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5 years ago
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By Paul McGuire


September 30, 2013

The media in America, which is controlled by just six corporations, has been in the process of radical transformation during the last several years. There is no longer even the pretense of ideological diversity. It is Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth, 24/7 on just about every television program and most of radio, with few exceptions. Although the media has been in the business of lying to the America people from its inception, it now becomes one big lie, all day long. Senator Ted Cruz's twenty one hour filibuster on the Senate floor provided one of those rare glimpses of truth on CSPAN because it was live, unedited, and uninterrupted.





Senator Cruz actually explained in simple and understandable terms the game that Republicans, Democrats, and the media have been playing for decades. The most explosive revelation came from Cruz's willingness to shine the light of day on the dirty little game that the Republicans play with the help of the media and what some people perceive as the conservative media. It is not what Cruz said about Obamacare which was so revealing, it was what he said about the Republican Party! Cruz, unlike the media which avoids a single coherent thought at all costs, explained how the Republicans work in collusion with the Democrats by voting no and voting yes on all kinds of bills that will not help the American people, but will simply allow them to keep up the masquerade that they are actually doing something to help our nation. What Cruz did, which is what the media never does and that includes a large percentage so-called conservative media, is to communicate the truth of what is really happening in simple terms.


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