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February 20, 2013




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Many of us have heard the old quote about how the media determines what is prominent news - “if it bleeds it leads”. Sad to say it still holds true. It’s a fact that bad news “sells more” and is presumed to be what citizens prefer to consume. 

Stories about kids who do terrible things or who are perpetrators of crimes are splashed across our televisions daily.  In contrast we see little coverage of what talk show pundits are debating be done to support these kids before tragedy strikes and their potential is lost. 

During his State of the Union address the President leveled a spotlight on children’s issues,  He presented a clear opportunity for those in media and, yes, pundits, to include children in their post speech analysis and discussion. Did they?

It doesn’t appear so not that children’s issues aren’t deserving.  Children who are faced to live a life with little help from the government do eventually seem to get attention from taxpayers, and other arms of our community when they end up in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Investment in these children during their early years helps to ensure protection for every child, and would keep them out of situations involving public safety, emergency health care, and education remediation or failure. The return investment on the lives of our next generation is huge.

Imagine the outcome if our collective actions really demonstrated a belief that children as our nation’s future leaders were our most precious resource. How differently would the media and the pundits frame the issue to ensure the promise of every child was realized?  Can we afford to ignore a whole population of kids that will eventually become the leaders of our society? The topic was at least broached by Up with Chris Hayes.

Let’s think of this in terms of something we individually value. If you ignore a leaky faucet, you might be alright… for a while. But eventually you may be forced to deal with water damage throughout your kitchen. Then you may be forced not only to pay a plumber, but also a contractor and crew to rectify the problem and protect your investment.  Isn’t overlooking the wellbeing of our children this nation’s leaky faucet?

ID-10026368.jpgWhen political pundits ignore children, so does a lot of people. That is, until children end up hurting themselves or a whole bunch of others.  Then the media has no problem parading their pictures across our T.V. screens, bolstered by hours of talking heads.  It leaves many of us to wonder why so many kids are up to no good these days?

Pundits have the opportunity to make a difference for kids by discussing in their televised forums what needs to be done and who is responsible for making our nation’s children a priority. President Obama during the State of the Union said, “Of course, what I’ve said tonight matters little if we don’t come together to protect our most precious resource—our children.”  Why didn’t the pundits make this a topic of their conversation?  Why do they always steer their focus elsewhere?

Those who are paid handsomely to use the airwaves to promote strong political discourse have an obligation to raise children’s issues to a higher level of visibility.  Without it, attention and action won’t take place.  

If you agree, consider forwarding this article to your preferred pundit or talk show host.  Challenge them to include in their discussions and reports the critical issues affecting kids that can prevent the waste of our nation’s most precious resource. 

Does your opinion matter? Remember, you are the consumer and pundits and talk shows require an audience to survive.  Today take five minutes to ask your favorite pundit or host to give equal time to proactive ways kids can be part of the real national agenda.



See here for Voices for America’s Children’s previous coverage of this during political debate. 

1 year ago

The Children's Campaign continued

See here for Voices for America’s Children’s previous coverage of this during political debate. 

Roy W. Miller  Carolyn Eastman

This Top Story was brought to you by Roy Miller and Carolyn Eastman.

Resource: The Children's Campaign Feb 2013 E-Newsletter
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