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3 years ago

This thread is for members to  chat with each other daily,  encourage each other, and  celebrate advocacy works.



3 years ago

Welcome goes out to the new group members!


I hope you enjoy your experience in learning about children's issues and celebrating the great things children do.

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3 years ago

Welcome Olivia and LaTonya!

3 years ago

Welcome to Children's Hope and Voice, Sofia L.!

Thanks for joining!

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3 years ago

Good Day Everybody!

I hope you are all well. Here's the link to the recently submitted Care2 news stories I've posted. Please, come note them.

If you haven't had the chance, come on over and join the our sister site for juvenile justice issues:

Just C. passed along a wonderful video that Dandelion had posted. I highly suggest it. Here's the link:

Change for a Dollar   video
Offbeat  (tags: Change for a dollar, change, compassion, money, tears )
- 45 minutes ago -

"Is he asking for Change, or is he asking for CHANGE? Follow a man as he affects multiple peoples' lives with just one dollar, proving that it doesn't take much to be the change in someone's life."

I hope you enjoy these suggestions. Have a wonderful day!

~Tonya M.

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3 years ago


I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

I just wanted to highlight some child advocacy happenings I've been working on. Please, come support any of these causes:

from our Juvenile Justice Group:

There's a RALLY for 12 yr old Cristian Fernandez being held on Feb. 08, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Help needed for Cristian Fernandez hearing - February 8, 2011 | Why? |

 We could really use your help in advertising the rally and circulating the info found on his thread:

New Thread:


I am trying to contact Erin Brockovich re: offering assistance with coordinating efforts for WBHS interviews regarding the similar symptoms between the girls at WBHS in 2007 and the girts currently suffering twitching symptoms at LeRoy HS in NY. This thread was started to coordinate some research on the topic.


 9 year old stuffed in duffel bag by teacher's aide

I'm wanting to ramp up the advocacy for this little boy and his family. I will be researching and trying to contact the boy's mother and offering our assistance.

As of just a few days ago, I watched a report on HLN where a spokesperson for the school stated that stuffing a child in a duffel bag has been and is "an acceptable form of restraint." Even after all the publicity the school is continuing to stick by this horrific abuse of special needs children! We need to offer our support to this family so this mother can continue to fight for her son.

Please keep a check on the Petitions and Care2 News threads from our two groups.

Celebrate Kids:

PETITIONS & Care2 NEWS (Please sign, note, circula...

and Juvenile Justice Advocacy:

PETITIONS & Care2 News to Note *Winter 2012

Thank you so much for all that you do to make these children's lives more special. You are great!


Tonya Meadows

Children's Hope and Voice

3 years ago

Happy Monday, Feb. 13th, Everybody!

I hope you're ready for Valentine's Day tomorrow!


I've been working on dividing the Children's Hope and Voice website into two sections:

Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

I used to admin two seperate websites but I've been working on compiling the information onto one site. I'm hoping this will benefit Children's Hope and Voice in a few ways: 1) The site will allow people to see the overall child advocacy concerns of the non-profit 2) It will be simplier to visit in addition to maintain one site, both for the visitors and the admin, and 3) It is more cost effective.

The site will have new information added, periodically to keep it NEW and fresh.

We want your ideas and information!

Share you info with us by adding it to the Children's Hope and Voice Groups' threads. Announce it on the "Daily Chat" thread to highlight it. We'll take a look at the information and it may be selected to be added to the website.

Periodically, I'll add additional pages for specific information and announce the new page topic on the "Daily Chat" threads.

Come on over and take a look around the new site. It's a work in progress. I look forward to your wonderful ideas and resources to add to the site.

 Have a great Valentine's week!

 ~Tonya Meadows

2 years ago
Good Morning Child Advocates!
Here's a great way to start your day...Enjoy!...
Care2 News to Note and Circulate:
2 years ago

 Good Morning child advocates!

Business News: Children's Hope and Voice is registered for another year and in good standing with  the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S.A.

I hope you have a wonderful and successful week!


Tonya Meadows

2 years ago

Hi Everybody!

Are you ready for Spring to arrive soon?

I've been working on researching homeschooling resources and will be posting more to the Children's Hope and Voice website soon. Recently, I've discovered my new favorite thing next to chocolate...LAPBOOKS. I've been printing away for our personal homeschooling and I'm learning all I can about them. They are a wonderful way to organize and store all the hard work you and your child has done on a certain topic. Do I have your curiosity up? I'll be listing the information soon onto the website so keep an eye out. (Click on "Educational Activities and Resources) 

Have a great day!

~Tonya M.

2 years ago

Come on over to the new


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