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Welcome and introductions
11 years ago
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Hammy B.

Glad to be here

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11 years ago
and glad you joined us.
11 years ago

Welcome Jan M., Sally L., & Gerry C.  All new in 2008.  We hope you like our group and will feel welcome to contribute to our discussions.

Hi ALll,
10 years ago

I am an official member of the Golden Eagle Club - a lifetime membership for those of us either disabled or retired. While living in Arizona, there was a wonderful State park just 2 miles from my home where I could rest, watch wildlife, have a BBQ with friends or just meditate.

When I travel, my first places to vist our the National & State parks. I hope to learn more about the ones here in the NorthEast as I am now "carbound" *cannot fly* and back in the part of the country I was raised in.

disappearing edit button... ALL not ALll
10 years ago

Apologies for that !

10 years ago

LadyGayle and

10 years ago

Hey LadyGayle!  Welcome and thanks for joining.  Hope you like our little group and will participate. 

I lived in Arizona for four years and travelled much of the state while there.  Loved the variety from desert to mountains, from hot & dry to enough snow to close I-40 for several days and require food for people and animals to be airlifted to the Navajo and Hopi reservations in NE Arizona.  The time we visited NE US when I was a teenager, we planned to visit Acadia National Park.  However, when we got close, a hurricane warning made us turn inland.  The hurricane then turned seaward and neither of us got to Acadia.  I've never been back there since.

10 years ago

Always a therapeutic , humbling thing to be living close to nature , isn't it ? Just a couple of miles or so from where I live is a nature reserve I've hiked since I was a kid...Coyote Hills Regional Park :

9 years ago

Hello everyone, my name is Meg and I live in Vidalia, GA. I have always loved state parks. I lived down the road from one in Tennessee and visited weekly.

 Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in state parks as my family picked a different one to vacation in every summer! We packed up the whole family and dog, canoe and big green canvas tent up in the station wagon and we took off! For many reasons, our parks are vital. They are important to the environment, ecologically and also to give families a place to go, to get away and connect. I'd love to be active in this group, just let me know what I can do!

Have a great day, Meg

7 years ago

Hi everyone!

7 years ago

Heya, John...Thanks for joining.


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