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2 years ago

Alton Mine

Click Here to Protect Bryce Canyon Today!

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We need your help TODAY to protect Bryce Canyon National Park! 

Bryce Canyon is a national treasure protected for its unusual scenic beauty. Expansive views across the colorful hoodoos, clean air, natural quiet, and starry night skies are integral to the national park experience at Bryce Canyon.

Yet, all of this is at risk if the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approves Alton Coal Development's proposal to expand their coal mine to potentially operate around the clock for the next 25 years on over 3,500 acres just 10 miles from Bryce Canyon. More than 150 daily truck trips would be needed to haul nearly 45 million tons of coal to the nearest railroad to be burned in polluting coal plants.

We have just two days to tell the BLM that the doorstep of Bryce Canyon National Park is the wrong place for a coal strip mine.

Take Action: Please send your comments to the BLM by Thursday, September 10. Let them know the risks are too great and that the only way to protect Bryce Canyon National Park is to reject Alton Coal's mine expansion by choosing the no action alternative.

Thank you for taking a moment to help protect Bryce Canyon and all that makes this national park so special.



Cory MacNulty
Sr. Program Manager, Southwest Region

Ask Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to Protect Yellowstone's Bison
3 years ago

Bison Calf

Click Here to Help Protect Yellowstone Bison from Needless Slaughter!

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Yellowstone National Park is home to the last remaining, continuously-wild plains bison herd in the world. Bison are icons of our National Park System and the United States. Although they are protected within Yellowstone, once bison cross park boundaries and travel into Montana, management drastically changes--often with deadly consequences.

Under the current, outdated management plan, bison are aggressively driven from habitat on public land in Montana where they are not currently allowed. Tragically, nearly 4,000 of these magnificent animals have been shipped to slaughter since 2000.

Send a message to Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and ask her to prioritize the protection of Yellowstone bison.

As the 100th birthday of the National Park System approaches in 2016, now is the time to create a better approach to bison management.

The National Park Service, in partnership with the State of Montana and other federal agencies and tribal governments, is developing a new Yellowstone-area Bison Conservation Plan. But each year that goes by without a new plan leads to the senseless destruction of these majestic animals. Last winter alone, more than 600 Yellowstone-area bison were shipped to slaughter.

Together, we can change this and better protect Yellowstone bison.

Take Action: Please join NPCA in urging Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and the Obama Administration to provide a better future for bison by completing the new Yellowstone-area Bison Conservation Plan by 2016. Ask Secretary Jewell to decrease the senseless bison slaughter, to provide them with more room to roam on conflict-free land, and to implement a plan that will treat bison similarly to other native wildlife.

Thank you for taking a moment to speak up for Yellowstone's wild bison herd. Your action is greatly appreciated!


Stephanie A

Stephanie Adams
Yellowstone Program Manager

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4 years ago

Completely unconscionable....

4 years ago

 22 counties..243 cases...That sound some warning bells. 

These big companies don't care I think. Greedy!

4 years ago

Read it. Not good.

4 years ago

Not healthy at all, no. The runoff chemicals are not exactly biodegradeable. Just found this interesting info. Disturbing :

4 years ago

At some point there will be a serious issue in a community from fracking...most likely the water being polluted by it. But it does so much more damage than that even. The stuff they use has to be so toxic. Fracking is going on everywhere now without a bye your leave.

4 years ago

Cheap....Yes....Therein lies the problem.....They're just looking for a cheap fix without even remotely considering the risks. Infuriating mentality.

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4 years ago

I've never witnessed it done. But on NPR I heard about how it has caused some real issues...water...pollution...It can't be good for our Earths Plates. They need to research it more before putting it to use anymore. Just because it's cheap to do doesn't make it right.

4 years ago

So greed driven, destructive and incredibly unconscionable, yes....It's been a while since I've actively posted on the fracking issue but I do clearly remember so many articles written then about the terrible effect that it had on surrounding communities. The people of the Appalachias certainly come to mind....They fought tooth and nail on that one....and apparently, they're STILL fighting against it.



4 years ago

Fracking in and of itself is so dangerous.....your hearing this from a guy who makes a living welding natural gas lines. It hurts everything around it. The post you made a year ago about fracking near our parks was about the time of it's boom. Now they just frack everything with out any regards to what it's doing to the land or our water. It has to stop.

4 years ago

That is most definately a necessary profession that seems to have been sadly neglected, yes. Priorities need to shift in this country. Our parks need more attention and more protection, not more funding cuts.

4 years ago

signed for Rangers in Parks. I think Debbie we need to have them there. It's good all the way around anyways.

4 years ago

Thanks so much, John. This is yet another group I've sadly been neglecting. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Certainly a horrible thought, polluting such a stunning part of nature as the Grand Canyon, not to mention the people who live in that amazing, scenic, historical place. In fact, marring or destroying any form of nature  out of greed and ignorance is an unforgivable shame....for us and for future generations.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Demand It Now: Clean Air in Grand Canyon!

Navajo Generating StationAfter years of delay, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must choose between competing plans to deal with pollution from Navajo Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant that releases air pollutants that mar vistas at Grand Canyon and affect the health of residents and visitors. To comply with the Clean Air Act, EPA must clean up emissions by 2020. With generations already having suffered from poor air quality, further delaying cleanup is unacceptable. Learn more.

Please ask EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to require 85% of nitrogen oxide pollution to be reduced by 2020.

Give Yellowstone's Buffalo More Room to Roam
5 years ago

Yellowstone National Park is home to the last remaining, continuously wild American plains bison herd in the world. Yellowstone’s bison are a living representation of America’s heritage and are an icon--not only of Yellowstone but of the entire National Park System. Today we have an opportunity to assure these living treasures are better managed for future generations.

During the Yellowstone winter, when the snow in the park’s high plateaus and valleys proves too deep to find grass for forage, bison migrate down to the park’s lower elevations and often onto snow-free adjacent public and private lands. Through the years, especially when hard winters have pushed large numbers of the Yellowstone herd beyond park boundaries, conflict and needless destruction of bison have occurred. Learn more.

The draft state proposal is a modest but extremely significant step towards appropriate bison management. Please take action today by urging Montana Governor Steve Bullock to support year-round habitat for Yellowstone’s bison!


5 years ago



Tell the Government To Improve Their Fracking Rules to Protect Parks

NPCA’s recent report on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking&rdquo recommended ways in which the federal government can protect our National Park System while continuing to develop our country’s energy  resources.  Now you can help make those recommendations a reality by telling the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to include more protections for national parks in their proposed fracking rules.  

The BLM is only accepting comments through the website.  Here’s how you can submit your comments:

  1. Click here and fill out the necessary information (this link takes you to the website). 
  2. Add your personalized message about the draft BLM fracking rule in the “Type A Comment” box.  Talking points and sample text for your comment is provided below.
  3. When you’re finished, make sure to click the blue “Submit” button on the lower right of the form.


For other ideas on information you could include in your comments, please read NPCA’s report on fracking near national parks



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Take Action: Fracking Boom Threatens Health of National Parks
5 years ago

fracking map


The rapid increase of the oil and gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is outpacing our understanding of how massive concentrations of oil and gas wells impact surrounding lands. Without safeguards, the boom in fracking could significantly impact the air, water, wildlife and forests that are protected in our National Park System. (See our interactive map)

If the administration does not establish rules that effectively regulate the environmental impacts of fracking, more than one hundred of our most treasured national parks may be harmed. Without smart planning, comprehensive pollution monitoring and the best available environmental protections, this kind of oil and gas development near our national parks will diminish America’s natural and cultural heritage one park at a time.

That's why your immediate action to help NPCA address the threats posed by unrestrained fracking is so important. Send a message to President Obama and tell him that fracking must be done in a way that protects our national parks.



Go Fish, Go! Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay
6 years ago




In response to local concerns from Alaska Native Tribes and stakeholders, including NPCA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a draft watershed assessment in May 2012 that examines the extraordinary values of Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed and identifies a multitude of serious, potential impacts that could result from developing an industrial mining district right next to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. This report will guide EPA’s use of the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay’s clean waters and wild salmon from billions of tons of toxic mining waste. Learn More.

EPA should act now, and so should you! Send a letter thanking EPA for fighting to protect Bristol Bay.


  • Ms. Lisa P. Jackson


Help Us Keep Rangers in National Parks!
6 years ago


Despite two straight years of funding cuts to our national parks, the president’s recently proposed budget would cut hundreds of rangers from national parks next year. As Congress begins to consider that proposal, we need your help to ask Congress to do better and keep rangers in our national parks.

National park rangers provide so much to our national park experience. They interpret park features so that visitors understand what makes parks so special. They provide for visitor safety. And they protect the natural, cultural, and historic wonders in our parks. We can't afford to lose any more rangers! 

Take Action: Send a letter to your members of Congress urging them to contact their respective appropriations committees and ask that they prevent additional cuts to the national park budget next year.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives must hear from you by March 20; we need you to take action immediately! They will be more likely to support this effort to protect our national parks if they hear from you.

Thank you for speaking up for our rangers. Your action today will ensure that park visitors have a positive experience and that our parks' treasures are adequately protected.


John Garder

John Garder
Budget & Appropriations Legislative Representative


Click Here to Write Your Members of Congress!

8 years ago
Help NPCA Pass an Historic Conservation Bill!
The Senate has the historic opportunity to fix a broken promise--the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Write your Senators today and ask them to approve legislation that will provide funding to protect our national parks and other public lands.
Help Stop the Proposed Cypress Creek Coal Plant in Hampton Roads!
Alert asking VA activists to urge the Army Corps of Engineers to rejectThe Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) proposal to build Cypress Creek, a large new coal-fired power plant in the Hampton Roads area.
8 years ago
The Ontario government recently announced its intention to extend cottage leases inside ecologically sensitive Rondeau Provincial Park by an additional 21 years, reneging on an earlier declaration that the leases should be terminated in 2017. This proposal, which would see leases remain in place until 2038, undermines the number one priority clearly stated in the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, which is to maintain ecological integrity. Please register your concerns and recommendations about Rondeau Provincial Park before November 18, 2010.
Recreational ORVs...Not in Our National Parks!‏
8 years ago

national parks

Just one pass of an off-road vehicle (ORV) across Alaska's fragile tundra can permanently scar landscapes. Nearly 25 years of unrestricted ORV use has tragically shredded wetland areas of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, America's largest national park.

NPCA's 2006 lawsuit challenging the National Park Service's (NP illegal permitting of recreational ORV use is finally getting results: NPS is now accepting comments on its draft Nabesna ORV Trails Management Plan.

Unfortunately, NPS’s plan represents the first time ever that the agency is recommending that recreational ORVs be allowed on motorized trails in a designated national park. If adopted, this plan could open the door to recreational ORVs on trails in other national parks around the country. We need your help.

Take Action: Submit your comments today. Tell the National Park Service that their plan offers great solutions to fix the Nabesna trails for legitimate purposes, such as qualified subsistence users and access to private property. However, their proposal to allow recreational ORV use on trails within Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is inappropriate and illegal.

Thank you for taking a moment to help protect the fragile ecosystem and traditional life ways of local residents at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Generations to come will appreciate your action today.


Jim Stratton
Alaska Regional Director


Tanada ORV damage

Click Here to Send Your Comments!

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8 years ago
Protect Peace and Quiet in Our National Parks!
Many of our national parks have become increasingly noisy, especially due to low-flying commercial helicopter and airplane tours. We need your help telling Congress to support a provision in the FAA bill that would preserve peace and quiet in the parks.
8 years ago
Help Make the Proposed Grand Teton Land Swap a Reality
Grand Teton National Park is at risk! State-owned lands within the park could be sold at public auction if the federal government doesn't act soon to find suitable lands for exchange. Tell Secretary of Interior Salazar to step in to protect Grand Teton.
Take Action Center
8 years ago
| Hot!

The National Parks Conservation Association is America's only private, non profit advocacy organization dedicated solely to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the National Park System.

Current Advocacy Campaigns from NPCA

National Parks Are America's Great Outdoors
President Obama has asked Americans to help his administration on forming a conservation agenda for the 21st century. Send a letter to President Obama on how national parks can serve as a centerpiece of his "America's Great Outdoors" Initiative.
Help Improve Air Quality in Parks of the Southwest
Tell President Obama that EPA must require reductions in coal plant air pollution that will benefit people and our national parks.
Help Protect the Hallowed Ground of Gettysburg
Urge the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to protect this sacred place by denying the application for a casino project.
Help Save Virginia's Wilderness Battlefield from Wal-Mart
Help Save Virginia's Wilderness Battlefield from Wal-Mart
Help Shape the Future of Joshua Tree National Park
The National Park Service is re-writing its General Management Plan for Joshua Tree National Park and would love to hear from you! Join NPCA in providing your comments to help guide the future of the park.
Investing in National Parks Is Investing in America
Ask Congress to invest in our national parks--America's best idea--by boosting funding levels above those proposed in the President's budget
Our National Parks
Please join the National Parks Conservation Association and send a message to President Obama and Congress that our national parks matter.
Tell Congress to Say NO to Asian Carp in Great Lakes National Parks!
Send your letter to Congress below and tell them to stop the Asian carp and hold federal agencies accountable by taking every possible action to keep the Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.
Help Make the Proposed Grand Teton Land Swap a Reality
Grand Teton National Park is at risk! State-owned lands within the park could be sold at public auction if the federal government doesn't act soon to find suitable lands for exchange. Tell Secretary of Interior Salazar to step in to protect Grand Teton.
Keep It Wild Day!
Help NPCA complete Canyonlands National Park by expanding the park boundaries to reflect the natural formations that define the landscape.

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