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5 years ago

Plan for multiple terror attacks in U.S. already in placeThis might make you stop worrying about the fiscal cliff ... 

Terror cells already present in the U.S ... factions that normally hate each other united toward one end ... destroying the U.S. 

Who these people are ... where, in your community, their base of operations is.Read the latest now on 

5 years ago

Sleeper cells have been in place and awaiting for decade now. 

With the lax immigration laws, anyone is coming into our country, crossing our borders and setting up shop to destroy. 


It may very well be acts of terrorism on Obama's watch that brings down the demagouges party and the country goes back to the GOP. 

I am sure Hillary Clinton is planning a run and Bill was lax in watching the terrorist activities and he lied about it continuousally, Monica Lewinsky was a huge foil and cover-up for his ineptness on terrorism.

5 years ago

hILLARY DOES NOT STAND A CHANCE FOR 2016.  tHEY ARE ALREADY TALKS ON THE LINE FOR RYAN AND RUBIO FOR 2016, IF WE ARE STILL HERE! Separately of course, I think Marco Rubio will be much better, he is a Constitutionalist, even though we have not follow it for many years and he has a tremendous fan base not only with hispanics,but wwe lower middle class America because of his background, he is in touch with the people and knows very well what is like to lack.

5 years ago

Yes, the sleeper cells have already been here.  Obama has purposefully helped them with his open borders also. He's known all along. He's a conspirator.

Mark Silverberg - Sleeper Cells in America - The Enemy Within

Iran Has Sleeper Cells in U.S. Ready to Attack | The Counter ...

5 years ago

I should have said co-conspirator.

5 years ago

And we are supposed to play possum, when they come to get us to go the Feema camps, or come to take our food and supplies, or come to kill us? Not!

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