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99% STRONG: this should GO VIRAL on youtube!
6 years ago

C'mon, folks . . . Let's make this video go VIRAL!!



Message to Humanity: The Time Is Now!   video
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Dandelion -


As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, upon corruption of that system, it's up to the individuals to protect their own rights.
Occupy Would-be Disruptors are DUPES of Corporations
6 years ago


My Comment:



Unfortunately, there has been a small but significant amount of pre-planned May Day violence, in Occupy Demonstrations I have been in and heard about. Of course, much of the Media want to focus on THAT and on nothing else. It is impossible to restrain these maniacs and FOOLS, who rush out from the crowds, do their violence thing {breaking windows, etc.}, and then rush back and hide in the crowds, using the legitimate, NON-violent protestors as human shields!
Many of these so-called "Black Blocs" are disguised agents provocateurs {their faces hidden}: it's an age-old police tactic to DIS-CREDIT popular movements; and, unfortunately, it often works. Others are mis-guided young people with excess "macho" energy and fuzzy ideas of what they're really doing.

This ought to GO VIRAL too:
"Those who promote violence are the DUPES of the Corporations."
[This was a sign I carried in the last Occupy Demo I was in, that received a VERY favorable response from nearly everyone. Except the window-breakers, of course!]

Fortunately, the Occupy Movement is OVERWHELMINGLY Non-violent; even if the few violent COWARDS get more-than-their-share of Media attention. The violent Black Bloc types will be just a blip, a footnote, in history, once the wishes of the Vast Majority prevail. In the meantime, tho, if they infest your city, tarnish YOUR Occupy Movement:
the best way to handle them, is with DERISION, RIDICULE and SCORN.   

BMutiny TheCorporationsAreEvil       Barbara

The Next Step for the Occupy Movement: Non-violent Civil Disobedience
6 years ago

The next step, after assembling in our great numbers, is NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION. THIS is what made the Civil Rights Movement successful -- the sit-ins at lunch counters, the Freedom Rides, the peaceful but determined people, white and black, who BROKE all the South's Jim Crow taboos -- by putting their bodies on the line, NON-VIOLENTLY.
This is why, in many cities, in Seattle for example, we have been having NON-VIOLENT WORKSHOPS to train people to act in a disciplined, meaningful way -- workshops that cover the History, the theory AND the practice, and include role-playing. {Dealing with potentially violent people and situations.} I know these workshops are taking place in other cities too, at least on the West Coast, and in Chicago. These workshops so far just cover the "Basics", are not "Advanced". Not yet. The people who are giving these workshops, are seeking input from the people who go to these workshops, to modify what is being taught, to current situations.

One problem in Seattle, and some other cities, is, the Occupy Movement here has NOT ADOPTED A NON-VIOLENT STATEMENT OF ETHICS OR PURPOSE. The structure of the GAs, of the General Assemblies, is such that a small group of people can basically bully and hijack and derail all such discussions; can stop anything from getting done or decided. Maybe there is "TOO MUCH" democracy there -- or the wrong kind!
There are other groups, for example the Occupy Seattle Non-violence Group, who are seeking out ways to have a DIFFERENT structure; and to CIRCUMVENT the pretty-much-useless GAs as no longer serving a purpose. Some interesting ideas are being discussed and will later be tried out and implemented. {Right now it is in between the discussion, and the implementation stages.}
{Hey, cops, are you listening? these are our "top-secret plans"!!!}

Non-violent Direct Action, for example, is already being used in some places to STOP PEOPLE BEING EVICTED ILLEGALLY FROM THEIR HOMES -- this was even done in some neighborhoods way back in the time of the Depression in the 1930's! This it seems to me is a logical next step. It MIGHT happen in Seattle, when the city threatens to remove already-homeless people from a "jungle" living situation they have set up. That's all I know, I am not directly involved in those actions.

Like in the Civil Rights Movement, there will be other opportunities to practice Civil Disobedience and Non-violent Direct Action. Bad Laws are laws that morally SHOULD be broken. This takes a very high standard of both commitment, and a high standard of Ethics -- these actions are not taken for "fun"! Religious people pray {or meditate} before taking them. Well, we all do that in our own way! Such actions are not for the cowardly; one could go to jail or get hurt.
{My experience is, I got arrested when I symbolically chained myself, with a group of other people, to railroad tracks during the Viet Nam war, to stop a train that was carrying munitions for that war..... We were in no danger at all, except for getting arrested. Yet, a few months later, in California, a young man whom I later met and talked to, got BOTH HIS LEGS CUT OFF BY A TRAIN when he did the same, and THIS train had orders NOT TO STOP!!!!!}
In various countries, for example, literal "Tree-huggers" have put their bodies between threatened trees, and chain saws of lumber companies cutting down forests. Literal "Tree-hugging" sounds like fun; but in some areas, where timber corporations are ruthless, and hire armed thugs, these people {usually indigenous people} can be in real danger.....
We can imagine that situations in this country, also, could escalate and repression of our Movement could get worse. Even MUCH worse.

I've already said this many times: but this is why Black Bloc tactics of violence MUST NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE MOVEMENT. First, they make us look evil and scary. This is what the Corporate State wants, just exactly! Second, they give the forces of repression an EXCUSE to, literally, bash us. As I said before and can't say it too many times:
those who inject or associate violence into the movement -- and window-breaking IS violence --
are either the SLAVES -- as paid agents provocateurs --
or the DUPES -- the mindless idiots following the lead of the provocateurs, altho unconscious of it --
of the CORPORATIONS -- which have EVERYTHING TO GAIN, AND NOTHING AT ALL TO LOSE, from NON-non-violence {double-negative there}.
ONLY a moral, ethical, reasoned Non-violent Resistance has ANY chance of winning, of changing anything.....
By the way, I'll vote Dem, but NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION means more than Elections.......
And any violence on Election Day, or at the Dem or Rethug Conventions, would also be bad for us.... an excuse for Martial Law, maybe? Don't discount it!!!

6 years ago

I did my part in trying to get it to go viral.

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