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2 years ago

Welcome to the Member's Daily Chat for Summer 2012!


2 years ago

Hi Fellow Child Advocates!

I hope this week is finding you well.

We have been very blessed at our house. We have had electricity and air conditioning through most of the stormy and hot weather unlike many others still without electricity around our area. Today we ventured out to have some testing done on a family member at the local hospital and saw numerous power repair trucks so that is a good sign. I hope our friends in Colorodo are well and safe since the wild fires. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with you.

 An advocate for Cristian Fernandez sent me a link to a wonderful watchdog child advocacy group working in Florida. I am very impressed by what I read on their site. Here's the link: The Children's Campaign

 While at the hospital, I saw a 700 Club (CBN) broadcast about a series "Nation of Criminals". I wrote a blog about it today. Come check it out at the Hope and Voice Journal.

 I've added some petitions to the new PETITIONS TO SIGN & CARE2 NEWS *SUMMER 2012 thread. Please, consider signing.

If you haven't already, please come check out our new on-line magazine at ScoopIt. It's very easy for me to use and share directly with the other social media, saving me a lot of time. I really believe you'll enjoy the look of it.

Have you had a chance to befriend the Children's Hope and Voice facebook page? Come send us a friend request. We'd love to add you to our network of friends.

Did you know we now have a donation pageon our website? It's linked to our PayPal account and we've been approved to start accepting donations. We are currently looking for someone to sponsor next month's website fee ($27) and the next 3 months public mailbox fee ($54). Please, spread the word.

Thank you to everyone for your continued advocacy efforts! Have a great and safe week!


Tonya Meadows

2 years ago
2 years ago

Hello Everybody!

Posts have been added to


For more news related to child welfare and education, please check out our FREE online magazine at:

Thanks! Have a great week!


2 years ago

Good Morning Advocates!

 Be sure to stop by the BREAKING NEWS!!! thread. I've added some news there.

Also, come check out our on-line news magazine at ScoopIt!

Child Welfare Advocacy News...

 I've opened a new advocacy thread for some children who have allegedly been victims of extreme child abuse. A heartwrenching video is listed as well as a link to the advocacy facebook page started by their extended family.

Save the Boys Teradyn and Jayden (Alleged Child Ab...

Juvenile Justice Focus this week:

James Prindle / 15 yrs / Memphis, TN

Have a great advocacy week!

~Tonya M.

2 years ago

Congratulations! The Care2 Community has promoted your submission to
the Care2 News Network Front Page.

News: "Child Forced to Return to Abusive Family"

In recognition for this outstanding achievement, you've
also been awarded a "Golden Note".

Thank you for contributing to the Care2 Community!

- The Care2 Team

2 years ago
Welcome to the group Hayley C.!
2 years ago

 Good Morning Child Advocates!


I am working on a "Back To School" page for the Children's Hope and Voice website.

I've added a "Back To School Educational Ideas" thread at our Celebrate Kids / Child Welfare Advocacy Group. Please, come on over and post all your wonderful ideas and resources to make Back to School time more fun and enjoyable for our nation's children. Homeschoolers are welcome!

I hope you all have a marvelous advocacy week.

~Tonya Meadows

2 years ago

Good Day Advocates!

A new advocacy thread has been added!

'ADVOCACY: Teacher joins as class bullies 13 yr old boy ' ~Tonya Meadows

Also, please visit our news hereon Care2. There have been some very important additions that desperately need sharing.

Have a great weekend!

1 year ago

This thread is CLOSED.

Please come join us at

Member's Daily Chat / Winter 2012

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