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5 years ago
| Prophetic

During the 1984 presidential election, a famous ad ran that stated, “It’s morning again in America!” Contrary to many of our contemporary political ads, it inspired people to believe the worst was behind them and a brighter future lay ahead. That single line brought to mind a sense of renewed hope and optimism for the future.

It was a bold statement, but also a reassuring one. 

Mornings are significant because they signal the end of night. Mornings do not just announce the natural break of dawn, but they also announce the end of darkness in your life. We’ve all experienced debilitating darkness in our emotions, our relationships, or in our careers; periods where we feel overburdened, without power, and without an ability to control what is going on around us. 

Maybe you feel that way right now. Maybe things in life haven’t worked out the way you envisioned. Or maybe you’re just feeling lost and overcome by uncertainty. Do not lose hope, but rather speak into your situation by declaring, “Let there be light!” Learn to command your morning by speaking light into whatever dark circumstances threaten to cloud your life.

You don’t have to stay stuck in darkness! Dare to make a bold statement—what is it you want to see dawn in your life? Be bold, stand strong, and you will see the light of day! The morning will come bringing fresh life and energy. When you learn to take command of your day by commanding your morning, you will be setting up your entire life for success...

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