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Healing Prayer
5 years ago
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Healing Prayer

We have authority in Jesus’ name to resist sicknesses, disease and related symptoms, even using that authority prophetically concerning things to come. Always pray first. Declare healing for those affected by sickness of any kind and prophetically pray against Satan’s plan for new diseases before they occur.

Prayer creates a blanket of God’s protection, blocking known causes of disease and raising His standard against new virus strains and plagues. This kind of prayer blocks hidden germs or bacteria related to sudden illnesses and residual effects of terror-related catastrophes.

Also remember that sickness breeds fear so we can be persuaded to believe symptoms are greater than anything—they seemingly are all powerful and able to control our circumstances. The cause of this sickness-fear-threat begins with roots of fear and infirmity, both spiritual. A spirit of fear persuades us through “lying symptoms” to produce dread; a spirit of infirmity then takes advantage of the entrance created by fear.

The Bible response to physical symptoms—small, or great—is prayer. First we pray . . . thanking Jesus our Savior for His assurance of healing as well as deliverance from the spirits of fear and infirmity that accompany sicknesses and diseases, repenting of anything done to re-instate the authority sickness has when we disobey the Lord or choose a path not in keeping with His plan, and casting out of our lives everyspirit of fear and infirmity. 


Hebrews 11:7Matthew 2:12, 22Luke 13:11-13John 10:10Exodus 23:25Verses@Once  

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