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my last news for this month
4 years ago


4 years ago

Noted, TY

4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Agnes.

Thanks Sandra
4 years ago

Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamond

Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.
Many Seniors Leave the Hospital Without Their Medicines
Senior citizens with chronic medical issues often leave the hospital without prescriptions for the medicines they were getting for their illness -- a move that may raise their risk of landing in the emergency room or even dying, a study said.
4 years ago

All noted and petitions signed. Thank you Nyack and Agnes.

4 years ago

Dear for today..hope some news will interest you
thanks for your note and comments on my news..
hope a day make you and your family happy
have a nice week and take good care well..
Peace of mind...Agnes


4 years ago
U.S.- Close the "Generic Tiger" Loophole ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
U.S.- Close the "Generic Tiger" Loophole ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, tigers, environment, protection, suffering, wildlife, wildanimals )

- 8 hours ago -
In the United States, thousands of tigers languishing in tiny, filthy cages and are dropping off the radar daily as there is no one monitoring what happens to them next.
4 years ago
Most Important Comment Period Ever to End the Trade in Generic Tigers ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !
Most Important Comment Period Ever to End the Trade in Generic Tigers ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, tigers, endangered, environment, extinction, habitat, protection, wildlife, wildanimals )

- 17 hours ago -
Ask USFWS to Rescind the Generic Tiger Exemption. You only have until Sept. 21 to Comment.
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4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Agnes.

thanks a lot to all
4 years ago

5,000 Kids a Year Hurt in Falls From Windows

Agnes -

The number of children treated in U.S. emergency departments for falls from windows approached 100,000 between 1990 and 2008, says a study in the journal Pediatrics. The research shows that the number of injuries declined during the first decade
4 years ago

All noted. TY

4 years ago

Does True Friendship Exist?
Green Lifestyle  (tags: Friendship, Pals, Emotion, True Friends, Life, Motivation )
Maria - 16 hours ago -

Have you ever wondered what the real essence of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" is? Many people talk about true friendship without actually knowing what it stands for.
Now that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has officially thrown his hair, er, hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential election, voters across the country are trying to find out all they can about the Republican candidate.
Cuckoos' 5,000km Journey Tracked By Satellite
Animals  (tags: Cuckoos, 5, 000km journey, Birds, Africa, Research )
Maria - 21 hours ago -
Scientists from the British Trust for Ornithology have tracked the migration routes of five British cuckoos, using tiny satellite-tracking tags.
4 years ago

Noted and both signed. Thank you Agnes.

thanks a lot Sandra, Cheree
4 years ago

here from my a friend


Sign Petition, Please - Save the Saddest Dolphins

Dawid - 2 hours ago -

The pod was swimming peacefully in the Solomon Islands when nets closed in from behind -- trapping 25 wild dolphins for a luxury resort's latest exhibit. They are now locked in tiny pens, starved of food -- but we can free them.

Sign Petition About Sumatrian Tigers and Deforestation.

Dawid - 3 hours ago -
It is very important-sing petition, please! APRIL is one of the largest rainforest destroyers in Southeast Asia. Support our call to boycott APRIL paper.
4 years ago

Noted and forwarded. Thank you Agnes.

4 years ago


Latest News Noted & Turtle email letters done, TY



4 years ago

Susan S
If you have time, I just submitted another story. This time is for you to take action to stop the abuse of turtles in Ohio County, Indiana. Just click on the photo to visit the webpage.
Thank you.

URGENT! Turtle Torture Event Scheduled!

Cristina - 1 hour ago -


Cheree..thanks a bunch
4 years ago
4 years ago

{8-17-2011} All latest news stories noted, TY Agnes

thanks to all
4 years ago
Newborn Died Due to Staff Shortage, Doctor Claims

Agnes - 16 hours ago -
A shortage of anesthesiologists at Victoria General Hospital may have contributed to the death of a newborn being delivered by caesarean section, a doctor claims.

UC Davis Swaps Real Trees for Solar Structure Ch/#Ixzz1VGd4qm1V

It's one of those rare instances where cutting down trees is necessary to reduce carbon emissions. To make way for two solar car ports,

New Research Shows Evidence of Early Oxygen on Our Planet

Today, oxygen takes up a hefty portion of Earth's atmosphere: Life-sustaining O2 molecules make up 21 percent of the air we breathe. However, very early in Earth's history, O2 was a rare

4 years ago

I wish I could help out. Thank you Cheree

4 years ago

Noted and forwarded. Thank you Cheree.

URGENT: Call For Help
4 years ago




Please Another Urgent Call For Help-Even The Smallest Donation!!!!!~

Animals  (tags: No-kill shelter in crisisplease help!! ) 
 Penny - 8 hours ago - 
Casa de los Gatos, Tucson's largest no-kill cat shelter, is asking for help. Officials with the cat shelter say they are almost out of food and litter, and their gas has been shut off.

4 years ago

Noted News story agnes, TY for sharing. Important info there.

4 years ago

15-Minute Daily Exercise Is 'Bare Minimum for Health'
Health & Wellness  (tags: exercise, health )

Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years and cut death risk by 14%, research from Taiwan suggests.

THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: Young Kamikaze Piolt's Diary Reveals Desire To Live
Offbeat  (tags: war, Japan, kamikaze pilot, confess his desire to live, World War II, diary, Pacific War, death )
A kamikaze pilot confessed his desire to live before he left on a suicide mission in World War II, according to a diary recently donated to a museum in Tokyo, which offers touching glimpse into the thoughts of a young man before his final flight.
4 years ago

Thank you for a very informative and interesting article

thanks to all
4 years ago

Mother Caught Between Radiation Threat And Breaking Up Family
Offbeat  (tags: radiation threat, family, breaking up family?, hot spot, evacuation, care )
Naoko - 16 hours ago -

Currently living under the same roof with Sato is her 84-year-old bedridden grandmother, her 21-year-old younger sister - who has cerebral palsy ans is usually in a care facility but at home on weekends - her parents and four pets.
4 years ago

Noted latest News Agnes, TY

4 years ago

Hi is my 2 news today....
got idea news from my a lovely friend
she fight with bugs in her garden
I searched google how to fight with bugs
and I found this link...hope it'll good to share


How To Kill Bugs Without Poison
Green Lifestyle 
Agnes You don't have to bring poison into your home to get rid of bugs. Try one of these nontoxic killers.



Top 10 Ways to Survive Your Crappy Job
Health & Wellness 
Your job sucks and for whatever reason you can't leave. At the same time, if you don't leave you're pretty sure you're going to lose your mind. What can you do about it? Here are our top 10 strategies.

4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Mamabear.

4 years ago

Noted Mamabear. TY

4 years ago

noted..thanks Mamabear..and posted in some groups

4 years ago
New Bob Marley And The Wailers Video Raises Awareness Of East Africa Crisis

In one of the more poignant images, a mother draws a bucket from a well only to find it filled with dirt and not one drop of water..

thanks Mamabear....all noted
4 years ago

Hi is the first time I submit my blogger
I've never done it before and want to share with you
hope it'll interest you..
don't feel surpise in my language I asked my hubby to write a perfect English for me
hope you and family doing well around
have a nice day...Agnes

A Smart Way to Lose Your Stomach
Health & Wellness  (tags: exercise, health, smart, stomach )
Whenever you are walking, sitting, playing on your computer, cooking, working in your office etc, you can burn fat and tone your body by moving your stomach inwards and outwards constantly.
4 years ago

My Birthday Wish


Today is my 67th birthday, and my birthday wish is the same as it has been for the past 67 years -- to end human-caused wildfires
4 years ago
How To Fix America In 126 Super Cute Seconds



Check out the "Contract for the American Dream" created from the ideas of over 125, 000 Americans who gathered online and in their communities. And who better to present those ideas than the people whose future depends on them.

4 years ago

Al Gore Lets Loose In Aspen Institute Speech About Bull**** Anti Global-Warming Pseudo-Science



Speaking in Aspen last Thursday, former Vice President Al Gore warned of the impacts of global warming. In sharp contrast to previous appearances, however, Gore may have frothed at the mouth a bit when he told the Aspen Institute's 'Networks and Citizensh

4 years ago

Latest Petition sign. TY

4 years ago

URGENT! PLEASE SIGN! Petition: Save Alex the German Shepherd Dog / Petiononline.Com
  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, German Shepherds, Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, Irresponsible Dog Fosters, URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! )

- 2 hours ago -

The undersigned give their signature in support & demand for an appeal to be made for Alex the GSD rescued by MAGSR from a Los Angeles shelter by August 10, 2011. As his rescue you have a responsibility for his safety, welfare & health! SAVE ALEX NOW!
4 years ago

Her Majesty's Rarest Flower
The Mussaenda 'Queen Sirikit' is a hybrid which is difficult to find, but with the right growing techniques this and other mussaenda variants make fine additions to any garden



Shut Up and Save-Using Exterior Window Shutters Can Reduce Your Power Usage
Over the past two months, the most striking environmental news was that the global CO2 emission reached all-time high in 2010 as a result of world economic recovery. The emission level dropped deeply during 2007-2008 due to the "Hamburger Crisis"



Super Bacteria Crisis on Way
Thailand is facing a health crisis from antimicrobial resistance which could lead to more complicated and higher costs in treating bacterial infections, health experts have warned.

4 years ago
Donate Litter for Free! Click to Give!
Animals  (tags: animaladvocates, goodnews )
Penny - 3 hours ago -
Until September 16, 2011, you can vote daily to donate litter, for free. World's Best Cat Litter just launched a new round of its GiveLitter campaig.
Heartbreak, Bear Named Charlie Killed For Being Hungary
Animals  (tags: sadness, wildlife, AnimalWelfare, suffering, society )
Penny - 4 hours ago -
NDOW has a three-strike policy for what it calls "urban bears" that cause problems in town for people. For a bear that some residents in the area called Charlie, a recent Sunday at a shopping center was his last offense and Charlie was euthanized.
Urgent, Urgent Urgent No Food in the Sanctuary!!
Animals  (tags: Help is needed, immediate donations, to save the special needs kitties )
Penny - 9 hours ago -
Kitties starving, no food now! Please help Puffy Paws. I have sent a donation, others if you can, this is an emergency!!!!
4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Agnes.

my news
4 years ago

2 Liter Bottles of Light

Agnes - 1 minute ago -

The slums of the Philippines are getting an extreme home makeover in the form of two liter bottles in their ceilings. The bottles function as 60-watt lights powered by 100% solar energy. Refraction is an amazing thing, if you drilled a hole
4 years ago

Thanks Wendy, Sandra, Danuta..

4 years ago

Ioana B.

Would you please help spread this news?


Catch 22



"PUFFY PAWS IS IN THE PEPSI REFRESH CONTEST!! VOTE EVERY DAY. We can win a $50,000 Grant to replace the AC Units and go solar at the Haven. Please Vote !


Make a Donation

4 years ago

Noted and thank you.

4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Mamabear and Agnes.

4 years ago

Interesting article, thanks.

from my a friend to share
4 years ago

it isn't news on care2.....

Helmut H.

Everyone should know what kind of world we live in, where money is more important than human lives.

As far as I've heard, the talk about climate change is nonsense. There is no climate change but change in the air, water, plants and hereby humans as well. It's all about POISON!

'Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.'

Therefore do I want to introduce you TZM & TVP. Please watch the movies/videos and tell me what you think about it. You can watch this one to start with.

Pease and Love-Helmut

4 years ago
24 Hours of Reality


What can change in a day? Everything. On September 14, the world will focus its attention on the truth about the climate crisis. For 24 hours, we will all live in reality. Pick a faraway place or a city near you. Make it yours for one day. We're hitting 

4 years ago

I posted some images Baby tigers monkey around in my group at thread different kind of friendship

and I found this news by I didn't attention.. I thought ..lovely to share with friends care2.

Chimp Lovingly Feeds Tiger Cub With Bottle
A baby chimpanzee in Thailand has showed off his parenting skills by feeding tiger cubs out of a bottle.


4 years ago
The Single Most Important Step' Away From Foreign Oil

Green Lifestyle  (tags: energy, economy, environment )


- 5 minutes ago -

Ushering in the largest decrease in auto fuel consumption since the 1970s, President Barack Obama and automobile manufacturers Friday announced a deal that will save drivers money at the pump and dramatically cut heat-trapping gases coming from tailpipe
4 years ago


 A Way to Save America's Bees: Buy Free-Range Beef
A recent study by University of California, Berkeley shows that grazing lands provide critical habitats for native bees and other pollinators. Find out how rangeland habitat can support multiple bee species critical to the food chain.

4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Agnes.

4 years ago

Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body

Rose - 59 minutes ago -

I recently had the honor to interview Supei Liu and Diana Mao, the co-founding members of the Nomi Network based in New York City. By utilizing their knowledge of fashion design, marketing, business and with great creativity,
4 years ago
Please Call or E-Mail Your Congress and Let Them Know It Time to Compromise


- 1 minute ago -

Together we can make a difference


4 years ago

I am glad they are not releasing the location although it i sad they as remote as they seem to be they are still affected by illegal activities.

4 years ago

This is very interesting!

4 years ago

here is the right link  I do not know what i was thinking or doing

4 years ago


I'll take to post in the other groups

4 years ago

If A Tree Falls Acoustic Bruce Cockburn   video

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4 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks..Mamabear...I'll post in some groups


4 years ago
How Much Plastic Do Fish Ingest?


Our world is becoming more and more plastic each year. From toys to packaging to gadgets and bags, it's not just that we produce more than 250 million tons each year around the world, but it's the fact that little of what we produce is ever recycled, so m

4 years ago

Dear my Care2 friends,


On Tuesday night, I came back from Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. (I might have written 'Iwate' prefecture last time....shame on myself)


What I (we) did was not much...First day was mostly on the bus (chartered) and one hour or so of observing the situation around the city.


On the second and the third day, we went to a small fishing village, and helped to retrieve fishing gears scattered around due to tsunami.  Very hot days, and tiring jobs, but we all did our best.


But on third day before noon, there was an earthquake followed by tsunanmi alart (actually there were small tsunami waves), so our activity was suspended, then stopped. 


Last day, in the morning, we did photo cleaning/washing. There are many photos/pictures collected from tsunami-damaged areas, dirty and wet, so volunteers wash them carefully and hung dry, later if owners come, give those to them.


Very good experience for me, though I need to continue doing what I can do for a long will take years for the devastated areas and people to recover from the quake and tsunami.


Love and hugs from Naoko.

4 years ago

Thanks a lot is my news



Is ocean garbage killing whales?
Body of a dead humpback whale is seen in Omonville-la-Rogue, north-west France, a rare species to the Channel. A French fishermen brought the whale back in his nets, saying that it was already dead
5 years ago

Noted. Thank you Agnes.

5 years ago

Anna S.

Here are few of my news updates. Hope you find them worth reading. Thank you for your precious time.


Have a wonderful day !





5 years ago


BarbCat S.and fwd!!!!!!!!!!





5 years ago


5 years ago

"I'm not even sore," he said Monday morning from his Kauai hotel room, where he slept in a bed after arriving at Kalapaki beach the night before onboard a stand-up paddleboard.
TEPCO Apologizes Over Nuclear Crisis At Shareholders Meeting
Business  (tags: Japan, TEPCO, shareholders meeting, outrage, apologize, nuclear crisis, Fukushima, yells, loss, corporate, dishonesty, investing, energy )
Naoko - 6 hours ago -
Executives at the Japanese utility behind the nuclear power plant sent into meltdown by the March quake apologized Tuesday to investors who repeatedly interrupted the annual meeting of shareholders with heckles, yells and outraged questions.


5 years ago



Langan Energy Solutions Completes Rooftop Solar Project for Parsippany Office Building
Green Lifestyle  (tags: energy, solar, good news, SustainableDevelopment, technology, environment, greenliving, interesting )


- 4 hours ago -

Langan Energy Solutions (LE, based in Elmwood Park, N.J., recently completed a 50-kilowatt rooftop solar system for an office building owned by Entin Road Realty Associates in Parsippany, N.J.
5 years ago


News to Note and share(CLOSED)
5 years ago
| wildlife
New Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Discovered in Brazil

 In the dense rainforest of the western Amazon, researchers from Brazil's Indian protection agency have identified a new tribe of uncontacted indigenous people. Authorities say the remote group likely numbers around 200 members, living in traditionally bu


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