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ObamaCare May Devastate the Real Estate and Travel Industries
4 years ago

By Stella Paul 

Americans are among the most mobile people on earth, but ObamaCare may soon start freezing them in place. Millions are losing their health insurance policies and being forced onto the ObamaCare exchanges, where most plans only provide local medical coverage. As Americans realize they must pay for all non-emergency medical care when they leave their home county, their decisions may have a profound impact on the real-estate market, particularly the second home sector, and on the travel business.

I recently interviewed a woman I'll call Sue, whose story may become increasingly common. Sue, a 60-year-old retiree, and her husband bought a second home in South Carolina to escape the Connecticut winters. "I had a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in Connecticut, and I used it with no problem in South Carolina. I found an internist and ophthalmologist and dermatologist down here, and kept the rest of my doctors up north."

"The price was reasonable. It cost me $450 a month, with a $2,500 deductible. It was slightly more for out of network; there was no co-pay, and I got my prescriptions filled in both states with no problem."

"Then I got the letter telling me that my policy would no longer exist, because it didn't comply with the new health care law. They wanted to transfer us into a new plan that doubled my premium to $900 a month. The deductible went up to $3,500, and it covered zero out of network."

"My first worry was about Sloan-Kettering in New York, where I had surgery a few years back. If I needed cancer care there again, what would I do? Then I realized that if I wanted to see my South Carolina doctors, I'd have to pay out of pocket. That could wind up being extremely expensive, and that's money we hadn't budgeted for..."

"My husband looked around and finally found a policy that has out of network coverage, but it comes with a very steep price. It's $900 a month, with a $7,000 deductible and a co-pay on everything. Basically, it's catastrophic insurance, and I'll be paying my South Carolina doctors out of pocket."

"We both worked hard all our lives and saved our money, so we could live off our savings at this stage of our lives. Now here comes this new health care law, and I'm nervous about all these expenses we didn't anticipate."

"The stress has been tremendous, and at some point, it just won't be worth it. I think the time is coming when we're going to ditch our South Carolina home and move back north to be near our primary doctors."

"I really can't take Connecticut winters and it's better for my health to spend those months in South Carolina. But with this new health care law, I don't think we can afford to keep doing that."

I asked a prominent New York insurance broker about Sue's situation. "Most of the networks on the exchanges are not national. Off the exchange, there a few that provide national coverage," he said.

"Any plan will cover emergencies. But if you need routine medical services, they will not be covered when you leave your local area, and on the old plans they were."

"You can't solve the problem by buying travel health insurance, because that's only for medical emergencies. And this restriction means that a large portion of the population will have their insurance as a consideration for their mobility, which they never had before."

"I often have people come to me with a situation involving two states. The husband may stay in New York for the summer, while the wife goes up to Vermont, and they both need medical coverage."

"In the past, I've looked around and found them a policy that works for their circumstance. But ObamaCare doesn't give you those options."

"People are buying these exchange policies with a hood over their head. They don't have a clue what they're buying."

"So now if the wife is in Vermont for the summer, she'll get no routine medical care, no follow up, unless it's out of pocket. And those cash expenses won't be applied to the deductible."

Americans already know that ObamaCare means higher premiums and a shrinking roster of doctors. But they have not yet realized that ObamaCare plans are not portable and will impede their ability to travel.

What happens to those plans to send the kids to live with the grandparents for the summer, when little Josh needs to keep up with his allergy shots? What decision will a family make when Dad needs to move to start his new job, while the kids stay behind to finish up the school year? What kind of financial pain will be inflicted on American contract workers, who rent a hotel residence for three months while they complete a project? And who will buy a vacation home when the costs include out-of-pocket medical expenses?


4 years ago

Moreover, ObamaCare may soon start impacting access to emergency room care. With Americans no longer able to receive routine medical services when they travel, will they start showing up in emergency rooms for sore throats and backaches? And how will these new throngs of patients affect the waiting time of people with genuine medical emergencies?

"I have 35 years in the industry, and I've never seen anything like this," the New York insurance broker told me. "ObamaCare is a rolling disaster. Every time we go down the road, we get hit with another catastrophe."


4 years ago

ObamaCare is the attempt of the Marxist-socialists in this Country to place in affect the very measures necessary to take over this Country and take complete control; to throw out the Constitution and the Federalist Republic we were founded upon and to turn this Country into a Communist society and Nation.  

If you have seriously studied the Communist Manifesto you will see that among other things, they plan to stop the mobility of the American people in order to establish that control; escalating gasoline prices, curbing and preventing our attempt to begin to tap into our own national oil supply; all of this will soon slow down the mobility, we see that it has had some effect already in that regard and with ObamaCare it is going to make it economically impossible as people simply will not have the money to travel; they very well will have to depend on a means other then their own vehicles to get anywhere; work, doctor, school, grocery store, etc.  Thus they will have complete control of the people and have them confined into larger cities as who will be able to live in a rural location where there are not stores, etc.

We see that there are taxes we never dreamed would be there; taxes on sale of property, etc.  We know that Obama is trying to find a means to tax retirement funds.  This is not just rumor, this is not just his dream, this is very close to or already reality.

4 years ago

Everything the "progressives" and their fellow traveler statists do in designed to control the unwashed, ignorant, incapable masses that only have one function which is to server their "betters" with votes and taxes. This is only tip of the big government iceberg that will include dictates on what you eat/drink/do/own/etc and will expand to the ultimate being if they will allow you to live or die and what "quality" of life you will be allowed to have. The ironic thing is we are being "led" and ruled by the most incompetent, arrogant, ignorant, and ideological bunch of clowns possible who have so called "academic" "expertise" and no real world experience at all in most cases. ObamaCare is just one of the more obvious failures but we have a whole host of others in the foreign policy/national security area, the "nongovernmental movement" with the likes of the phony "climate change" scare, social policy be it race/gender relations and "LBGT rights", "charity by government" like the failed "War on Poverty", and everything government and the "progressives" touch.

4 years ago

John, you are so right and please don't forget the failure of the educational system as it is failing.  Through what started as "No Child Left Behind" they now teach to a minimum standard and most kids are falling well behind what they would have been taught; the standard is so low it is pathetic.  I was under the impression the goal was to improve the amount of information that a child learned, to catch up academically with children from other Countries like Japan, Germany, etc.  Well, this is epic fail if that is the case.  I help my grandsons with their homework every night and what I find is that I am doing the teaching as their teachers are given the mandate to prep them for the National tests.  We are in an excellent school district and yet what they are learning is well below where I was taught in elementary school.  By the time I was in 6th grade I knew all the States, their capital and where they were located on a map and tested on this.  Now they are only taught relevent information to their own state and it is next to nothing; state capital, regions of the State, and that is about it.

And as I have said before, my granddaughter is a high school senior and her sense of geography alone is pathetic; she could not tell me where New Zealand is located; what direction Africa is from Europe, and if you gave her a blank map of the world she can't place most of the countries; she had it all messed up and she is going to college next year.  Epic fail in the federally mandated educaitonal program.

And worse, she is a straight A student and is in honors and AP classes getting straight A's.  

4 years ago

Linda:  To be sure US education is effectively a failure in real results but not necessarily a failure in "progressive' policy aims since it is designed not to really educate but indoctrinate as well as provide a reason to throw more money (Federal money of course) at a "problem" that is a self inflicted wound but one that has a host of "progressive" special interest groups involved from unions to Planned Unparenthood, various think tanks, and Dear Leader's buddy Ayres involved with "training" teachers and curriculum development.  Areas like economics, history, government studies, math to a degree, some parts of science, anything touching on morals or responsibility, etc are specifically the subject of miseducation to push the "progressive" agenda  by creating ignorant subjects that don't question their "betters" with real facts or the ability to reason and deduce they're being lied to or misled.   BTW, colleges are no better and also frequently produce no real "education" since frequently the "professors" are as ignorant of their subjects and general knowledge as their students.    

4 years ago

Don't be too disappointed with your granddaughter's non knowledge of geography.  I have college age students who think that Washington State is the site of the nation's capital!  They think Maine is above Minnesota and some, believe it or not, think Oregon is in Canada. 


I put up a blank map of the US and asked them to identify where the states should be entered.  There was much laughter among all of us who are aware of where those states belong on the map.  There was also absolute dis-belief among the more intelligent kids who had map study in school.


I, like you, took geography and knew all the states and their capitals by 6th grade.  We also had to know how to spell the state and the capital and name their main produced product.  Such as cotton, steel, etc.  And, if you are like me, this information has come in handy over the years.


Hopefully, your granddaughter won't be traveling to other countries.   

4 years ago

Apparently the lack of geographic education has been around for a while if you look at some of the statements of Dear Leader Obama (like his 57 states comment and mistakes on towns during his 2008 campaign) and if I remember correctly his dim bulb VP made a couple goofs as well.  "Education" has been on the downward slide for a while now so not too surprising at the ignorance.   Just as bad when it comes to English and math as well and we can't pass up the "global climate change" message being pushed as "science".   

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