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Hillary Clinton Will be America’s Third Black President
4 years ago


May 12, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

Good news. If you oppose Bill Clinton, you’re a racist. Probably Hillary too. Just because Obama will step down, doesn’t mean the race card will. All it takes is declaring that Bill Clinton was black.

First Bill Clinton was America’s first black president. Then he was a shameless racist. Now he’s black again.

Let America’s greatest organic public intellectual Te-Nehsi Coates explain Hillary’s black presidency.

Even Bill Clinton did not exist in a bubble of neutralized racism. He was a product of American politics in the post-civil-rights era, and thus had to cope with all the requisite forces. Racism does not merely concern itself with individual enmity, but with group interests. The men who killed Andrew Goodman did not merely hate him individually, they hated what he represented. By the time Bill Clinton came to prominence, his party was closely associated with black interests. This was problem. And Clinton knew it.

I’ve written about this in the past.                             

Racism, to the left, exists systemically. It exists institutionally. It exists collectively, but not individually. All white people are racist. All black people are victims of racism. Any events to the contrary are exceptions to the rule. Racism can only exist one way between the majority and the minority.

That’s the argument Coates is making. Bill Clinton might be racially white, but he was part of a minority collective. Ben Carson may be racially black, but he’s part of a white collective.

This is a consequence of the leftist hijacking of black identity.

Liberalism has not only become identified with racial politics, it has swallowed racial politics so completely that they no longer exist on a national level. National racial politics is just liberalism misspelled … Racism in politics has become so abstract that it no longer has anything to do with black people…

The left played the black community, bribed their leaders, tossed a few trinkets to the masses and then plundered their heritage and history. The economic potential of the black community was destroyed to leave them with few options but to serve as the cannon fodder of big government. Black history and politics have been so thoroughly hijacked…

This is how leftists see things.

So now, after dubbing Bill Clinton a racist, he gets to be black all over again.

Racism—and sexism and homophobia—are about organizing power, not merely disliking the cut of one’s jib. And if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will have to cope with being perceived as a woman representing the interests of black people and women of all ethnicities. Sexism will never be off the stage. Nor will racism.

If you thought this crap was going to stop… no sale. Hillary would be America’s third black president. Opposing her in anything will be…

1. Racist

2. Sexist

3. Homophobic

4. Transphobic

5. Claustrophobic

6. Islamophobic

7. Ophidiophobic

Hillary Clinton will embody the entire rainbow coalition she represents, black, white, gay, Muslim, everything.

Let the healing begin.


4 years ago


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