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Thousands of Obamacare Sign-ups Disappear Into Black Hole
4 years ago

By Katie McHugh 

Nearly 15,000 enrollment records from Americans trying to sign up for Obamacare never made it to insurers — but the federal government does not know which records never made it to which insurer.

The federal analysis merely compares the number of times Obamacare enrollees clicked “enroll” to the number of plans sent to insurers, according to The Washington Post. Consumers who send the vanishing enrollments, or “orphan files,” are not notified that their information has not been processed and an insurer did not receive sensitive financial and health-related data, meaning that they could be in for an unpleasant surprise when the Dec. 23 deadline — the last day for customers to sign up for health insurance — comes and goes.

But government officials insist that less than one percent of enrollments disappeared into cyberspace since early December, even though their data does not include duplicated and erroneous enrollments.

Health and Human Services Department needs 7 million Americans to enroll within six months of’s launch to fund the exchanges, but only 365,000 Americans have signed up since the end of November, a drastic shortfall.

4 years ago

Some very information came to me today that I feel some of you might find interesting.  

A friend and his wife had filed their income tax return for 2012 and all was well, that is, until Saturday when they both got letters from Social Security.

You see, his wife had sold a piece of property in California 15 years ago and they held the contract.  In late 2012 the man purchasing the property decided that he wanted to take an early payoff and paid off the contract.  Sounds great, right.  Well hold your hats, hang on to your seats and get ready.

It seems that when they filed their income tax return and had included the income from the sale of that property and paid the taxes on it, that was not enough.  Social Security was letting them know that due to this, they were going to be changed $489 each from their Social Security checks each month for the entire year of 2014. Now you might wonder why as I did.  Come to find out this is part of ObamaCare; they are being assessed a total of $5868 EACH to be paid to Medicare due to the money from the sale of the property.  Now, if they had not filed a joint return, only she would have been assessed, but because it was a joint return they both are being fined.  

They contacted Social Security to find out why this was happening and were told that it was due to the tax return but nothing about ObamaCare.  So they contacted their Tax Accountant that prepared their tax return and he informed them that he had just received the paperwork from IRS letting him know of this new change to the tax code.  It seems that they will be looking at your IRS return and if you have any income over and above your Social Secuirty you will be taxed an additional tax on this for ObamaCare; not Medicare, ObamaCare.

So, folks, it has begun in earnest now.  The taxes that we were told my Obama were not taxes are indeed taxes and it is much worse than we were or have been led to believe.  Their Tax Accountant said that this is just the beginning as he was notifed there will be more taxes coming down over the next year to take effect in 2015 regarding ObamaCare.  The only answer is to get a Republican President and overturn this ASAP!!!!  It is just going to get worse all the time.

4 years ago

Is this just for those who take social security before age 66?   This is worrisome to say the least.   We work all of our lives send outer money in and these crooks keep finding ways to take it back!

4 years ago

Diane, it has nothing to do with when one retires apparently.  It has everything to do with your reported income.  So the key is do not cash in a 401K, do not cash in any annuities, you want to substantial income to be reported and you know, we have been hearing the warning abouit his coming for our retirement funds for months and months and didn't take it seriously.  Mr. Obama found his loophole for this, it is ObamaCare and he gets you when you retire, apparently.  Further, you are doubly penalized if you file joint returns.  The same amount of money comes and regardless of who it is intended, you are both penalized for it.

It might be a good idea for all that are contemplating retirement to get to a good, reliable Tax Accountant and find out just where you will stand and how to best protect yourself before you get there.  

As I understand, if you are already retired and you were to need emergency funds for an illness, etc., and you withdraw any of your money from investments, you file a joint return, etc., both husband and wife will be taxed on it, as we know, but you will get taxed once more for ObamaCare (Medicare) and that will automatically come from your social security benefits over 1 year following your declaration on income taxes.  Nice, isn't it?

4 years ago

Thanks, Linda.  This is such vital information.  I'm passing it on to others I know as well.  Retirement is now a huge fight for survival thanks to Obamacare.  What a dirty trick in so many different ways the congress has played on us.  Time to start screaming at all of them to get this dumped.

4 years ago

It is a dirty trick and this is precisely why we need to get Obama and his dips put in their place in 2014.  

4 years ago

If I remember correctly one provision of the very misnamed "Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care" Act (boy is that latter a huge lie) had a tax on the sale of real estate including your house to fund part of the health care "insurance" mix and this may be what is being referred to here.  Other sources of income like private and government pensions and liquidation of IRAs/401Ks was not part of that.  They do have their greedy designs on those and with the more than compliant GOP "leadership" are likely to move forward on those after the 2014 election if not before since we will get the same excuses on that as we got on the budget fiasco, debt ceiling extensions, and every other thing the big government types in both parties want to do when they whine about "elections have results", "we're only one half of one branch of the government", "no more shutdowns because they hurt us politically", or what ever.  Keep in mind that current tax law REQUIRES that anyone over seventy one and a half must take money out of IRAs/401Ks annually when reaching that age.  Now anyone of you or your spouses who are drawing military pensions and are under 62 just got shafted on this latest deal by the party you hope will "save" you from Dear Leader and the Demagogue's excesses in spending, taxing, regulating, and curtailing your rights!  The "deal" also allows the Demagogues in the Senate to pass more spending and taxes without the super majority approval that was in the last budget deal along with the now defunct sequester.      

4 years ago

John, what happened was that this was property sold and then new property was purchased.  However, the people carried the loan privately on the sale of the original property.  Well, after 15 years the person who bought the property decided to exercise his option and paid the loan off early.  It was the money from that early payoff that was taxed as by this time the couple are on Medicare.  

And get ready as they were told by their tax accountant that the next phase to go into affect will target 401K's and other retirement funds.  By the time Obama and his Democrats are done they will be taxing everything to fund Obamacare

4 years ago

Thanks Linda for this information,  I may not take social security until age 70.

4 years ago

I don't think you need to be on Medicare for the tax to apply but there is a lower limit on the income level subject to the tax and there is a separate tax on the sale of real estate that kicks in although that may have a lower limit as well.  Most people aren't likely to be affected by the surcharge on income since it is fairly high (in excess of $200K if I remember correctly) but more may be affected by the real estate surcharge that may also be a double whammy if the gain on the sale causes the annual income subject to tax to rise.  Everyone needs to keep in mind that this alleged "Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care" Act is designed to do the following:  transfer wealth to the "deserving", curtail individual freedom, reward Demagogue special interests with things like mandatory "women's health services", and ultimately make the average citizen the slave of the government.  So far the actions taken to get rid of this farce have been zero other than some useless talk and actions from the House that the "leadership" knew was going nowhere.  Shutting down the government was a concrete move but the RINOs wimped out since it actually might have had some effect on curbing some of the bill's effects.  If anyone on this group really thinks the GOP "leadership" is serious in getting rid of ObamaCare they've imbibed in too much RINO Kool Aid!

4 years ago

John, that may be true but you see there are a lot of people that do have property that is worth more than $200K and they definitely are affected. This property was in California and you have to be aware of the prices of property there and you will see just what this means to a lot of people.  Consider a person with real estate of $250K or above and there are a lot of people that fall into that, middle class people no less; they will be affected.  That is exactly what Obama was saying all along.  John, $200K is not that high, really.  Today's housing prices, even with the collapse, are still pretty high.  My Aunt and Uncle live in a home in Frederick, MD.  They bought it for $155,000 and it is now appraised at $482,000 with some improvements.  So if they sold it they will be hit, too.  They are not wealthy people; the house is part of what they intended to be retirement investment.  My Uncle is failing and so my Aunt was considering selling the house and buying a condo; not now.

4 years ago

Linda: If I remember correctly there are two separate taxes here. One is strictly on real estate sales and is a either a percent or a flat charge and the other is a surcharge on income beyond a certain amount. Sales of property would only affect the latter when the profit on the sale when added to the other income sources exceeds a certain amount that was somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 or $250K or slightly higher. The property sale taxable income amount would likely follow the capital gains calculation that deducts the purchase price and certain other costs like broker fees and may also be subject to the rules on spouses since it would follow current income tax calculation rules. One of those rules is if you take the proceeds of the sale of your primary residence and buy another primary residence the cost of the new residence is deducted from the income tax gain calculation. The real estate surcharge may not take that into account, however. That one seems to be more likely to affect more people than the income tax surcharge and may be higher in many cases. A house that was purchased for $200K and sold for $400K with a sales fee of $10K would generate a gain of only $190K and if the new residence was say $300K that gain would only be $90K and the income tax liability would be at the capital gains rate at the time that would be added to the income tax paid for the year (currently 15% - $13,5K in this case) which is part of the gross income tax liability for that tax year. Now if the real estate transfer rate was 3% (I think it was around that) my understanding the real estate ObamaCare tax would be $1200 that would be a wholly separate tax. One of the problems on the case cited is the transfer actually took place years ago and the income tax liability calculation may not be related to the property sale but the taxable nature of the note prepayment and how the financing affected the deal. Not a tax lawyer but have sold for a profit and bought up a couple times in the past were zero income tax impact since I always paid the same or more for the new primary residence as the sale price for the old one. BTW, in your aunt/uncle's case those improvement costs are deductible as well from the gains calculation and appraisals and actual sales amount rarely are the same since list and sales prices usually adjusted down.

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