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Number of Military Families on Food Stamps Has Nearly Doubled Since Obama Took Office
4 years ago

The use of food stamps at military grocery stores and commissaries have increased annually since President Obama took office.

According to the Defense Commissary Agency, military dollars spend on food stamps nearly doubled from $52.9 million in 2009 to $103.6 million in 2013.

Today on The Real Story, Pete Hegseth, from Concerned Veterans for America, provided some insight. Under the Obama administration, eligibility for food stamps was expanded which contributed to the increase.

Hegseth said military commissaries do not track who is using food stamps, so it’s unclear ifactive duty soldiers or veterans are using them more. Identifying which groups are using food stamps would help to address the issue.

He said certain military members should be compensated more so that they don't have to rely on other forms of government assistance.

Regardless of who is utilizing this program, Hegseth said, “It’s not what this country should be giving back to those who have given so much.”

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4 years ago

This is despicable and there is no excuse.  It is time for this to change.  I have no words to explain just how angry this makes me; so I will just let all those that read it determine how they feel.  I just know that my son, who has been in the Army for 22 years, is not working a night job and his wife is working 2 jobs to make ends meet.  I admire them for this, but I also am angry with Obama and that he has reduced the military personnel to this sort of situation.  There is enough pressure on them; they don't need to have to worry about the well being of their family when they are doing so much to provide for them as it is.

4 years ago

And Obama wants nearly $4 billion to help those crossing our borders who have broken our law?    Our country is ripe for a revolution.

3 years ago

There have been soldiers on food stamps for as long as I can remember.  I always thought it horrible that any soldier would be forced to have to use them, but for there to be such a dramatic increase under Obama is beyond shameful, but if plans go forward to close commissaries, they'll be using them grocery shopping on the economy.  I don't forsee our military being compensated, at least under this administration for sure.  If anything, promised benefits are continually being taken away.  The more the better being dependent upon our gov't is the Democrat objective.  Just lookin' out for our soldiers. xp

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