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Barack's Bull Run?
4 years ago

For some reason the cameras that are banned on the border were not banned from the Wynkoop Brewing Co. pizza and pool hall in Colorado where, in lieu of the middle finger, Barack Obama flipped a pool stick at America, banged back a few brewskis and yukked it up with Democratic governor John Hickenlooper.

Cameras being banned from liberal policy hubs most assuredly indicates that whatever is going on there, if truth be told and visuals matched with verbal accounts, the American people would be horrified. That’s probably the reason why cameras are banned from abortion clinics and sonograms are opposed by pro-abortionists.

Cameras or not, Barack Obama is one very busy man who, besides avoiding unflattering photo ops, also lacks the inclination to waste precious time pretending to be concerned while visiting the southern border to take stock of his Cloward Piven/immigration reform crisis. 

Thus far, the states being directly invaded by hordes of illegals have nothing to say because Obama has all but wrested control from the state level to the federal level with nary a peep from John ‘No Impeachment’ Boehner or the do-nothing Congress elected to represent the American people.

So while the rest of the country nervously anticipates a future where our children will be exposed to deadly Third World diseases or lured into murdering/torturing MS-13 gangs, the president responsible for putting every American’s life in danger has been busily fundraising in Colorado and Texas.

And why should Barack Obama worry? To cover the costs of things like “Monopoly…playing cards… beanbag tosses and other games for illegal immigrant children,” the president has done his part by upping the initial $2 billion he was supposed to ask Congress for to $4 billion. 

As for the issue of housing the illegal children, that’s also being dealt with. Although Christian pastors are banned from immigration camps, according to a couple who called Rush Limbaugh, Catholic bishops who forgot how Obama has mistreated the Catholic Church, and who probably tend toward the liberation theology way of interpreting Scripture, are pitching in by encouraging parishioners in California to open their homes to lice-ridden urchins. 

But again, no need for Obama to fret -- medical personnel and staff have beenthreatened with jail for speaking out, and the transporting of illegals to parts known and unknown is being handled by the feds. 

As for the homeless children, illegal families all over America are welcoming thousands of kids into their casas in hopes of matching them with two equally illegal parents due to follow close behind in the days ahead.


4 years ago

But most importantly, there is no need for Obama to stress because Border Patrol agents, who were also prevented from speaking about changing diapers and playing nursemaid to babies and toddlers, and who, as a result of close contact with highly contagious children have contracted swine flu, TB, scabies and more, are currently receiving government medical care on par with that provided our veterans via the Veterans Administration.

That’s why, with everything so well controlled, Barack Obama, the man the media likes to falsely portray as being concerned about the “humanitarian situation” he created, seems unperturbed, and even ebullient. 

Obviously the president is completely satisfied with the course of events on the border, because what appears to be anarchy and disaster to some is a hard-won accomplishment for him.

So unconcerned is he that as pandemonium has ensued and protests have erupted at Ground Zero Invasion, up north in Denver, along with enjoying beer and billiards, a happy-go-lucky Barack turned his attention toward gorgeous weather conditions and outdoor lunches. 

That’s right, speaking to handpicked guests in Cheesman Park, a cheery Mr. Obama, full of pizza and beer, talked of summertime outdoor dining, of all things.

Barack Obama, the man responsible for luring illegals over the border like ants swarming a half-eaten hot dog roll at a picnic, suggested to the crowd: “I think we should just stay here all afternoon and have a picnic. This is really nice around here. Wow. What a gorgeous day.”

4 years ago

Obama is a legend IN HIS OWN MIND, Linda.   No one else thinks he is special...but Obama believes he is special.   His cocky, unpresidential attitude is sooo Chicago and sooo unimportant and leaves him in the dust with no semblance of a single leadership skill.   And then there's Michelle.....OMG!

4 years ago

This is another "progressive" policy failure like Benghazi was for their "Libyan" policy, ObamaCare has been for "universal government health insurance", their handling of the VA has done for true government run health care, the release of dangerous terrorist has been for their Gitmo policy, the Boy Blunder's bug out from Iraq was for his Iraqi "policy", his pending bug out from Afghanistan will be for Afghan policy, the administration's "Russian reset button" was for Russian foreign policy, the EPA's pending regulations will be for their "energy policy" (and electricity availability going forward), and everything the 'progressives" touch including even in the end some of their actions against their "real enemies" (conservatives/most in the GOP/the American people in general). They may think they are achieving their aims but they are really sowing a lot of discord that will come back to bite them in the behind in the end (not that that will be so great for the rest of us when it all collapses). Hopefully the current "immigration" mess with the health issues/crime/bending of rules for illegals/forcing various groups and communities to take the illegals in/etc will but the stake in the heart of the push for "comprehensive immigration reform" and finally turn on the light in the minds of the GOP leadership class/consultants/idiots in the alleged "conservative" media like the WSJ crowd/and some of the business "leaders" pushing this farce! The stupidity of an "open borders/amnesty" policy is on full display right now for anyone with an open and logical mind!

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