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Safe Houses for Persecuted Christians in Immediate Danger
5 years ago
| Prophetic

Safe Houses for
Persecuted Christians
in Immediate Danger

Note to our Readers: This email is a re-send of an important message sent earlier this week, but missing the photos. We apologize for the error, now corrected. —VOM Staff

In Colombia...

FARC guerrillas had already killed one of the pastor's sons. They said they'd kill each one of his children if he didn't leave the village.

In North Africa...

When Musa's coworkers and neighbors learned that he had become a Christian, he was fired from his job and his neighbors threatened to throw him out of the building unless he returned to Islam.

In Somalia...

Radical Al-Shabaab militants literally hunt down and kill Christians to make Somalia a &ldquoure” Muslim country.

Where will these Christians go when persecution forces them from their homes?

Safe HouseCLICK HERE to learn how you can help.

In the past 12 months, The Voice of the Martyrs has provided “safe houses” for persecuted Christians in more than 15 countries. These safe houses include a place of refuge for persecuted Christians in immediate danger. They must hide from families, extremists or government authorities, angry because they have turned to Christ or because they are leading others to him. While in the safe house, they receive pastoral care and comfort until they can either return or relocate to another area to continue their ministry.

Your gifts to VOM's safe house ministry provide job training, ministry tools, care and schooling for their children while strengthening and deepening their faith.

CLICK HERE to help provide safe houses for persecuted Christians with a gift to the Families of Martyrs Fund.

Thank you for standing with persecuted members of Christ's Body by providing for this very practical need.

For those in bonds,


5 years ago

Thank you for posting this.People who suffer for their allegiance to Almighty have a prominent place in my heart.Glad to do all that I can to help.

5 years ago

Thanks you Holly...praying daily for our persecuted brothers and sisters, they are already going through the tribulation, we have not begun yet!

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