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Murder of MLK Jr.: Truth Finally Comes Out In Court
5 years ago

» Flashback: The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis
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BMutiny  -

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a conspiracy that included agencies of his own government.
Disclaimer: and Endorsement
5 years ago

"Infowars" is usually a rather DUBIOUS site, specializing in "Conspiracy Theories" from the most correct ones, to the really far-out-and-weird; and, this site ATTRACTS every loonie driven by paranoia, including far, far, far, far Rightists, and Racists and Haters of all descriptions, and believers in Secret Forces behind all history, or Aliens...

You will no doubt see this for yourself, and be OFFENDED by the RACIST comments about Dr. King, President Obama, and others...


However, the person who wrote this article, Jim Douglass, is NOT a person who regularly writes for this site. I came across this article while looking up something else, actually!  This article written by Jim Douglass, was published here IN ITS ENTIRETY - I think it very likely, that if I had tried to look it up on another site, the same article would have been abbreviated, or only excerpts quoted.

THEREFORE, I decided to post the article as it is on this rather strange, if not offensive and often mis-leading, site. The article STANDS BY ITSELF and does not take coloration or interpretation from what's around it.


I came across the name of Jim Douglass, and I IMMEDIATELY KNEW that this was an IMPORTANT, and a FACTUAL, ARTICLE.

Jim Douglass is a person who is PERSONALLY KNOWN TO ME, and to the Peace Community in the Pacific Northwest, where he used to live, and no doubt also in Alabama, where he lives now. He and his wife, Shelley, are LONG-TERM KNOWN ACTIVISTS in Ground Zero, and similar Non-violent Pacifist groups.

Jim {James T.} Douglass has published a book giving his researches on the JFK murder.

"JFK, the Unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters". It is available on


Jim Douglass is at the moment, involved in writing BIOGRAPHIES of Peace Activists such as Gandhi and MLK.

I and many others, can vouch for him as a person of the HIGHEST INTEGRITY in every aspect of his life, both personal and political, and in his literary endeavors!

So, just IGNORE the crappola you may see on this site: and READ THE ARTICLE IN ITS ENTIRETY. {It is rather long, I'll grant you!}


[From JKF, to MLK, there was a string of politically-motivated assassinations during that period... Bobby Kennedy, and many Civil Rights Activists whose murders are STILL unsolved.....]

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