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2 years ago
Sign Tell Groupon to End Deals for Cruel Circuses!

Animals  (tags: animalcruelty, ethics, abuse )
Raquel So - 4 hours ago -

PLEASE SIGN thanks :)
not a petition,but an interesting concept
2 years ago

Teaching Kids Compassion Toward Animals
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, ethics, pets, society, protection )
Sergio - 11 hours ago -
Teaching kids to have compassion and empathy for their furry, feathered, and finned friends is vital for preventing cruelty to animals.
2 years ago
Ask MetroPCS to Stop Promoting...


MetroPCS has been advertising Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus by offering free tickets to...
start date: Jul. 24

2 years ago
1 day ago

Stop Legalization Of The Bloody Ivory Trade ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering, wildlife, wildanimals )
Cher- 2 hours ago -
A proposal to legalize the ivory trade as a way to combat rampant elephant poaching sparked fierce debate at a recent meeting of the Standing Committee of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) in Geneva, Switzerland.

2 years ago


Stop Funding Animal Experiments at Huntingdon
6 days ago

Stop Funding Animal...


Huntingdon Life Science is Europe's most exposed animal testing laboratory and have been filmed cutting...
start date: Aug. 6
2 years ago
Stop Halal Market/Slaughter House! Call For Investigation
3 days ago
| news/petitions

Stop Halal Market/Slaughter HouseFrom Selling Hurt Animals& Call For Investigation Of Slaughter House***Sign Petition***
Animals  (tags: slaughterhouse, rabbit, wildanimals, wildlife, sadness, suffering, cruelty, abuse, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, slaughter, killing, death, investigation, crime, ethics, pets, protection, law )
Florence- 3 hours ago -
My Friend Steven Patrinic made this petition after seeing first hand the hurt animals,filthy living conditions,lack of food&water,& the cruel treatment of the animals.He bought a rabbit with an obvious broken leg,trying to save it,sadly it died sign



2 years ago

ACTION ALERT: A Monkey Named Crystal Exploited in New NBC Show 'Animal Practice'! PLEASE TAKE ACTION !
Animals  (tags: wild animals, capucin monkeys, exploitated, welfare )
Simone- 1 day ago -
Tell NBC executives they should NOT use Crystal, an 18-year-old capuchin monkey, or any animals in ANY television shows, particularly not in the upcoming NBC show Animal Practice

2 years ago


6 days ago
Close Oxford Greyhound Track ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, dogs, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher- 2 hours ago -
Please sign this petition in support of an end to Greyhounds suffering for tradition at Oxford.

2 years ago


1 week ago

Ask for Removal of Rogue Dog Race Regulator **Sign Petition Please
Animals  (tags: Dogracing, dogs, pets, suffering, sadness, cruelty, death, killing, investigation, ethics, crime, slaughter, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, animaladvocates )
Florence- 5 hours ago -
Racing Commissioner Rory Goree, proposed a bill to block citizen groups from submitting information request, he's proposed to block annonymous tips of greyhound cruelty,& he's slandered Grey2k USA all to cover up the cruelties of dog racing.Help stop him!

2 years ago


3 weeks ago

OUTRAGEOUS!! Race Track Opens in Southern Spaion in MIJAS!! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!
Animals  (tags: animaladvocates, animalrights, animalwelfare, cruelty, abuse, protection, suffering )
Shirley- 7 hours ago -
PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! ent-of-andalucia-no-racing-with-galgo-s Photo: Abandoned Galgos AnimalActionWORLD

2 years ago


3 weeks ago
Tell LARC to Support Ban On Greyhound Racing
Tell LARC to Support Ban On...
The League Against Cruel Sports does not think that greyhound racing is cruel and only supports...
start date: Jul. 16

2 years ago


Help stop abusive greyhound racing in North America
1 month ago
Help stop abusive greyhound...


Dog Deaths Highlight Problems at Arkansas Racetrack by GREY2K USA June 21, 2012 12:30 pm 12 comments...

2 years ago

Thanks, signed it.

2 years ago

Thanks, think I got them all.

2 years ago


A petition to stop the sick video taping of crush videos
2 years ago
Foie Gras
2 years ago

Not a petition,but news on Foie Gras


Animal rights activists oppose all uses of animals and advocate veganism, but many consider foie gras to be particularly cruel.

What is Foie Gras?

Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is the fattened liver of a duck or a goose and is regarded by some as a delicacy.

Why is Foie Gras Considered Cruel?

The production of foie gras is considered by some to be unusually cruel because the birds are force-fed a corn mash through a metal tube several times a day, so that they gain weight and their livers become 10 times their natural size. Force-feeding sometime injures the esophagus of the bird, which may lead to death. Additionally, the fattened ducks and geese may have difficulty walking, vomit undigested food, and/or suffer in extreme confinement.

Both sexes of geese are used in foie gras production, but with ducks, only the males are used for foie gras while the females are raised for meat.

"Humane Foie Gras"

Some farmers now offer "humane foie gras," which is produced without force-feeding. These livers may not meet legal definitions of foie gras in some countries, which require a minimum size and/or fat content.

How Many Animals?

According to Farm Sanctuary, France produces and consumes about 75% of the world's foie gras, involving 24 million ducks and a half a million geese every year. The United States and Canada use 500,000 birds per year in foie gras production.

Foie Gras Bans

In 2004, California enacted a ban on the sale and production foie gras that will take effect in 2012. In 2006, the city of Chicago banned the production and sale of foie gras, but the ban was overturned in 2008. Several European countries have banned the production of foie gras by explicitly banning the force-feeding of animals for food production, but have not banned the import or sale of foie gras. Several other European countries as well as Israel and South Africa have interpreted their animal cruelty laws as banning the force-feeding of animals for foie gras production.

What Do the Experts Say?

A variety of veterinarians and scientists oppose the force-feeding of animals for foie gras production, including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The European Union's Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare investigated the production of foie gras in 1998 and concluded that "force feeding, as currently practised, is detrimental to the welfare of the birds."

The American Veterinary Medical Association has not taken a position for or against foie gras, but states, "There is a clear and pressing need for research that focuses on the condition of ducks during fattening, including the actual incidence and severity of animal welfare risks on the farm."

The Animal Rights Position

Even birds used in "humane foie gras" production are bred, confined, and killed. Regardless of whether the animals are force-fed or how well the animals are treated, foie gras can never be acceptable because using an animal in food production violates the animal's rights to be be free of human use.

An Important Petition That Needs Many More Signs-TY-
2 years ago
"Another blind hippo in death row with Amar Circus"
1 day ago


I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign -- it's called: Another blind hippo in death row with Amar Circus

This issue is very important to me, and together we can so something about it! If you sign and then share with your friends and contacts, we'll soon reach our goal of 1,000 signatures and build pressure to get the decision we want.

Click here to read more about it and sign:

Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved -- please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

Thanks so much,
Naresh Kadyan,
Founder Chairman, PFA Haryana,
Rep. of OIPA in India.

2 years ago

All signed

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