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Cultural Abandonment by The Church & Shoddy Christian Art Has Cost Us Our Culture
5 years ago

Cultural Abandonment by The Church & Shoddy Christian Art Has Cost Us Our Culture

If Christians are going to change the soiled and now soured diaper on our nation’s collective bottom, then we must get into entertainment and the arts with some killer tunes, scripts and talent and light this country up—or we’re doomed to watch gay cowboy movies, Kesha sing/strip and listen to Little Wayne screeds until Angry Jesus returns.

So … what is the main anti-Hollywood noise machine, i.e., the Church, doing about the stuff spilling forth from TV and radio? Is the church’s answer to our cultural crassness low budget crap movies with D grade spirit-filled actors?  BTW, the D grade actors should thank God Christians make low budget/unimaginative movies or they’d be schlepping at Denny’s.  I watched 10 minutes of one “Christian” movie the other day.  I felt like pulling an Elvis and shooting my TV it was so horrid. Nothing like trying to beat something with nothing.

Which leads me to ask the church the tough question of why haven’t we championed serious involvement in the arts by our congregants versus just hissing from the lattices of our stained glass windows? I have actually heard pastors condemn those who wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood and in the music industry. I can’t think of a more needy place for serious and excellent Christian involvement than the arts.

Yeah, Christians have abandoned and eternally vilified a place of ridiculously powerful influence.

At this moment in American history, I’m hard pressed to find a focal point more in need of our missionary budget than the entertainment industry.

America is ripe for intelligent and creative Christian artists to effectively infiltrate it. Given the huge influence culture has on all of us, the internal rot our nation is undergoing in its character, virtue and faith and the dicey 21st century environment we have, we must try to influence the realm that has the maximum impact on this nation.

The call to impact the entertainment industry is just as valid as the call to go to the mission field or to be a pastor, and any minister who tells you artists any different is straight up goofy.

Look, Church, impacting our nation doesn’t just entail throwing up a pre-fab metal building and preaching genteel sermons to a self-marginalized people group while picketing and protesting things we hate. There is greatness to Christ’s great commission that takes the Christian, motivated by love, out of the four walls of our churches to the institutions and industries that influence our nation—and the entertainment industry figures immensely into that call.

Historically, Christianity had a huge impact on Western society. Not just in a ministerial sense through the Church or politically through our government, but artistically upon our culture. Believe or not, the Church communicated a Christian worldview; it mainstreamed character, faith and virtue, and not just through the primacy of preaching or through lobbying and legislation. How? Through the powerful impact of the artist’s brush, the writer’s pen and the poet’s verse.

So, Christian reader: picket, protest and boycott whatever and whomever in Hollywood who you think needs an economical smoke signal alerting them to the fact that you think they suck. However, at the same time, get on the offense. Sharpen your skills, you artists. Put down your clove cigarette and your frappachino. Get off your christian stretch pants, quit playing with and preaching to the converted, and go get dirty in the real world where there is a real impact to be made and true rewards to be had.

5 years ago

Ohhhh Brother Doug, I couldn't agree more........I call them "faux-Christians" or. like 7-Up, never had it-Never will..............We are all sinners;
"...and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth;..." Genesis 8:21

The difference is your willingness to change your current way of living and live by God's word and accept Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Far too many of the "faux" set want to manipulate Scripture to JUSTIFY that which they know the Bible addresses as wrong. As THAT doesn't fit into their lie-fstyle; as that would mean they must change their "Fun" ways. These things overtake peoples lives like rampant berry vines leaving them/us stuck in entangled brambles, unable to escape. It is a personal choice that ONLY be changed when they realize they have reached their "enough" point. This ALSO includes going to Churches that spout off False Doctrine.
"Religious FACTIONS" have their own Agenda, and as I have discussed on other blog sites with some "agnostics" and Athiests, the biggest problem Athiests have isn't God, it is the Hypocricy of "Religious" Faux-Christians.

If you are going to talk the had better walk the walk or at least make every effort to, and repent to Our Savior when you mess up......because we all mess up.

5 years ago

Exactly, it is religion that make us true believers and followers of our Lord that makes us look bad.If you cannot walk the talk, please do not talk.  Those pillow preachers and prophets, that only speak about love and not the judgment of God,lots of heaven bound talk, and not enough hell talk.  I rather be hated for telling the truth, than be loved for sugar coating it. When I stand before Him as we all will stand, I do not want to have to bow my head in shame because I did not speak the whole truth!We must love the unbeliever to the point of not sparing every Word, continuing sowing the seed ofthe water and watering it.  Our priority should sould to come into the kingdom, there is a heaven to gain and a hell to loose.

Symple Reason(s)
5 years ago

  Truth,followers,Followers willing to ACT,Power.

  Entertainment has all this when it choses to use each correctly,for which Self Benefiting,Establishment part of "Church",first,is not God's "Church",2-can not compete well with either Entertainment nor God,nor a Self Informed,Self Motivated,Self Motivating,Godly Human Membership,which by defintion,ACTS,Upon it's Belifes!



  What you ACCEPT.

  Change,Is Standard & Is The Way-Constantly.

  Do not "Like",what you have,are,are not:ACT.

  God,has given you one nice rear to sit on  with,


  Your Self Proving,When things go wrong,you need no help but yourself being that way!

  Thank you for taking those Problems upon yourself,i need none of yours!

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