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5 years ago
Monday, January 7, 2013 


Mocking God
The communist dictator "president" of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is dying of cancer. Aside from his alliance with Israel-hating Iran, Chavez has been one of the most outspoken critics of America. Notwithstanding, the occupant of the Oval office has congratulated him on his fixed democratic "wins" and has rubbed elbows with Chavez at various gatherings of world leaders. Chavez has praised the US president on occasion. They are comrades in the socialist rebellion. The UK Telegraph reports that the man who six years ago at the beginning of his third term raised his right hand and proclaimed, "Fatherland, socialism or death...I swear by Christ, the greatest socialist in history..." He now is near death.
Galatians 6:7 says, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Chavez may well be a not-to-be-living-to-much-longer example of what happens when you mock YHVH. There are a lot of people in the world who claim to be Christians and that Yeshua Jesus was a socialist. Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, another "elected" socialist, is one. The US president's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is yet another. Socialists often claim Christianity as socialism based on Acts 4:32, "And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common."
The difference here is that the early disciples of Christ in Acts voluntarily out of the love of their hearts gave one to another. In Socialism and Communism, government becomes god and distribution of personal property by the state is compulsory. Chapter II. Proletarians and Communists of the Communist Manifesto says, "But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience." The idea of invoking Jesus Christ or YHVH God in support of the socialist cause given the truth of its manifesto, is no less than mocking YHVH God.
Communists invoke God in order to manipulate Christians into believing that Jesus was a socialist and therefore it is a good deed to accept the government as an instrument of God. In a sense, there are many ministries that do the same, only they do not have the authority to force Christians to give up their property for their cause--they just ply on emotions to do so. I remember years ago some preacher claiming that Hugo Chavez had made a commitment to Christ. Knowing Chavez by his fruits, I do not believe that he did. He has mocked YHVH. He has manipulated the hearts of people into believing a socialist lie. He has profited from the ernest hands of the poor. Who else has such leaders like Chavez?
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
5 years ago

I don't know much about Chavez but it sounds like cancer couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Socialism and Communism are bugaboo words. Karl Marx had plenty worthwhile to say about what's wrong with capitalist societies. The problem is, Communist governments have all been Single Party State systems, and have often been run by dictators. This isn't historically different from the Catholic Church at the height of its power. A powerful, central authority monopolizes resources and enforces its narrow views. It really doesn't matter what label you call it this century; the term tyranny will do.

5 years ago

I could not agree with you more Brandon, and coming froma socialist country, Cuba, I can tell you thereis no middleclass there, all the promises that Castro made when he came to power, quickly dissapeared.The poor, areworst than ever and the onlyy class there are the elites, athletes and government officials...

5 years ago

   And our country has a better way? I mean we just got done with campaigns where money was spent to win an election and in between smear ads we got to watch ads about one in six people have a hunger problem in the US.  Chavez like leaders in other countries nationalize their countries which I understand means they want the profits for their countries natural resources to go for the good of the people while our country wants the profits for those countries to go to those who use our government for investment opportunities. 

The division between the rich and the poor is growing pretty far apart in our country. In my mind I think it's good but can see how it is easily sold as bad to the general population. Our governments puts us in wars and in roles of supporting those that overthrow other country's governments with nothing but rhetoric so I have a hard time seeing where people living in the US could ever reason decently to see what's happening to resources in our own country.  Aren't our resources being monopolized by a powerful central authority? Of course wouldn't it be a good idea to ask who gave them that power in the first place too?  

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5 years ago

I think our resources are lionized, not monopolized, by a distributed group of Plutocrats. That's not the same thing as a Single Party State, but these Plutocrats do wield an awful lot of influence in our government. The more common term for them is corporate lobbyists. They don't always win. They have to do some resource sharing to keep their industries running. But I do think a lot of the social patterns of our country, are driven by extractions at the very top.

I haven't studied Venezuela at all really. I do happen to recall their homicide statistics from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.  Their homicide rate is 17x ours in the USA.  It's 2x..3x worse than Brazil and South Africa.  It's one of the darkest spots on the UN map; basically, a real shithole.

5 years ago

   Have you ever read any of Erich Fromm's books? One that comes to mind is "To Have or To Be." My understanding of its theme is that with the industrial revolution a new god was created that is kept alive by keeping people having things ('To Have) in order to feed it while the main purpose in life is 'To Be' in life.

   In all countries in the entire world our government has instigated revolutions to overthrow other governments so they can put puppet governments in they can pull the strings to make those countries pay off to those who finance things like the political campaigns. Surely using things like drug problems is a lame brian excuse used by our government that the average citizen does not have any comprehension of. Our citizens in our country do not have the reasoning ability to honestly deal decently with absolutely any issue that would really be for what's best for them. 

    For instance in this article Chevez is wrote about for his alliance for Israel hating Iran. So that's just an opinion of the author and if close attention would be paid to what our own government releases to the media no more then opinions are fed non-stop to the people living here. That controls and manipulates human beings and in absolutely no way offers people anything to feel secure about. If anything people are kept in fear with the old "Winning by Intimidation" game. So that's not governing in any way, which the citizens of our country know nothing about.

    As far as Israel goes I myself wish we actually had a choice about who our elected government makes allies with because I for damn sure wouldn't have Israel for an ally. Who does that freaking country get along with? I mean where is that any kind of leadership in choosing one side over another side. Gees does that mean every parent is suppose to choose one of their children over another one of their children? That does not make any sense because all choosing sides does is divides people. 

   Shithole? Our last two days news told about a police officer being shot six times by a guy riding a bicycle and a sheriff's deputy is in critical condition after being shot by a guy who killed himself. We just had the killings in Conn. where children were killed by a guy who killed himself and the trial is going on in Colo. where 106 counts are being brought against a young man who is suppose to be mentally ill. A fight is brewing in our country's capitol over our elected president's choice for secretary of defense and after that the Debt Ceiling fight will take place. New sanctions are going to be put in place against Iran to curve their nuclear program that the US actually started when the US overthrew their elected government and put in the Shah. Of course the Iran-Contra affair never happened where the US traded drugs for arms with Iran after the US instigated the Iraq-Iran war where the US got caught playing both sides against one another. I mean what exactly is a shithole, anyways when we live in a country with the history our country has?

5 years ago

Exactly my point, this country is going down, down, down, it is looking more and more like a socialist country!  by the way Chavez is a self proclaimed communist dictator, friends with Castro that is why he is in Cuba after his second surgery from cancer.  And Chavez has praised Obama lately for the way he is running this country.  This country needs to wake up and be confronted with the reality we are going down the rabbit's hole!

5 years ago

Am I remembering right about some of your post contained words about your experiences from living in Cuba? The reason I ask is that I thought Castro overthrew Cuba's government and our US government supported Castro in doing that just like our US government supports those who overthrow governments in countries they want to put puppet governments in. Iraq is an example of this as is Georgia next to Russia. Look at Egypt and how much money our US government spent there yet behind the scenes people like Castro, Chevez, Ahmadinejad, Russia's Putin are resisting our US government's dysfunctional behavior. Chevez can be whatever anybody wants to call him but standing up to our US government's behavior is an admirable quality to me. I mean recently Christy spoke up about congress not voting on aid to the Sandy victims and I admire things like that more then I do those who don't take a stand about what's happened in our country. My history lessons included the American Indians already living here and ending up being called 'savages' and put on reservations . So to me from the very beginning of our country's existence I believe we had a bad start and that bad start being left unchecked just escalated to where we're at now. 

One thing I don't understand is Iran's president has been in our country and granted interviews to our media without holding anything back. Yet nobody from our elected government made any kind of effort to talk with him but talk about him negatively constantly. How come the people living in the US buy into talking about others instead of talking with them? Who's really got the problem in situations like that? Is it all of us for not seeing through those we elect to represent us or is it them for not living up to what we expected them to do?  

Another thing is North Korea's president wants peace with South Korea and our US government is against that. Yet when his father was president the New York Philharmonic Orchestra performed in North Korea and received a standing ovation. North Korea expressed a desire to do more culture exchanges like that and what does our government do about doing culture exchanges instead of wanting to cripple North Korea more with things like sanctions and dirty tricks, nothing. We've become a society that seems deadset on not wanting to get along with one another or anybody in the world and where's that getting us? If we put as little as a quarter of the energy we put into fighting about everything in wanting to get along with one another I bet that would make a difference.

5 years ago

    "Shithole" is a relative term and I think you brushed off those UNODC statistics without reading any of them.  If you think homicide in the USA is bad, try 17x more of it!  We have a free press here, we can read about every murder that happens anywhere if we want to and have the time.  It monopolizes and sensationalizes our attention and blows the realities out of proportion.  Once we're all saturated with the numbers of deaths in the media, the only way to really compare the differences is with statistics.  Numbers are sensitive to degrees of badness in ways that our waking attention spans are not.  Although I think if you lived in DR Congo and were a woman, you'd have a pretty good understanding of using the term "shithole" to refer to the rape capitol of the world.

    Regarding Iranian President Ahmadinejad, he's a holocaust denier.  I don't have any problem shutting people like that out of the bennies.  I do support the recognition of Palestine and think it's long past time for Israel to be out of their lands, but I also know the historical context of Israel's existence.  The USA continues to support Israel because we have many Jews and few Palestinians.  Meanwhile, many Christians are sympathetic to Israelites by religious proxy - even though Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ, and conspired to have him killed.  Oh, and the oil in the region.  If we could get some energy independence going, we might have a better chance of giving Israel the boot.

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5 years ago

If we became energy independent the greed of those that profited off other country's natural resources would have those profits come from somewhere else. Energy independence is a joke as profits are really behind everything in our country and human beings are just commodities to profit from. Our country has enabled Israel's behavior and there is more behind this then we'll ever understand. As far as Ahmadinejad goes I strongly admire him as well as do many others for his standing up to our government. To me all I see them doing is fighting with one another all the time. We just got done with the 'Fiscal Cliff' fighting and now the one over the secretary of defense in filling the news and the news previews are saying raising the debt ceiling will be the next fight. I mean instead of having a government that governs we ended up with a crisis management team.

5 years ago

Alltrue,and yes this country supporte dCastro and provided guns for the revolution,they never expected for Castro to turned on them I guess. I really do not know why they did support his revolution, whenn Batista was president Cuba was at its best!

5 years ago

How can America be healthy?  It is a totally divided country now and the factions on the left and right are both bad and are tearing this country apart.  Everyone demonizes the left but the far right wing nutz are batty and dangerous as well.   


I don't want either faction in charge. 

It has become so toxic now that hatred prevails and people are tired of it.  I have had it and I am not going to continue on a hate fest.  It is futile.  America is not Cuba or Russia. 

Would you want far right wingers taking control of this country?  I don't; it is as bad as it is right now with intense hate from both sides.   I know people from Russia who don't see America anything like Russia!!!

It is a matter of opinion and perspective on what you see America becoming.

Larger government is seen as pending communism.

The right want to go back to 1776, that is impossible.  The entire landscape changed and you cannot go back.


That is like me stating:  I want my looks to go back to when I was in High School and stay that way forever. 

5 years ago

Ken, energy independence wouldn't stop exploitation.  Look at fracking, which is poisoning our groundwater.  But it poisons *our* groundwater, which means we ourselves deal with the politics of that, as our own lives are at stake.  This is better than getting sucked into Israel vs. Palestine vs. Iran feuds, as it leaves them to figure out their own problems instead of relying on a US sugar daddy to keep supplying weapons and making it easy for Israel to preserve the status quo.

5 years ago

The reason I brought up the US supporting Castro is to show the US government's behavior pattern of controlling and manipulating in order to profit those that use our US government as investment opportunities. Castro's original purpose in that revolution was for the good of the people which has been the same purpose of those who overthrew governments in other countries. The US government for more years then some of us have been on this earth has been doing this same thing with having the people fighting and overthrowing their governments because then the country is disabled  and 'Peace Keeping forces' can be sent in which lets the US occupy those countries. Russia complained that the US was using NATO like the UN to do this around their country while at the same time NATO had promised Russia that it wouldn't include anymore countries that surrounded them. Our elected US government is forcing smaller countries to make a choice to join an alliance with the US or countries like China with their growing economy. With the US using covert operations funding and arming people in other countries for revolutions those countries are vulnerable and easily controlled and manipulated by our elected US government. Look at how all of us are vulnerable in our own country with our own elected government's behavior to understand what people are going through in other countries. 

My own opinion about this behavior is that the people in the US could eventually become the honest power in our country by not fighting our elected government's corrupt behavior but instead learn to become independent individuals who would then be able to share our lives together with a purpose of being in life instead of trying to just have a life as if it's a possession.

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