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6 years ago

2 notes in 24 hours! LOL! WELL! I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING, know how we as activist, sit and think to ourselves? Am I making a difference? Clicking buttons? Posting petitions? Doing anything really? WELL I GOT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!! My Little BUTTON PARADE! yes ! ...!!!!! ... ok here it is the story... I am so excited!.. last night.. 3 days.. tired... Roxie.. gets a news flash from her reporter ( Yes, I have a personal reporter) sometimes we just don't think about things like just moves on...and she is actually on my friends list ...just don't get on care2 much..but she is around ...tells me about this DNR POLL... POST IT HURRY!.. needs votes! NOW!, me and you, my beautiful friends... were the ONLY ONES on that story... US! EXCLUSIVE! JUST US!  No WONDER WE FOUGHT SO DAMN HARD! WHO KNEW??? we beat that poll! WE WON! for the wolves! US! ALONE USSSSS!!!! WE DID IT FOR MICHIGAN WOLVES and at 7:25 am.....those DNR dudes were STEAMING MAD! they LOST YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE they lost to care 2 and the wolves! LOOK AT THE VIDEO! they mad as hell WE WON! US! ALONE! US! no one else.... it was all us... and I tell you all how fabulous you are! AM I WRONG??? WAHOOO.... It hit the internet after we already beat it and went to sleep.... well done care2!!! ...they wanted to lose that poll and we won it for them wolves !.... THANK YOU SO MUCH, I am indebted to you again.... as always.... this is my home...I love you

My Kat Pack.... <3 ( i was big cat cause 4 - 15 years before I went to the wolves )

LOOK HOW MAD THEY ARE LoL they mad ....that paper is us 65% No! wolf votes :) wtg my care2 family!

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