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It’s Not Gossip; It’s Speculation
4 years ago

Earlier this week I posted a Behind The Political Curtain piece on what a powerful Japanese politician not only wrote, but also was reported by the Daily Mail UK. (See: Is It Over? High Ranking Japanese Official Says It Is; 5/5/14)

I wrote that Kazuyuki Hamada, a member of the Upper House of Japan’s Parliament, has emerged a shrill commentator on America’s economy and foreign policy. It was Hamada who made public the open secret that the Obamas are headed for divorce court, much sooner than later, in large part because of Obama’s pursuit of extramarital affairs.

This isn’t new. The Obama marriage has been on-again, off-again since 2003-2004 (that we know about).

A political colleague had alerted me that they were checking into the possibility of something going on between Sebelius and Obama, and asked if I had heard anything. I shared same on my Facebook page.

I was not surprised that some saw it as gossip. The fact is that it is anything but gossip. It is the continued deterioration of this rotting administration. Obama isn’t a moderately wealthy playboy and his wife isn’t some kept woman living off the generosity of men she is seeing. Obama is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. His dalliances can undermine our entire system of government. And his wife, is a kept woman who is redefining usufruct and on a massive level.

And the one thing for sure, is that his wife has no problem with destroying him publicly, if and when attempts are made to rein in her over-the-top taxpayer funded lavishness and her uncontrollable, insatiable thirst to be the center of attention.

Other presidents have engaged in extramarital affairs – most notably John Kennedy and Bill Clinton. But John Kennedy, for all of his shortcomings, was a man among men, and the world knew it. Clinton, however, was/is a molester, accused rapist, and woman beater; and Hillary helped cover it up. But, as Larry Sinclair and others have revealed, Obama may be a man among men, but when said of him it is anything but a compliment. Obama has managed to insult and alienate our allies and embolden our enemies.

All of this and more places We the People and America at risk in a way that is unprecedented. It’s not gossip, it’s speculation. And if more people (specifically liberal Congressional women) had been willing to speculate sooner, Clinton may not have been able to place America in peril with engineered attacks against empty aspirin factories as a distraction from his sexcapades.

The great majority of Americans do not realize the threat we are facing in the next months. I can tell you that some of the fiercest, most politically astute people I know are deeply concerned. I’ve had in-depth conversations with one of the most knowledgable men inside the beltway; the one point he keeps driving home is how perilous the situation is, and what we can look forward to in the lame duck session of this presidency. This insider’s concerns are based, in no small part, on the lack of resolve of the American people and the lack of a factually informed public. Another colleague and political insider I have deep respect for said to me earlier this week that this is trench warfare, and the people just don’t get it.

Trying to get the public to understand the way politics is played is similar to herding cats in a thunderstorm.

This administration is in trouble and under siege from every side. And as another colleague reminded me last week, even a blind and crippled animal is potentially dangerous when it’s wounded and/or threatened. The point being – if Obama was willing to blatantly and repeatedly lie about everything from obamacre to climate change to homosexuality in public schools, Fast and Furious, and Benghazi think what he is capable of doing if he is threatened with exposure of the sordid life he lives away from the public.

We the People need to be questioning everything and exposing everything.

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4 years ago

Comments, please; what do people think about this.

4 years ago

Well, my thoughts are that we don't have any semblance of proof about Barack and Michelle.   The only real bead we had in print on Obama was Larry Sinclair and that got wiped from the internet.  The college pic with Obama sitting knee touching knee on a sofa smoking "something" was cute.

Since we all know there is no accounting for the "chemistry" between two people when they appear to be so mismatched physically the comment about Obama and Sebelius struck a comical cord with me...they both are outrageously unattractive and they both share very long faces.   They  appear to be low in intellectual skills so there's another match.  Obama had a very white mother and grandmother and stated in his book that he distanced himself from them because they were white and he identified as black.   Maybe he has had a change of heart....but Sebilus?  Soft, demure and perhaps an Obama worshiper and, of course, he would be drawn to that after living with an an amazon who, unfortunately, for her, now requires a team of Oprah magicians to work on her face and wigs 12 hours a day.   Even the designer clothes she wears weren't designed for woman of her height and weight.   And then there's the colossal underbite that distorts her face when she tries to overcompensate for it.   I have thought several times that Michelle wears the pants in that family and they are large pants.  There's nothing feminine about Michelle but there may be more feminine characteristics in Obama.   That might "bother" Michelle.

Michelle has shown signs of jealousy, caught on camera, when Obama leans in and shares a laugh with a beautiful woman. Now that's an angry look to fear.   I can only imagine how unglued she becomes when Obama is left in a room with an attractive young man.

So, speculation is all we have, however, I believe books are being written as I type my comment, that will line the Amazon warehouses. They will deliver more information for us to chew on about this admitted lazy individual who can now be the poster for an affirmative action graduate who killed the American dream.

I believe Obama is bisexual like Hillary...a bit of AC/DC and that must be a scary relationship for the spouses who view both sexes as a threat.    Keeps them on their toes.   Well, obviously not Bill Clinton, he probably gets involved with Hillary as he is definitely on the kinky side of that "sport."  

As for Michelle Obama, I don't believe she has a secret love interest.   But I do agree that she has the ability to step out to publicly nail Obama without blinking an eye.   My guess is that if Obama had not married her she would still be single.  

I bet Oprah can help Michelle sort through any issues she may have.  After all, Oprah is, well, Oprah.  She is rich.   Michelle is drawn to Hollywood and all its misplaced glory.  

4 years ago

They only issue there is that Oprah and Michelle are definitely on he outs and she is not going to get help from Oprah.  She will have to turn to the ladies from the View for that; then again, I am not sure too many women would help her either.  She has developed a rather poor position with people due to her contempt toward them demonstrated by a demanding personality.  

We do know that it was through some fancy talking of Rev. Wright and others that kept them together when Michelle had the divorce papers drawn up for signature at the time he was running for the Senate against her wishes.

The only reason she is with him now and on board for his run for he Presidency was the opportunty to live off hte taxpayers and rub shoulders with people that she felt were worth her time; Beyonce and other Hollywood people.  To live in the WH, take extravagant vacations, meet influential people, meet heads of state, etc. this was the only reason and I suspect when the time in the WH is past, she will be gone, too.

4 years ago

Linda, I didn't know that Oprah and Michelle are on the outs with each other.   What happened?   I thought Michelle stayed in Oprah's Hawaii house while there.

4 years ago

Diane, she did but with Gayle King, Oprah's friend and one of the hosts of The Morning Show on CBS.  Oprah was not there and the use of the house was made available to Carol, hence why Michelle was able to be there.  We heard all about it on CBS This Morning; both when they were there and Gayle was out of town (as she was there) and after Gayle came back.  She is the one that is the Michelle fan.  Apparently Michelle was very nasty to Oprah after Barack was first elected and they have been on the outs ever since.  Oprah even withdrew her support of Obama at that time.  

She has been very quiet ever since about the Obama's.  She was interviewed just last week by Charlie Rose on the show as she has now done something she had never done before, she has endorsed a product, Starbucks new line of tea and  they actually have one that was blended epecifically by Oprah.  She has been doing commercials for them and was on the show with the owner of Starbucks.  At any rate, one of the people asked her if Barack and Michelle were tea drinkers and would be drinking this tea and she said that she had no idea and that she wasn't sure with his latest polls if that would be a good thing for Starbucks.  So I don't think things are any better there.

But you take Oprah's budding, Gayle and she is all oiver the Obamas. 

By the way, CBS would be doing themselves a great service if they got rid of their token Black, Gayle King.  She is the worst interviewer I have ever heard and asks some of the rudest questions of white people and is gushingly sweet to the Black.  She is not her buddy, Oprah in the least.  I do not care for Gayle King at all.  It is also obvious by the comments once in awhile that neigher Charlie Rose nor Norah O'Donnell, the other hosts, like Gayle King, either.  There is a certain underlying tension that radiates.  It is much better when Gayle is off somewhere.  

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