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Military Mondays: Maher mocks WWII Vets: 'Nobody Said They Were the Brightest Generation'
4 years ago

by Ben Shapiro 6 Oct 2013

On Friday evening, enraged at World War II veterans who had the temerity to move aside President Obama’s barricades to visit the World War II Memorial, HBO’s Bill Maher launched into a broadside against the brave veterans, labeling them dumb.

"The other thing that apparently was so important for the Republicans to keep open was the World War II Memorial in Washington. That was closed, so a bunch of the World War II vets knocked down the barriers and stormed it,” Maher said, to the laughter of his audience.

“And then I loved this, they posed for pictures with Michele Bachmann who showed up. Michele Bachmann, one of the people most responsible for shutting the %#&!*% thing down. They're the greatest generation - nobody said they were the brightest generation."

Of course, that was a lie – the House Republicans voted to restore funding for the National Park Service, but the Democratic Senate prevented a vote on that measure in order to heighten suffering surrounding the shutdown. In fact, the Obama administration reportedly rejected the World War II veterans’ request to visit the memorial before the vets moved aside the barricades. The administration then reinforced the barricades after the incident.

For Maher to slander World War II veterans as stupid for not kowtowing to despicable shutdown tactics is reprehensible. Before the war, they endured tremendous poverty during the Great Depression.After returning from World War II, veterans worked to establish the nation’s greatest companies in the private sector and infrastructure projects in the public sector; they were the driving force behind the growth of the planet’s best system of higher education.

World War II-generation men and women built America into the unchallenged hegemon on the planet. But then again, they didn’t have a show on HBO.

4 years ago

No one is responsible for shutting off the WWII Memorial except Obama. 

4 years ago

Mr. Maher seems to have a much different definition of "greatest".  I would wonder why he even lives in this Country if he finds that the people that have fought the battles to allow him to turn around and defame them are obviously greater than the idiot that claims differently.  

What makes this person think that anyone cares one iota what he thinks.  He shows his ignorance every time he opens his mouth it seems.  Further, he can only offend and upset if we allow that and I have no intention of paying one shred of attention to anything he utters.

Great pictures Sandy, tells the story of what is great and this is all that matters.

4 years ago

Elderly men who fought for our country in World War ll....many have not visited the memorial before.    They wanted to visit it before they died.   This is at Obama's feet.

Military Mondays
4 years ago

Obama should be ashamed

4 years ago

I remember when the idea for this memorial first came into being.  Bob Dole spearheaded a group to find names, dog tag numbers and the theaters in which they served. 


Since my dad was in the army I remembered his APO number and where he served (the Phillipine Islands) and sent the information, plus a donation.  His name is now on the memorial along with the names of several others who served at the same time.  After the memorial was finished we took my dad to Washington.  He was very excited that they were finally honoring those that served during WWII.  He was 86 at the time.  I will never forget the look on his face or the tears in his eyes as he found the names of some of his best buddies.  Also, the way his hand caressed their names and the stories he told.  Some heartfelt and others with humor.  He never forgot that trip.  Talked about it to his friends.


After my dad died seven years ago my husband and I went to Washington and I now, caressed his name and believe me, the tears flowed. 


It was about time they did this memorial for the men of the "greatest" generation. 


4 years ago

Tara Jane, what branch of the service was your father a member?  My dad was in the Army and he was stationed in the Phillipine Islands, as well as other islands in the South Pacific.  He never got to see the memorial, but my brother has been to see it and I will be going to see it soon, I hope (well, after the shutdown as I don't want Obama to arrest me).  

I agree, it was well overdue to put up the memorial to the WWII vets.  You have me in tears, too, as no matter what I am proud of my father's service and thankful for the members of my family, past and present that have or are serviing in the U.S. military as I know that other members of PD are equally proud of their family's military service of their loved ones. 

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