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Please E-Protest The Movie Paradise: Faith The “Crucifix M*****bation” Movie
5 years ago

Deeply Disturbing! Read With Caution.

Please E-Protest
The Movie Paradise: Faith
The “Crucifix M*****bation” Movie

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Dear Elaine, Hail Mary!

I’m sorry to say that Strand Releasing has now released the movie Paradise: Faith, by Ulrich Seidl.

The film is a terrible pornographic attack on Jesus’ crucifix.

I ask you to protest by sending a message to Strand Releasing, to Mr. Seidl, and to the two theaters that are showing the film.

We cannot – we MUST not – sit idly by on this.

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If you need to know more details to join the protest… below with EXTREME CAUTION.

The NY Times (8/22/13) reports:

Speaking of the main character in the film, “…Later in the movie, she m*****bates with the same crucifix.” [redaction ours: Ed.]

Other press reports contribute…

  • A woman…“m*****bates using a crucifix.”
  • “it is right to show her m********ing using a cross, as she is making love to Jesus,” responds the director Ulrich Seidl when asked about it.


…and defend the honor of Jesus and the decency of our culture.

In a disappointing but very clear sign of our neo-pagan times and the championing of anything insulting to Christianity, last year the Venice Film Festival awarded a special jury prize to this film. And then Strand Releasing purchased the “rights” to release the film in America.

Defend the symbol of our Redemption HERE

After that, please offer fervent prayers and ardent sacrifices in reparation. Here’s a beautiful prayer before a crucifix, so different than what the extremely offensive film offers.


In Jesus & Mary,


5 years ago

I tried to sign it,but someone else's name was there.It will not let me erase it and put in mine.Is there a way you can forward this petition to me so that I can sign it?Thank you.

5 years ago

Hi Holly, I deleted everything on that petition before I forwarded it on to the site, so don't know why it poped up back on there... I'm so sorry as I tried myself to go in and delete the name etc....and was unable myself. Perhaps Ivonne can fix this. So I am posting this and try and see if you can find the link through the share. As I no longer have the original petition but am pretty sure you can go through the share aspect and you will be able to sign via that way...


Dear Elaine, Hail Mary!

Thank you for defending the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Cross.

Please help us reach our goal of 20,000 e-protest messages in 3 days!

If you haven’t already, Click Here And Use The SHARE Icons at the top of the page to share this petition with your friends.

Thank you very much for SHARING.

5 years ago

OK, fingers crossed and it does work...You are good to go Holly with signing the petition!!! Thank you sweetheart for doing so as well! Just click on the click here and use the share icons at the top line and it will take you right to the petition.



5 years ago

I got it.There is a button you click if you want to make changes to the petition.I do not know if I failed to see it before,or if it was not there.It's all good now.

5 years ago

Way to go Holly!!!

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