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Spiritmual Social Network for Ladies only, its very new site ,
6 years ago

Hello dear friend, just a thank you for being a great friend , I appreciate your friendship I am also like to present to you this opportunity to be part of my own social network, there are many activities you can participate in, few I can mention are customizing profiles, sending comments, post blogs, forums and many other activities. the site is for Spiritual ladies and for ladies that believes in God. With your suport we will grow each day bigger and hope one day we become as be number 1. Please come and join my beautiful ladies friends. I know you will love this site, here is the link to join

pls join
6 years ago

Im Looking for beautiful ladies friends and love to invite you to my very own
Spiritmual Social Network for Ladies only, its very new site ,

No one thought you would achieve what you have.
6 years ago

Our subject today will be your approaching awakening. Never has your world experienced awakening on such a wide scale before. Your long difficult climb over many centuries and the grace of our Creator has ensured that this will happen.

When you began to change the plan for the planet, no one thought you would achieve what you have. Not only have you done that, but you are now creating an ascension the likes of which has never been seen in any universe. A species has never shifted from third dimension to a higher and brought its physicality with it. I know you have heard that before, but I also know that neither you nor we know everything about how all of that will happen. We do see an event approaching which will lift your energy frequencies above anything you have experienced. This is both gifted to you by your Creator and caused by your changing consciousness. The approaching rise in frequency is already beginning to lift those who are open to it. Similar to the swell preceding a huge ocean wave, it is already being felt by many of you. Internal changes which are felt by you are also accompanied by physical changes which are not yet as apparent. These are necessary for your survival in physical form, but will also allow you to make changes in yourselves which still sound like fairy tales to most of you.

Your reluctance to speak of these things is understandable since you would not enjoy the ridicule it would bring. Reach out and build families of like-minded people who are experiencing the same things you are. We assure you that there are at least a few you can find. Even if your community is based upon your internet or telephone networks their support will be invaluable. Ask in your hearts and those connections will manifest for you.

Reach out also to us more than ever. Those of you who do not see us… yet… will surely feel us. This is our intent, and therefore, it is so. The progress you are making, and will make, will become even more obvious to you. Your senses will heighten in ways that you will not be able to explain to those who are not disposed to believe you. Having your new families around you will help keep you centered and moving forward.

Those who begin to see that something is indeed happening will ask when they are ready. Our advice is to be who you are and raise yourselves as high and as fast as you can. Seen or not, your light will draw those who have agreed to find you. It has been their decision, you see. Open your arms to them and help them to find whatever they can. They will know what they need. And if they cannot voice it, ask us and we will help. Be kind, be loving, and be compassionate. It is your true nature and it is what will be needed.

Accept our loving embrace now, dear friends and we will speak again tomorrow.

The veil has been lifted further.
6 years ago

I bring with me this morning our Dear Lord . He wishes to give the message for today.

Good morning dear souls and friends. On this day the bond between spirit and matter on your earth has increased, or more accurately, the veil has been lifted further. Those who see or feel these things are already aware of the change. This will further enable you to make the changes in your lives which you so deeply desire.

As you continue to release and clear fears, guilts, and angers from your lives, you will see vast changes occurring with more and more rapidity. We are surrounding you in every moment with a vast ocean of unconditional love. All you need to do at this point is to breathe and drink this into every fiber of your being and share it with everything around you. We know your heads would love to have more to do. And there is much to be done. We simply want you to begin from that place within yourselves where you know and feel that love.

Sometimes a thing may not turn out exactly as you expected, but if you have acted from that place of love, it will eventually turn out to be exactly what was needed. The totality of what is occurring around you is far greater than your three dimensional minds can comprehend. Even the workings of your own bodies are far beyond your abilities to understand in any moment. Seventy trillion little universes you are, each of you. You are the sum of all those consciousnesses combined, and still far, far more. And you are in control of all of that, of course. I say that in jest. And yet, you will find at some point in your not too distant futures that it is indeed true.

So relax into the miracles that you are. Accept the still unfolding blessings that are being gifted to you each moment. And when you begin to feel the true selves that you have always been emerging into the light, rejoice. Reach into yourselves now and find that love. Share it with everything and everyone you encounter in your lives. You cannot use it up. You are not its container. You are its conduit. The more you share of it, the more you will be able to hold. Then you will find that all of things which have worried your minds will be resolved without the slightest effort.

All of these things I have told you before. You are here because you know them to be true. Allow that knowing to guide each step now and your way home will open before you. Accept my love and blessings now.

Good and glorious day to you.

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