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Sen Johnson: "Obama's Detachment Frightening"
4 years ago

President Barack Obama's claim that he was unaware of the National Security  Agency's spying on world leaders exemplifies his "frightening" lack of  involvement in the "day-to-day management of things," Sen. Ron Johnson tells  Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

European officials are in  Washington Monday for meetings with White House aides and members of Congress  following reports the U.S. was spying on as many as 35 world leaders.

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4 years ago

Obama is receiving a public spanking for spying on other countries.   Is this another case of "Well, Obama just didn't know what was going on?"    Well, WHY doesn't he know what is going on?


Put a golf club and a basketball in Obama's hands and he knows what he is doing....but being a leader for the United States?   No, according to the media "he just didn't know."

4 years ago

He has to be the least informed President in history.  This proves his ineptitude as a President and leader and there is nothing that the media can do to protect him any longer.  These world leaders are angry and rightfully so.  Yes, spying goes on all the time, but not private cell phones, etc. like he did to Merkel and to be angry is her perfect right.  

You re right Diane, less Hollywood, less golf, less sporting events and more time in the Oval Office would help; attending the security meetings daily would be helpful, too.  He has never even come close to what he should be doing.

4 years ago

Remember what Michelle and Obama said publicly when asked what Obama's weakness was?    Michelle said he was "lazy."   He then agreed.   Lazy is one one word....detached is another word.....but both words describe Obama.    I cannot wait for the new books to his the market written by those who have worked beside Obama for his eight years in office.     I'll go blind reading them.

4 years ago

These are two very concise and simple words to describe him, aren't they; lazy and detached.  The books will be interesting.  I wonder, though, if he has engaged his buddies to help him write more about himself.  I have a title for one, "The 1000 Times It Was G. W. Bush's Fault".  He could fill quite a volume on that one alone.  

4 years ago

I just keep hoping that the Republicans will start a collection of some of his promises - such as "if you like your insurance you can keep it."  Along with other more bodacious crap.  It would fill hours of time bought on every TV channel in this country.  Also, going back to Hillary's remarks - it's going to be interesting.


But, if the Republicans start playing that "Mr. Nice Game" again we can kiss this country goodbye and just bend over for more of the same.

4 years ago

Everytime Obama opens his mouth he lies.   So, is he a certified liar or is he stupid?   

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