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1 year ago
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Welcome to Homeschool Happenings!

Please, feel free to post news, information, and ideas regarding homeschooling.

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1 year ago

We have a lot of educational boards on Pinterest. Be sure to visit the Homeschool is Cool board.


Please, share your ideas or leave your Pinterest link regarding education and / or homeschool on this thread so we can check them out. Your ideas could be shared on our boards!


Thanks for educating our youth.

1 year ago

Here's a picture of a word wall tree I made for my daughter.


I bought the brown wrapping paper at the local dollar store, measured the length to the wall, cut the base, folded and wrinkled it to resemble a tree trunk, cut rounded areas to resemble the trunk branching out, did the same for the branches and stapled them to the trunk, cut cloud shaped leaves from poster board and tacked it to the wall. In some spots, I needed to staple the individual leaves to each other overtop the branches. This gives it a 3D effect. I still need to laminate the leaves. We'll be adding words written onto  individual leaves and taping them to the tree after I get it laminated.


Check out our homeschool word tree! I found the brown wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. It happened to have colored dots on the paper making it have a more comic affect. I purchased three green poster sheets, divided them in half, hand drew large cloud-like "leaves" for the base on which we'll add individual leaves with words written on them. I still need to laminate the green bases.

1 year ago

Here's a blog about our homeschooling space:


Classroom side of our homeschool classroom / bedroom combo.


Of course, I've already changed the room by adding a small bookshelf back-to-back to my teacher's desk, adding the word wall tree (above), and removing some of the posters so I need to write an updated blog.

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1 year ago

This is one of my favorite homeschooling spaces I've found.



1 year ago

Isn't this a neat idea?!  A "breakfast board"-something the kiddos can look at during breakfast instead of the back of the cereal box!


Wonder if we could expand this idea by using lapbooks in the car?


1 year ago

Getting Ready for Homeschool Do's and Don'ts

blog by Tabitha


About Tabitha

Tabitha is wife to Tom and homeschooling mom to 10 children ages almost 17 to “on the way.” She is learning something new all the time.

1 year ago

Homeschooling Resource: / Homeschooling

1 year ago

Teaching Techniques and Resources

By Kathy Ceceri, Guide

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1 year ago

Homeschooling Resource:


Subject: Spelling & Vocabulary


Spelling City


This site has lots of FREE activities even though you have the option of a paid subscription. This is an excellent resource for homeschoolers.

1 year ago

Homeschooling Resource


This is an excellent starting point if you are considering or just starting homeschooling.



 Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.

1 year ago

This is my most favorite homeschool resource, by far!!! 


 I don't know what I'd do without it. There's a FREE weekly topic even though you do have an option to subscribe to the site. I use this almost every single day. There's just about any subject / topic imaginable. I use it so much after the first few months homeschooling, I got the subscription which, by the way, is tremendously affordable and we are on an extremely tight budget.

Since my daughter is ADD, the interaction this site provides helps to keep her attention much better than just the textbooks and workbooks.


It keeps me from having to do so much researching the Internet to find things interesting enough for her when it's time for me to introduce a topic within a subject. This is my most highly recommended sites and no I'm not getting paid to say that.



(Grades preK-3)



(over 3rd grade)


1 year ago

Homeschool Resource


Subject: Science & Social Studies


(Subsription required. You decide if pricing is right for you. Also, check with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op to see if they are offering the subscription at a discount. They do from time to time.)


Discovery Education Streaming



1 year ago

Homeschool Buyers Co-op


This resource offers discounted books, supplies, and subscriptions for educational materials and homeschooling supplies. Before purchasing a subscription, check with them first.

1 year ago

Subject: Reading & Social Studies (History)


Magic Tree House website

books by Mary Pope Osborne


This is the teacher's resources page:



9 months ago

NEW Pinterest Boards have been added! Come check them out!

Daily 5 & C.A.F.E.


Reading | Writing Workshop

Anybody have any great resources for us to add? Please, leave them here. Thanks!

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