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Celebrating the Spring Equinox ~ Happy Ostara 2012
6 years ago
Celebrating the Spring Equinox      

Ostara is a celebration of the Vernal Equinox and the arrival of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, on March 20. At 1:14am EST, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres will be equidistant from the Sun, and share the light equally. The length of the day, which began growing longer on Yule (the Winter Solstice), equals and will exceed the length of the night. The light and warmth of the day, embodied by the Goddess Eostre, has overtaken the night. She heralds the long-awaited return of Nature's life-giving growing season.

Eostre is the Germanic Goddess of the Spring and Dawn, who returns to Earth on the Vernal Equinox with a bunny companion and magical eggs that regenerate life. The "Easter Bunny" has the same German origin. A primary festivity is decorating eggs, symbols of fertility and reawakened life, which will be exchanged to bring blessings of abundance. New clothing is worn, and pastel colors are the fashion. Ostara is a time to plants seeds, to start a garden, to prepare the season's crop.

Ostara and the Equinox are also associated with balance and harmony, a time for cleaning up and getting back in touch with the Earth. Balance is symbolized by the Equilateral Cross. A custom originating with the Saxons is to eat hot buns marked with a cross, to honor Eostre.

Happy Ostara,Happy life begins
6 years ago

File:Ostara by Johannes Gehrts.jpg

Nice graphics Frank.
6 years ago

6 years ago

Oops I missed you Lady F. Lovely picture of the Spring Eqinox.

Thanks Frank for the explanation of the Spring

Equinox. We always wondered, as children, why our Mom would buy us new clothes at that time.  Mystery solved!

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6 years ago

Thanks for the compliment Ann, and for contributing some lovely music. And thanks for adding an Eostre image, Florika. Our daytime is now ascendant, and will remain so until Mabon.

6 years ago

Happy Equinox everyone know I'm running a little late,  but haven't been at the computer... don't seem to have time for anything these days... hope it all is well for everyone and thanks for the great post on my wall Frank

6 years ago

I'm a little late too....not enough Spring in my step, lol.

Happy Spring!

Frank - gorgeous graphic you dressed up!

Lady F and Ann - really nice shares.



6 years ago

Thanks Sandrea for the lovely Spring Welcome tag. Like the colors you chose.


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