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Ron Paul - Audit the Fed?
4 years ago

I don’t often do this. But today, I’m writing you with an urgent request.

After a series of discussions with Campaign for Liberty President John Tate, I am convinced this may well be the most important letter I’ve ever sent you as Chairman of Campaign for Liberty.

Margaret, I already knew the picture was dire. I already knew Campaign for Liberty’s bank accounts were stretched thin fighting so many battles this year – including C4L’s all-out push for a Senate vote on Audit the Fed.

But now, 2014 is rapidly approaching.

With legislative fights still raging, and the critical 2014 election year right around the corner, these next twelve months could be a make or break year for you and me.

I’ll explain more about that shortly . . .

But please know I’m counting on your advice today.

As you'll see below, I've provided a link to your confidential 2014 Campaign for Liberty Membership Ballot. After you’re finished reading this letter, please give me your opinion right away.

Without your opinion – and your IMMEDIATE support – I’m afraid I could be forced to make deep cuts in Campaign for Liberty’s most important programs (even in some fights where I believe we could win).

Considering everything that’s at stake, you and I can’t let that happen.

This year, Campaign for Liberty made tremendous progress in its efforts to pass Audit the Fed legislation (S. 209/H.R. 24).

Thanks to my son, Senator Rand Paul, placing a hold on Janet Yellen — President Obama’s nominee to be the next Fed Chair — Audit the Fed is receiving unprecedented attention in the U.S. Senate.

Nearly 75% of the American people support Audit the Fed. As it becomes increasingly clear that, in the words of former Fed official Andrew Huszar, the Fed’s Quantitative Easing program is “the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time,” I expect that number to grow.

So we have a tremendous opportunity to advance this issue further than ever before.

But to do so, we must overcome an all-out blitz by big-spenders in D.C. and the special interests on Wall Street.

Just days after Senator Paul announced his hold, Campaign for Liberty staff was hearing reports that lobbyists were already turning up the heat on the Senate to defeat Audit the Fed.

The special interests are desperate to keep you from learning the details about the Fed’s bailouts of Wall Street, Big Banks, and even foreign governments and central banks.

The more support we gain, the more the special interests will push back. Campaign for Liberty must also overcome resistance from politicians in both parties who do not want to choose between siding with the majority of Americans or Wall Street insiders.

But when Campaign for Liberty launched its effort to Audit the Fed in 2009, no one thought it could get this far, and I am confident we can make even more progress if C4L can expand its programs.

So if you think Audit the Fed should be C4L’s top priority, please vote for “17739D66ED874A21ED6FCDBF5A320DB:r:25" rel="nofollow" >OPTION #1: PASS AUDIT THE FED” on your Membership Ballot.

 So please 17739D66ED874A21ED6FCDBF5A320DB:r:25" rel="nofollow" >fill out your 2014 Membership Ballot and agree to make your most generous contribution of $75, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford TODAY.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul


4 years ago

Margaret, yes, of course!   Why haven't we audited the FED?    Ron Paul has always been on to something and the truth is why do we even need them?   We are getting there.....this is a step in the right direction to correct and rebalance what is wrong in Washington today.

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