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5 years ago
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Prophecy News Headlines


Where is the United States in Prophecy? 
Multiple Government Agencies Are Keeping Records Of Your Credit Card Transactions

Were you under the impression that your credit card transactions are private? As you will see below, there are actually multiple government agencies that are gathering and storing records of your credit card transactions ....  Click here for full story

Israel- God's Timepiece 
Demography Doesn't Threaten Jewish State

Israel is "running out of time," Secretary of State John Kerry told the American Jewish Committee in Washington this month. A two-state solution to the Palestinian conflict must be reached soon or "the insidious campaign to de-legitimize Israel will only gain steam," he warned. "Israel will be left to choose between being a Jewish state or a democratic state, .......  Click here for full story

Christian Worldview and Issues  
Graphic Version Of The Entire Bible To Be Published

From the creation of the world and the great flood to the Book of Revelation, a 12-volume, 2,000-page comic-book version of the entire Bible is in the works in America – "the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done" ....  Click here for full story

Christian Worldview and Issues  
Covert Agenda: US Didn't Become Pro-Gay Overnight

After the Supreme Court's recent monumental gay marriage rulings, the media reported that America has had a rapid change of heart on the issue over the past year. But that's not exactly true. The nation didn't get to this point overnight ....  Click here for full story

5 years ago

Increase In Knowledge and Technologies  
The Move Toward Becoming A Cashless Society

It seems Texans, like most citizens around the world, are moving toward becoming a cashless society. Dennis Simmons, the president and CEO of Dallas-based SWACHA, one of the largest not-for-profit electronic payments associations, referred to the new rules requiring that all social security recipients born after 1921 get direct deposit and that almost all public assistance payments are now done electronically .... Click here for full story

Increase In Knowledge and Technologies 
Mouse Cloned From Just One Drop Of Blood

A team of Japanese scientists has cloned a mouse from a single drop of blood, demonstrating for the first time that mice can be duplicated using "circulating blood cells." ....  Click here for full story

Rise Of Islam 
Iran: Syrian Crisis Prelude To Coming Of Mahdi

A high Iranian politician believes the Syrian revolution could be the catalyst for sparking a worldwide conflagration that will usher in an era of Muslim domination of the world  .....  Click here for full story

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