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How to Create a Free Website for Animal Rescue


Laurie Rappeport

Laurie Rappeport is a writer and blogger with more than 10 years of experience. Her areas of expertise are in education, child development, travel, pets, nutrition and health for Demand Studios and a major travel website. Rappeport holds a Master of Arts degree from Wayne State University.


Two things generally ring true when speaking about animal rescue activists. Animal rescuers exhibit tremendous dedication to their work, and they struggle to meet expenses in caring for animals after they are rescued. Fund-raising allows individuals involved in animal rescue work to continue their efforts. Many animal rescuers have found innovative and creative ways to raise funds without spending too much money. Today, almost any kind of marketing, including fund-raising, involves Internet marketing. Animal rescuers can create an effective web presence for free using available web resources.

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6 years ago




How to Start an Animal Sanctuary


eHow Culture & Society Editor

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For animal lovers, starting your own sanctuary can seem like a dream job. However, it takes a lot of planning and work to have a successful sanctuary. If you're skilled in organization and enjoy working with both people and animals, starting an animal sanctuary may be a dream come true.

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How to set up a charity


Written by Alice Hudson




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