hearts of the shattered democrats.    Whatever it takes...the Clinton's go in for it full throttle.

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