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Vaccinations as a Model for Eliminating Gun Free Zones
5 years ago

Vaccinations as a Model for Eliminating Gun Free Zones

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, the topic of allowing lawfully carried firearms into schools and other gun free zones (GFZs) has been debated a lot.  This debate happens after every mass shooting that takes place in GFZs.  This time the shooting took place on a typical overcast December morning, as both students and staff went about their day.  This day a mentally ill 20-year-old man, who had killed his mother earlier in the morning, shot his way into their idyllic lives. 
This day the killer approached the school office where he shot and killed the principal when she tried to stop him using only her body as an ineffectual weapon.  This man then went on to kill 5 more adults and 20 children, between the ages of 5 and 8 years old, before killing himself.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy is now the worst school shooting in US history.  But what does this school have in common with other places where mass murder has taken place?  The one thing in common is they almost always take place in GFZs.  Places where law-abiding people are denied their right to self-defense, but where murderers seem to choose to wreak havoc on the lawfully unarmed.  These criminals know that GFZs are unlikely to meet up with any armed resistance.  They know that the police are minutes away.  And when your life is being threatened those minutes seem like an eternity.
What I don’t understand is why others don’t understand that GFZs are killing zones.  Is it because the logic is so sound?  Is it because we have been remiss in teaching our children critical thinking skills?  Is it because people are thinking too much with their emotions and not with their minds? 
As I was pondering this mystery it came to me that an analogy was needed to explain, in a simple way, how guns in GFZs can save lives. But first let’s go back in time some 150 years into the early works on Immunology and vaccination.
The idea of allowing more guns in schools as a solution to preventing the mass slaughter of children seems counter-intuitive. But then so did the vaccination theory. The idea of injecting the very thing that causes disease into a healthy person seemed preposterous.  It seemed illogical.

This crazy idea of taking a dead or weakened virus and injecting it into a healthy person so that antibodies would be produced seemed impossible and insane. The very idea though, was that the weakened or dead virus would promote the production of a specific antibody for that virus. Then, if at some time in the future a healthy person was exposed to that particular virus, the antibodies would overtake and destroy them thereby protecting the host from harm.

And it works; it works very well. Vaccinations over the last 150 years have saved millions of lives since their inception and they continues to do so today. Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, Rubella and measles etc., have killed more children, than any mass murderer.

So let’s apply that theory to gun-free zones.  Let’s imagine a school is a host body, a person so to speak, and the virus is a deranged killer that somehow gets into the host body and starts killing it. If the host is unprotected, i.e., no antibodies, then the host could die.

Now, let’s inject some harmless viruses, let’s say lawfully carried guns, into the host body; guns like viruses can harm a host.  But what if these harmless viruses (lawful guns) were carried by lawful citizens, like teachers, parents and staff? Well then, these people become like antibodies, ready to attack any harmful viruses that may prey upon the host body. These antibodies (lawfully armed citizens) are now in a position to protect the host body by neutralizing the harmful viruses. 

Vaccinations as a Model for Eliminating Gun Free Zones
5 years ago

It would make sense that like vaccinations, allowing lawful people to carry guns in schools could save countless children from slaughter. The idea of allowing lawful gun carries into schools and other gun-free zones may seem counter-intuitive but so did the idea of vaccination. This crazy idea of vaccinations has saved countless million and so too would eliminating gun free zones.

5 years ago

Good analogy... Goes back to an interview I saw many years ago when a hardened gang member was asked if he feared the police. His answer was 'no'. When asked what he was afraid of, his answer was 'the victim that shoots back'.

A gun free zone is a "soft target" zone for your average psychopathic murderer. Courtesy of our braindead governments at all levels, with the cretins in the District of Criminals leading the way.

This would be a good approach to deal with the "Gun Free Zones." The sooner all of them can be eliminated, the better!

They expect the police to be armed. It is quite a "surprise" when the victims are armed and can defend themselves.

There are a lot of people who think the police will ALWAYS be there to "protect them." There are others (me included) who know the police normally show up "after" the crime has been committed to "investigate & clean up the mess."

Remember, when the "seconds" count, the police are only "15 minutes" away.

5 years ago

So true,you cannot expect the police to save you, by the time they get there,the crime is over!

5 years ago

Part of it is many people have an emotional fear of guns, and no direct experience or knowledge of them.  I have to admit, I've had this fear, and still a bit of distaste.  In my case, an overly aggrandized sense of the awesome power and responsibility of having something that can so easily kill.  Am I a little "too creative and free thinking" to own such a dangerous thing?  Yet, I drive a car every day, and so does everyone else.  It would only take a slight twist of the wheel to seriously cripple or end my life, along with a lot of other people on the road if I so chose.  Yet somehow I don't dwell on morbid thoughts of driving my car the wrong way, nor do most people for the most part.  The car is just a tool to get from A to B.

I think the source of lethal power is mystical until it is somehow demystifed.  Unfortunately that probably means that people would have to own and use guns before they stopped fearing them.  I've gone through some related, slower journeys in the martial arts.  When I began training "pretty seriously and realistically" for deadly encounters, all this sort of gloom and doom of the worst possible opponent enters your mind.  Should I haul off and do this horrible thing to them, or that?  What are my Rules of Engagement?  What's gonna work, what's gonna leave me vulnerable?

But after many years of martial arts focused on practical stuff, I'm like, eh, you do what you gotta do when you've gotta do it.  Yeah the guy weighs 250 lbs., he's still got eyeballs, and if you had to poke 'em out you would.  So the idea of combat becomes less about fantasy, mysticism, and bravado, and more about using tools to get the job done if one has to.  Not saying it wouldn't scare the crap out of me if it happens, I know for fact it would.  I've had my apartment door kicked in and all martial skills felt like they were going out the window.  But I'm pretty sure I'd also respond in a way that's "true to my training," push come to shove.

Maybe my perspective has changed because my new power fantasy / mystique / nightmare is fighting a black bear hand to hand.  In the woods I do carry bear spray on a holster, and that's my primary line of defense.  But it doesn't have to work, for instance the wind could blow the wrong way, or I could simply miss.  So I have a very large Gurkha knife holstered as a backup.  Such a "large" knife is actually very small when you're thinking about having to dice up a bear with it though.  I'm considering an upgrade.  Something longer and horribly pointy sharp.

Now, the 2 black bears I've met so far were fairly amicable.  My dog didn't have any big problem with them.  Scared the crap out of me the 1st time.  Less so the 2nd time, because I was "armored up" in my car and knew he was around.  I started to get a little relaxed and blase about it.  Then a friend of mine sent me some articles about bear maulings.  I realized that even if most black bears I run into are fairly amicable, they don't have to be.  I still have to be prepared.  I'm not typically in a large group to scare off the bears with our big movement noises.  Generally it's just myself and my dog.  So even though it makes me look like a bit of a nut job, I've stopped feeling foolish about carrying my tools if we're out in the deep woods.  When I *didn't* carry the tools, the first day I decided I was just being silly, that's when I met my 1st bear 50 feet away.

Bears have been teaching me about arming myself in the woods.  Are humans going to teach me about arming myself in cities?

The easiset preventative for dealing with bears is to sing loudly when walking down a trail, so that you don't surprise them.  If I'm somewhere "remote" with my dog, I don't mind taking this ridiculous sounding precaution.  I can carry a tune.

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