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Unibaloonipants D. July 03, 2006 8:31 PM

Glitter Graphics

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 July 03, 2006 7:49 PM

Hi Uno!  Just dropped by before they kicked me out of here...check your testie...  [ send green star]
Hi, Ms. Deb ... July 03, 2006 7:39 PM


And Marty ...

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Newbies Becky and George ... July 03, 2006 7:38 PM

Check yer testies!

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 July 03, 2006 7:04 PM

Check you, too!  [ send green star]
Check 'em Miss Deb! July 02, 2006 10:44 AM

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 July 02, 2006 4:00 AM


Here's a kitty confused about why the owner is hunched over a keyboard with dried crusted food...

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 July 02, 2006 3:57 AM

Finally got back to check this....don't ask...

Yeah Marty send me a testie......I'll grovel...

I wouldn't mind a version of what I said in a previous post in a testie except someone else might need to create it...libraries are very limited time-wise....add in the fact I'm not a computer geeko with stuff like that and we have major problems! 

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 July 01, 2006 3:47 PM

George here im new and have one thing to say
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Nice to be here June 30, 2006 10:15 PM

I have been having a great time drinking my beer and laughing over the great testies. It's better than drinking alone.

When Launi invited me to get some free testes, I was a bit worried about the hormones- though I admit, I am developing the mustache. 


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 June 26, 2006 6:05 PM

Becky! Glad to see you.  [ send green star]
Hi, there! June 26, 2006 5:09 PM

Hi, everybody! Launi just invited me to check you out.

This is me (shorter hair and dirtier feet)- but not quite sure who's dog is with me.


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Hey Deb... June 24, 2006 10:38 PM

... U want a TESTY?    [ send green star]
 June 24, 2006 2:10 PM

Hi Everyone, Newbie on board Hug's Deb.  [ send green star]
You like it! June 22, 2006 9:26 PM

You got it!!

Check 'em Baby!!!

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anonymous  June 21, 2006 8:05 PM

I like it!!  [report anonymous abuse]
MONA...howzabout? June 21, 2006 8:03 PM

MONA nobody makes hunching over a keyboard, wearing clothes from three days ago with crusted food around her and cats howling from lack of food sexier.

If the tweakage is okay with Miss Deb? Whaddya say MD?
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anonymous *hmm8 June 21, 2006 7:54 PM

I think you just described me! 

I wonder if I could get a version of that in a testy...What do ya say?  When this group first got it's start we were famous for the snarky sarcastic testy. 

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 June 21, 2006 7:42 PM

Love the testies!  And, yeah, I have a sense of humor...a bit low key (okay, very low key) where I have to sometimes mention I'm kidding...what can I say?

Yeah I'm in a vacuum!  That's a joke...honestly I haunt libraries...which appeals to the thrift in does work for me at this point....God forbid I get a computer and end up hunched up over the keyboard, wearing clothes from three days ago, with dried crusted food around me, or not, and my cats howling (or possibly not moving) from lack of food...

Now that was me being sarcastic and a joke...see I can be silly...hehehe....

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Hey! Newbies! June 19, 2006 10:10 PM

Launi and Ms. Deb ...

Ms. Deb ... this may be the first time I've seen you in a totally frivolous nonserious group! 

Testie check for both of you! 

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anonymous  June 19, 2006 7:57 PM

Launi, & Deb! to TMA.  Newbie testies will be on their way to you shortly!


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BTW...for help try these links... June 19, 2006 7:46 PM

Graphic Testy Tread for Daphne ... and anyone...

Pics in Testies

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What are you using June 19, 2006 7:34 PM

now Ms Deb...a vacuum? Whatever it is it's probably good enough.

Also you don't have to grovel for TESTIES here though there are those of us who do.
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 June 19, 2006 7:25 PM

Okay is this about groveling for testies?  Somehow that sounds, well, never mind...

Upon perusing this thread I see one can create stuff!  I'm over my head!  I have no computer!  Personally I've found the the way that works for me is to peruse sites that have free images and send those as testies...I know all about stealing bandwidth but there are a few sites out there...

Does this mean I have to get a computer? 

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anonymous  June 19, 2006 7:06 PM

Please help me I am

image challenged! 

Where do you suggest I go from here?

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Ooooh ... June 15, 2006 5:14 AM

and I'll bet that's lots of fun, too! (For everyone but Granpaw, that is ... )

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Ya know what? June 14, 2006 11:21 PM

Y'all are more fun than hiding Grampaw's teeth at suppertime!  [ send green star]
Eeeeew, Sheena ... June 14, 2006 1:57 PM

You're a sunburn peeler?  I dunno if I want to be your friend anymore!

Just kidding! 

I've already give you a few testies, but I just sent you a special Welcome to TMA one ...

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You're welcome Chris! June 14, 2006 1:56 PM

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Thanks Uno! June 14, 2006 1:10 PM

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 June 14, 2006 12:12 PM

I'm new... I think.  I like Pearl Jam, photography, peeling sunburns (stop judging me) and trying to imagine what it would be like to have wine with all my favorite people here on Care2. 

Who wants to go bowling with me? 

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Thanks, Keriann! June 14, 2006 10:35 AM


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anonymous Kerrianne June 14, 2006 6:51 AM

for the testy!  Unfortunately, the photobucket image you used didn't show up.  Please have a look at this thread Ditch the Photobucket Testies for some suggestions to fix the problem in the future!!!  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 14, 2006 5:10 AM

Uniloonipants D.  & Monissa X.


Thanks so much for the testis sorry it took so long to get back to you

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Hi Chris! June 14, 2006 5:03 AM

Check your testies! 

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 June 13, 2006 10:09 PM

Hi! I'm new too!  [ send green star]
Okay ... June 13, 2006 9:46 PM

I THINK I got all the newbies and some not newbies on this thread ...

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 June 10, 2006 10:17 PM

Well thanks. Can I have a little of your height too?  [ send green star]
anonymous  June 10, 2006 9:51 PM

No arguments from me...I'm rather attached to my nose too!  And about feet...I've got an idea for you.  Since I'm a size about we take a size and a half off my feet, give it to you, and we can both be 8 1/2's?  The best styles come in 8 1/2...


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 June 10, 2006 8:20 PM

IMY                          NOSE

I'm attached to it and I like my little freckles  but my feet are only a size seven. any arguments?

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 June 10, 2006 7:52 PM

 everyone...I'm new to this group! (Hiding eyes from previous comments )  [ send green star]
anonymous Arthur June 10, 2006 7:08 PM


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 June 10, 2006 6:58 PM

I am attached to it and I like my large balls. I have size eleven feet. any arguement?  [ send green star]
 June 10, 2006 6:49 PM

yo thanks for the testies guys! your the best~!!!  [ send green star]
 June 08, 2006 4:50 PM

check your testies out too please.


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anonymous  June 08, 2006 4:29 PM


Check your testies!!!

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 June 08, 2006 4:23 PM

thought i would say been a bit busy to do here i am. it looks cool in here  [ send green star]
anonymous  June 08, 2006 3:49 PM

Katlyn!  for joining!!!  Have a look around, and ask for anything you see that you like!  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 08, 2006 3:46 PM

Hi! I just joined...and only have one Testimonial.  How do I get more?

Marina sent me my first...
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anonymous  June 08, 2006 3:22 PM

You're welcome!  Stick around, and you're bound to get bunches more testies!  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous  June 08, 2006 3:16 PM

Thank You

That was with out a doubt the Nicest Greeting

That I have received From any Groups

That I have Joined!!!   

~ Peace & Much Laughter ~ Catherine K. ~

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anonymous  June 08, 2006 3:10 PM

Hi Catherine! Thanks for joining.  Have a look around.  If you see anything you like, anything at all, all you have to do is ask for it, and it's yours!

And as we like to say here at TMA: Check your testies!!

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anonymous  June 08, 2006 3:02 PM

June 8th ~2006~

Hi My name is ~ Catherine K. ~

Happy to be here!!                 

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anonymous  June 05, 2006 1:23 PM

Arthur, I sent you a testy AND a friend request!!

Christian too.

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anonymous Too late! June 05, 2006 1:17 PM

I sent ya one wether ya want it or not.

who would deny a testy anyway???

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 June 05, 2006 1:15 PM

that's a good place to start, doncha think? ground rules? I recall and old acquaintence, several years my senior. produce manager for Schnucks. career. I met this fellow in the oldest continuous business in Columbia MO. it is an old fashioned billiard parlor. three cushion, snooker and pocket billiards. ancient tables originally shipped by steamboat. he was a hell of a snooker player. his credo? "fook da rules. der ain't no rules." works for me. basics.  [ send green star]
anonymous  June 05, 2006 1:07 PM

Hi Kerrianne!!  Need a testy?  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 05, 2006 1:03 PM

This is such a cool group, thanks for having me

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anonymous  June 05, 2006 8:05 AM that a description of things this group has???  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 05, 2006 8:02 AM

consideration  [ send green star]
 June 05, 2006 8:01 AM

thoughtfulness  [ send green star]
 June 05, 2006 8:00 AM

attitude  [ send green star]
anonymous  June 05, 2006 7:57 AM

Arthur.  Yeah, this is a really cool group.  If we can get it back to the way it once was...  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous Mona June 05, 2006 7:54 AM

Cool!  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 05, 2006 7:53 AM

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 June 05, 2006 7:51 AM

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 June 05, 2006 7:50 AM

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anonymous  June 05, 2006 7:36 AM

This group?? About??

Why this group is about testies.  Giving them, recieving them, making them, sharing them, talking about them, planning them Whatever...and when you're done with the's time for fun.  At least it was. 

Did you know that this group came before DMA?  We started this group, and it had all the sillyness that made DMA famous with none of the fights.  Then one day, DMA got big.  It grew up and took all our attention away from TMA, his big sister.  DMA took the fun here, and added fighting to the mix.

Now we're trying to bring a little life back to the more peaceful big sis.  Show a little love to the group that brought us all together in the first place.

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anonymous  June 05, 2006 7:31 AM

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anonymous I'm kind of a newbie in this group... June 05, 2006 7:31 AM

I never really posted here.  Because I wasn't sure what this group was about.  That kind of counts doesn't it?  Arthur, quit laughing!  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 05, 2006 7:26 AM

Aimee? newbie?  [ send green star]
anonymous I never signed in.... June 05, 2006 7:23 AM

so I guess that still makes me a newbie!  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 04, 2006 3:29 PM

You again!

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anonymous  June 04, 2006 10:58 AM

Present and accounted for.

I have Photobucket. Which URL should I use to send testies?

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Newbies ... June 04, 2006 10:28 AM

Please sign in here for welcome testies! 

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Check 'em Ne Ne. April 02, 2006 8:42 PM

You should have another.  [ send green star]
HI April 02, 2006 8:09 PM

I just joined...and I only have one testy...somebody please...I need more! (mona taught me that - and that be-otch hasn't even sent me a testy yet.)  [ send green star]
Tara ... April 02, 2006 10:06 AM

Sorry ... I missed your post until just now ... yes, PSP8 is what I use, but for some reason, I have a hard time with the text using that program.  I use animation shop and just save the frame that I like. 

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Amanda and Lady C ... April 02, 2006 10:05 AM

Testy Checque!

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 March 31, 2006 9:35 PM

TESTIFICATION sounds pretty illuring to me...

I am here to play!!

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You're not the first to feel that way. March 31, 2006 9:01 PM

Check your TESTIES Amanda.     [ send green star]
 March 31, 2006 8:47 PM

Since I know a lot of you from the other groups, I'm gonna come right out and say it:  I can I have a new testy please?  I ain't skeered!  Wow..when I say testy, I feel like I'm asking for a testicle...  [ send green star]
 February 14, 2006 2:45 PM

Uno thanks for my testie!!!! YAY....

So  what photoshop program? any?  I guess I am thinking of paintshop hehe

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Putting words in your graphics ... February 14, 2006 2:37 PM

It's a tool that most photo software has ... PSP or Photoshop ...  [ send green star]
Testy check, Tara! February 14, 2006 2:36 PM

I already gave you a Valentine's testy, so, for your newbiehood, I gave you a more all-purpose testy! 

 [ send green star]

:) February 14, 2006 2:19 PM

Marty, Thanks for the valentine testy!!!  Did you get mine?

I used photobucket.... real easy....  What I want to do is more difficult is and words to the graphics.... It seems to be a secret

I did go to the threads you suggested thanks.  How am I able to put words on the actual gif ?  I have asked a few people but never wanted to give out the info.... he he  once again a

So I am here wise one.....

Hugs, Tara

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Check yer TESTIES Tara. February 13, 2006 11:04 PM

 [ send green star]
:) February 13, 2006 4:35 PM

Thanks Marty!   That will be awesome   [ send green star]
Here ya go.... February 13, 2006 4:34 PM

Good luck.

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Hi Tara.... February 13, 2006 4:30 PM

...there are  many mysteries in the TESTIVERSE but I'll pop up some links to a couple of threads here that should get you started.  [ send green star]
anyone :) February 13, 2006 3:51 PM

Hi I am new to your group and I love testys!!    I was wondering how some get there name on them... Do you have to use paint shop.  Ok dont laugh....LOL  

Or is there a different way?

Thanks so much

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 December 07, 2005 8:37 AM

got the testimionials from everyone thank you all so very much- mucho hugs~!  [ send green star]
 December 06, 2005 6:37 PM

One more time Tammy.  [ send green star]
anonymous  December 06, 2005 6:29 PM

Testy Check Belinda and Tammy!!!  [report anonymous abuse]
 December 06, 2005 6:24 PM

 [ send green star]
 December 06, 2005 6:22 PM

got it and thank you so very much.  [ send green star]
Testy check, Tammy! December 06, 2005 4:12 PM

 [ send green star]

 December 06, 2005 4:04 PM

could i get some testicles oops i mean testies!!!!!  [ send green star]
S'weird... December 06, 2005 2:56 PM

...X X X is okay but %#&!*% isn't.

Go figure.

 [ send green star]
anonymous  December 06, 2005 2:54 PM

And Bert's #101! Thanks, Bert. Hey, Xbert's a cool name. 

MarXXXi is a bad word? Cool.

Hi and thanks, Ms. Xuno.

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But anyway ,,, December 06, 2005 2:50 PM

XarXiX is pretty cool! 

 [ send green star]

 December 06, 2005 2:49 PM

I timed it wrong,,, 

Checkum anyway,,,

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The TESTY dream December 06, 2005 2:48 PM

continues to live.

btw I tried to go with MarXXXi but the system said it had a bad word in it and wouldn't allow it.

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Congrats, DeXtiny! December 06, 2005 2:45 PM

Bella got 100 recently, too, right? 

 [ send green star]

Hello, Belinda! December 06, 2005 2:44 PM

Try this thread:

And check your testies in a few minutes. 

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anonymous  December 06, 2005 2:43 PM

Martti, is that you? Hey, I got my 100th testy today! And it was from Daphne. I'm on my way to thank her profusely.

Welcome to all the newbies I may have missed.

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Hi Belinda December 06, 2005 2:40 PM

click here.... Pics in Testies


here ... Graphic Testy Tread for Daphne ... and anyone...

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anonymous PLEEEEESE HELP, IM NEW! December 06, 2005 1:40 PM

 hello,my name is Belinda.D

Im fairly new to care to connect and and was wondering how you post a picture up when you leave a testimonal...a friend sent me here, hoping you can help , would love some testimonials on my site,pleeeese help me and i'll write some for you!!!

 [report anonymous abuse]
Donna.... November 05, 2005 11:44 PM

...always glad to help.  [ send green star]
 November 05, 2005 5:47 PM

Venus of Willendorf  Goddess Blessings Martti, Funny you should mention that!  I feel much better now that the presssure has been released!  Your Sister in Love -donna  [ send green star]
Zut... November 03, 2005 3:10 PM more babies. got a bun in the oven.
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anonymous More dancing babies November 03, 2005 2:25 PM

I hope these show ok. If they don't please delete them. I have a Hendrix baby somewhere.

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 November 03, 2005 11:21 AM

Goddess Blessings, My testys are right where they belong!  Thanks for the welcome!  You said to browse around, but I am so confused I know not where to browse.  I got the registration from photobucket and was so happy that I was going to be able to get pics from them.  WELL, what do you know?  They wanted pics from me!  Where oh where do you find all the pretty animated things and how do you get them to your photo albums and then to your care2 albums?  Oh, how I wish I was in high school (or possibly grade school) (or maybe even in pre-school now) and they were teaching me these things now.  Whoa!  Watch what you wish for Donna, this could be like asking for dementia!  Anyway, perhaps there's a chance that an old hag can learn.  Your Sister in Love -donna

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 November 03, 2005 2:19 AM

Oh...hi!  [ send green star]
 November 03, 2005 2:13 AM

Welcome, Donna & Destiny. Just keep showing up here, and soon you'll be testified all over the place.

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Hi Uno... November 02, 2005 10:50 PM

....Destiny...I'm stealing that dancing baby.  [ send green star]
Donna and Destiny! November 02, 2005 9:46 PM

Testy check! 

 [ send green star]

anonymous I'm here! November 02, 2005 10:35 AM

babycha  [report anonymous abuse]
 November 01, 2005 7:59 PM

Donna. Browse arond and make yourself at home.  [ send green star]
Hey, Donna! November 01, 2005 6:02 PM


I'm going to work out now, but I'll be back to hit you with a testy later!  In the meantime, feel free to browse and see if there's anything to your liking ... What's On Offer: TESTIMONIALS

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 November 01, 2005 6:00 PM

I'm am old kitchen witch that looks surprisingly like the Willendorf I now bear as my tag.  I don't want to be glammed up because no one would recognise me.  I LOVE orange long haired cats, I LOVE vintage cooking utensils, I LOVE wooden kitchen objects (spoons, rolling pins, cutting boards).  I have a touch of evil in me (just a touch! and it's quite quirky and spirited at times but never mean or nasty).  Any ideas????  Your Sister in Love -Donna

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 November 01, 2005 5:56 PM

The group that I started Witchy Cooking

Now it looks like I will have to do another post to let you see my profile and put me altogether.

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 October 28, 2005 3:50 PM

Ok, all newbies have been testified. Welcome!  [ send green star]
ARIANE October 28, 2005 10:52 AM

 [ send green star]
Okay! October 28, 2005 10:48 AM

You're in!

 [ send green star]

 October 28, 2005 10:47 AM

Somebody anybody I need testies to give away. Where is the testy store? Where do you guys get these suckers?  [ send green star]
anonymous  October 28, 2005 10:42 AM

Aieeeee, would you please let me in DMA? Martti must be asleep at the wheel.   [report anonymous abuse]
Faunaflora ... October 28, 2005 10:32 AM

... that's the way to do it! 

I'll be testying you newbies this weekend.  I'll think up something extra-special for you ...

 [ send green star]

anonymous  October 28, 2005 9:58 AM

I need testies.
I want testies.

How was that for whoring??
The things we bugs have to do for attention.

 [report anonymous abuse]
 October 27, 2005 4:53 PM

Newbies! Oldbies! If yer on this thread check yer TESTIES!  [ send green star]
 October 26, 2005 7:11 PM

Testy Check Brian!  [ send green star]
She's new! October 26, 2005 6:55 PM

Raquel V.

 [ send green star]
anonymous  October 26, 2005 6:53 PM

Sorry I have not stopped by yet!!! My name is Brian..Just recently joined back up with Care2. My wife, Barb M, showed me how to do the testimonials so now I am trying it out!!! If you recieve one then you all know I like to recieve them too( hint )

Hope to make new friends!! Thank you all!!

 [report anonymous abuse]
Ariane... October 23, 2005 8:49 PM

...I think I got your joke but by pretending not to get your joke in my response I was making my own joke which, I guess,  you didn't get.

No matter.

 [ send green star]
Martti October 23, 2005 7:21 PM

You didn't get my joke but thats okay

 [ send green star]

Testy check, newbies! October 23, 2005 6:42 PM

Perhaps we ought to create a special Newbie Welcome testie ... kinda like a badge of TMA newbiness. 

 [ send green star]

I forget exactly... October 22, 2005 9:20 PM

...but I think it's mentioned on this thread  Grand Poobah of Beenblockedness...     [ send green star]
 October 22, 2005 6:49 PM

Oh really sweety. What else are you going to give me?  [ send green star]
...and that's not all... October 22, 2005 3:58 PM

 [ send green star]
 October 22, 2005 3:06 PM

Oh so I was wrong on both counts. I am getting them because I won the Grand Poobah contest. I thought I only get an award I didn't know I get a whole crapload of testies.  [ send green star]
Ariane... October 22, 2005 2:12 PM

...there are many fine reasons for you to receive many fine TESTIES. Just one of those reasons is that you have won a TORRENT of TESTIES as Grand Poobah of Beenblockedness...

 [ send green star]
 October 22, 2005 10:26 AM

Hi everyone. I noticed I've been getting lots of testys lately and was wondering why everyone liked me so much all of a sudden.  Maybe it's because I joined this group. Do you get lots of testys when your a member here or something? Or am I just liked these days.Oh if I am going to be receiving more I just wanted to clarify something. I don't celebrate Halloween or Christmas so if you could send ones that are Fall like or Winter like that would be appreciated.  [ send green star]
Lorelei,,, October 19, 2005 5:32 AM should have another TESTY by now.

Check 'em.
 [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 8:02 PM

Yes Yes, Fabulous !!!!  [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 5:03 PM

Testy check, Lory & Mir.   [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 4:40 PM

testy me testy me!!!  [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 4:39 PM

Thanks Daph, I'm kinda lost at this particular art, so I will read quietly.....  [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 3:03 PM

Well, hey, Lory!!!!! Ok, there are a couple threads telling how to do the graphics in testies if you need that info....

And, if you want lots of testies, just hang out here...and ask for any you see floating by if they don't come fast enough.

 [ send green star]
 October 18, 2005 2:11 PM

ACK ACK what is this and how DOOOOO you do it?

Lorelei angel

 [ send green star]
thanks, Shikha...good job!! September 26, 2005 9:18 PM

Yeah, it was, Martti. I spent countless sleepless seconds trying to decide.   [ send green star]
Ooooh! September 26, 2005 6:13 PM

Shikha!  Good testie-making skills!

 [ send green star]

Hey Daphne... September 26, 2005 4:52 PM

...I bet that was a tough decision.  [ send green star]
 September 26, 2005 4:51 PM

Sure, Shikha. No problem.   [ send green star]
Shikha... September 26, 2005 4:42 PM

...if the offer's still open I'll take one too. Nothing fancy necesary.  [ send green star]
 September 26, 2005 11:07 AM can checkk now uno! i hope it worked..  [ send green star]
Shikha ... September 26, 2005 11:02 AM

You're talking to a group of big ol' testie whores.  We even like 'em when they're messed up. 

Go for it, cutie!

 [ send green star]

 September 26, 2005 11:01 AM

or anybody..?  [ send green star]
 September 26, 2005 10:58 AM

hey daphne..can i try sending you a not sure it will work... im new at all yeah..  [ send green star]
Yah! September 26, 2005 10:46 AM

Thanks, Barb!  It was a good one! 

 [ send green star]

 September 26, 2005 10:36 AM

Thanks, Barb, for the testy.  [ send green star]
anonymous To the newest of the new... September 26, 2005 10:04 AM

I owe you all testies...but please be patient.  I am at work, and I've got to cover my butt and not get in trouble here...  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous  September 26, 2005 10:01 AM

Shihka, For me all you have to do is click on that pink panther I sent you...

 [report anonymous abuse]

 September 26, 2005 8:42 AM

now i gotta find a way to send you all an awesome testy... wish i was more tech and comp literate..  [ send green star]
anonymous  September 26, 2005 8:37 AM

Thank you all for the wonderful testimonials!!! I have loved them all!!!!  [report anonymous abuse]
No problem Shikha... September 26, 2005 7:32 AM's what we do here. I'm pleased you're pleased.  [ send green star]
 September 26, 2005 5:54 AM

thanks Onan for me testy! thank y'all for me testies!  [ send green star]
Onan ... September 26, 2005 5:43 AM

made the rounds last night. 

 [ send green star]

Majka, Shikha, Brenda, Barb... September 25, 2005 9:55 PM

...check your TESTIES.  [ send green star]
Majka ... September 25, 2005 12:15 PM

Testy check!

 [ send green star]

Barb M ... September 25, 2005 12:12 PM

Testy check!

 [ send green star]

 September 23, 2005 10:46 AM

Hey, Barb...testy check. hehehehe  [ send green star]
anonymous  September 23, 2005 7:37 AM

Ohhhh this looks fun! I love giving and recieving them!!! I give this a

My name is Barb and I am glad I ran across this group in Brenda B's profile!! Awesome!!

 [report anonymous abuse]
 September 22, 2005 8:04 PM

Thanks y'all for the 2 testys i received!!!!! pink panther!!  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 5:50 PM

Thank you Daphne!!!!  

I checked my testies and LOVED the one you gave me......awesome!

Thank you so much!

 [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 5:13 PM

Testy check, Brenda. 

 [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 4:51 PM

Hello.....I am new to this group but not to Care2......I was away for several months to work out some home problems.....but have returned because I missed everyone so much.....

Here is my profile page.....

You may testi me all you want if you want........I am up to the challenge of giving and receiving great testies.....

 [ send green star]
Milissa September 22, 2005 2:43 PM

Pink Panther has brought you results, Milissa. Check your testies, you biggest testy whore of them all!

 [ send green star]
anonymous  September 22, 2005 1:58 PM

Okee dokey then...Rebecca...CHECK YOUR TESTIES!!!  [report anonymous abuse]
 September 22, 2005 1:56 PM

No, I don't think so.  [ send green star]
anonymous  September 22, 2005 1:54 PM

Ok, newbies...check your testies.

Rebecca, have I sent you a pink panther testy yet?

 [report anonymous abuse]
 September 22, 2005 1:45 PM

I think subversive has kind of a nice ring to it. It beats some of the other things I've been called on Care2.  [ send green star]
anonymous  September 22, 2005 1:42 PM

We have been labeled as subversive, you know.  [report anonymous abuse]
 September 22, 2005 1:25 PM

It was the vivid picture of Martti singing  "I put a spell on you and now you're mine" that made me realize what's actually going on here.  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 1:21 PM

friends request accepted

Wait a minute... I'm starting to think it's an agenda behind all this. You're trying to get me addicted, right? make sure I'll be coming back begging for more. Oh, you evil people, you got me on the hook now!

Ah well, I guess it does'nt matter much as long as the testies keeps rolling in.

 [ send green star]
singing in an imitation Martti voice... September 22, 2005 1:18 PM

"I put a spell on you and now you're mine..."  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 1:08 PM

I'm...I'm overwhelmed! You're litterally pampering me with testies.Thanks Martti.

 [ send green star]
btw.... September 22, 2005 1:04 PM the best of my knowledge I've never put a spell on anything, including TESTIES.  [ send green star]
Ya know Daphne? September 22, 2005 1:01 PM

I think you may have something there. I'll have to consult my anti-spell book to see what it says about charmed testies...........or is that charming testies? Now I've confused myself.  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:58 PM

Well, we can fix that too... making a friendship request...  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:57 PM

Majka, Shikha, & Robbie... testy check.

 [ send green star]
Daphne September 22, 2005 12:56 PM

You sent me one!
If this continues in the same pace I'll soon have more testimonials than friends.
 [ send green star]
Majka.... September 22, 2005 12:55 PM

...check yer TESTIES.

Hey...didn't we have some to TMA TESTIES made up somewhere?
 [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:39 PM

*pulls on wading boots* Innocent and shy, eh, Rebecca? Well, so was I until that first forbidden fruit from Martti... Do you think he put a spell on it or something???  [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:20 PM

Gee, something tells me I'm proceeding far to fast.

 [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:12 PM

It sort of sneaks up on you. At first, you just come in to read posts, then you post a few times, and before you know it, you're corrupted......I was a very nice, shy person until I started coming here....I think it was that darn Uno.  [ send green star]
Uno September 22, 2005 12:08 PM

<------ You left this little beauty on another board. Can I keep it?
 [ send green star]
 September 22, 2005 12:06 PM

To be honest, it feels like I'm "jumping right into the dark, lurid world of testy whoredom" just by showing my face here.

 [ send green star]
anonymous Robbi September 22, 2005 11:08 AM

Your link went to my profile...  [report anonymous abuse]
Well ... September 22, 2005 11:06 AM

I just sent you a flower/bug combo for now ...

Post your brain in a jar pic and I'll bubblize it. 

 [ send green star]

oh anything works for me Uno September 22, 2005 10:53 AM

    wise @ss, wit and wisdom.. you name it..
   My personal favorite image that I've ever made is a brain in a jar.. Maybe you could do one in a bubble..
 [ send green star]
Probably ... September 22, 2005 10:51 AM

85% of the members here don't whore for testies ... just those of us who have no shame.  Some of them are too good to pass up - testy collectibles.  Kinda like pogs or something. 

 [ send green star]

Hey, Robbi ... September 22, 2005 10:49 AM

I don't believe I've testied you yet ... Any preferences?  Snarkdom? Artsy? Wordless? Flowers?

 [ send green star]

ROFL September 22, 2005 10:46 AM

Testy whoredom is but a drop in the bucket of those things which we whore for on a daily basis..
 I truthfully didn't ask, because I didn't really come for the testimonials.. it was just fun to read your posts..
My profile is here.
As to my testimonials..  I have to admit..
Marti's is my favorite..

 [ send green star]
Newest newbies needing testies ... September 22, 2005 10:45 AM




 [ send green star]
NEWBIE TESTIFICATION THREAD ... September 22, 2005 10:42 AM

It occurred to me that newbies might be a little nervous about asking for testies right off the bat. 

So ... if you're a TMA newbie, just post your intro - or even just your profile - here and perhaps the senior TMA members will testy you without you're having to jump right into the dark, lurid world of testy whoredom. 

We'll be easy on you ... promise. 

 [ send green star]

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