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Are you familiar with Charles Perrault's fairy tale : "Puss and Boots" (at least I think that's the English title)?  Being an animal lover, and preferring cats above all, it was no wonder that it became my favorite story as a child!

Well, one day, Tony and I were strolling down the streets of Gaeta, which is a beach resort 100 miles North of Naples.  Among all the little shops, one stood out: it displayed beautiful masks and puppets, like those you can see in Venice at Carnival time...  "Puss" was in the window!  He was an handsome cat (puppet), wearing a 16th Century blue velvet costume with ruffles and laces...  His hat had nice, long feathers...  his right hand was holding a golden baton...  To me, it was "love at first sight"!  I wanted to buy it but it was SO expensive (over 200 EURO that we couldn't afford it!  In fact, we were renovating our Naples apt. and were investing all we  had on it...  Tony insisted that I should purchase it, but I felt that I needed the money for more practical things and so I didn't get it.

Two months later, on the morning of my birthday, I found a big box with red ribbons on the breakfast table: do I need to tell you what it contained?!  How thoughtful!  Thank you, Tony, my angel!

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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What a tender sharing of love Guiliana April 29, 2005 6:57 PM

What a tender sharing of love Guiliana. That was lovely indeed. I can't share the same because my niece was so young but her presence and personality I always felt was my special gift whenever she was alone with me and could be herself.  Her natural sense of humor with flippant comments that came out of seemingly nowhere that would make us both laugh uncontrollably, were gifts.

I am glad you shared with us Guiliana for I have held you in my prayers, thoughts amd concerns. your half-Italian friend from Ohio---ginger

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words April 30, 2005 7:15 AM

My son was a writer and my most cherished possessions are letters and cards from him. In one he wrote, "Mom, you are my true north". His letters to me when he was away in the Army also bring me comfort. Reading his thoughts put to paper both comfort and bring me to tears.  [ send green star]
Letters and Cards,,, May 01, 2005 12:56 PM

Dear Rhonda,

I can understand how much your son's letters and cards must mean to you!  Especially because they expressed all the love he felt for you...  They're personal and very, very special.  I'm still keeping lots of cards my beloved husband wrote to me through the years...  Those which are particularly dear to me are the cards he wrote in broken Italian when he wasn't familiar with the language yet!

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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 May 02, 2005 10:38 PM

I just joined this group as Rhonda's post caught my attention. My daughter committed suicde in 1984. She also was a writer and 19 years old when this happened. She left five journals plus I saved all her letters and those from her mother (my ex). I read these journals when this first happened, which happened to be a time when the pain was at it worst. I would've liked to seen them published at that time but the remaining family protested against it so I had to return them to her mother. In dec. 03 My ex sent me a letter saying it was time to make amends because she was dying of lung cancer. We wrote back and forth for 13 months before she passed away, but made our amends to each other. It's really quite a different way to have somebody leave your life. So,I got the five journals and have busy writing even though it not a skill I'm proud of. I add my input to these journals along with the letters where they fit in. I'm almost finished with the 4th one, which is ahead of where I thought I'd be. Reliving some of the experiences is quite a trip. I sure wouldn't want to ever go through it again. My hope is that possibly sharing this material could help others into understand life better.

Rhonda, that's a bad wound you are going through. We're almost neighbors. I joined a support group in Tempe once when this happened to me. Have you ever thought of anything like that? The problem I had was people that didn't experience this sort of pain always offered sympathy and left me feeling worse. I usually found that only somebody that knew what the pain was like could be talked with in a sharing sort of way. It's 21 years since I went through mine and I still feel that way. There's no magical words to say other than I understand.


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