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5 years ago
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Is There LIFE After Babylon

THIS WEDNESDAY at 6pm PST/9pm EST on KTWR Internet Radio we continue our fascinating journey intoCome Out Of Her My People, as well as talk about fleeing Babylon.

When we think of the wilderness, most of us imagine a place in the cold mountains, huddled around a fire to keep warm, an uncomfortable, but safe place in the time of trouble. This cold place we imagine is not our Father's first choice, but will be the place where many of His late children shall have to flee. However, those who have remained vigilante shall not flee, but simply leave Babylon before the refugee flight of the masses. They will flee to warm places like in the photograph above.

However, don't be fooled. The photograph in the title image may look peaceful and serene, but do not be disillusioned, though many of the places of refuge for those who leave (not flee) Babylon may look like Paradise, we must remember that Paradise is not to be found on this earth right now.

It will be difficult for many, even though they have, by their obedience to come out of Babylon, escaped the toxic chemtrails, the toxic food and toxic water of Babylon, hardships will also be a part of the wilderness experience, regardless where you may be.

There will be hardships of missing the conveniences of Babylon, missing friends and family, the strange adjustment to actually living in a foreign country and of course, for most, the challenge of not knowing the native language.

The wilderness is a place that will test your faith more than any other experience many have ever had while in Babylon. It is a place that some will find is easy to get caught up in murmuring against the Most High's provision. It is a place of blame, blaming any and all who convinced you to make such a rash decision. however, no one should be the reason you were convinced to leave your home country, only the Holy Spirit, thus the only one to blame will be God Himself.

But you see, it's so much easier to blame man, just as the children of Israel didn't blame God for their woes, but Moses, even though Moses was following the leading of the Most High.

The wilderness is a place of betrayal, of lies and slander, a place of judging one another for their many imperfections, as if any of us have already been made perfect. The wilderness is a place of regret, where those who have sacrificed much will be taunted by devils to have second thoughts. It would not surprise me that once many have sold houses and properties to escape Babylon, that once they are settled in the wilderness that America will seem to slightly recover, just enough to make the carnally minded wonder if they had made a mistake.

At the first sign of hardship, many shall begin to doubt that they were following the leading of God, because if so, why would there be so many hardships? I suggest you read again the story of the exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt. It was not a cakewalk, but was known as the wilderness of temptation.

We Babylonians have been spoiled rotten, and few there be that are actually ready for the wilderness experience. I dread being one whom many will look to for leadership during this time. I will do my part, but I will yell you in advance, this is not a time to use man as your spiritual crutch or your dart board for your fiery darts, but a time to counsel with God.

Regardless if God's people give to make a way of escape from the obvious takeover and fall of America into Christ-hating, Christian persecuting Communism, I will do all within my power to generate an income through my business means in order to help as many of you as I possibly can.

The Most High has put it in my spirit to know that most spoiled-rotten, extremely stingy American Christians are nothing more than a bunch of free-loading, soon to be boat people, and few will give of their means to even provide gas for the boat, but many will attempt to hop on, expecting a free ride. It is this group that will cause the major problems in the wilderness, and of this group will be those that will end up like Korah.

To those who have an eye single for the glory of God, and no other agenda, the wilderness journey shall be nothing more than an exciting and fun adventure with their Father in Heaven as they wait patiently and prepare for the soon return of His Son. Each trial and each hardship shall be nothing more than a test of their faith. It is these who shall shine in the eyes of the Most High as the noonday sun. It is these who shall be rewarded with entry into the assembly of the first born.

Watchman Patrick

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