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How do you Celebrate your Departed Dear Ones? October 26, 2005 9:24 PM

Is customary in Mexico and other Latin countries to celebrate in a Special way those who have departed.

To so many this will look erie and even grotesque but is a very old Custom in Mexico to celebrate all the children who have departed on the 1st of Novemember and all adults on the 2nd.

Each family will go ahead of time to the cemetary and clean the tombs ,paint and decorate for that special day,then on that morning they cook the favorite foods and beverages and bring them even along with music and they spend the next 24 hr. in the company of their departed ones.

If the cemetary is not on the same city etc. then each house will make an altar and decorate with yellow flowers,lots of sweets,candles and foods offered to the pictures of the deseased ones along with prayers for the whole day.

for more please look at this link and if you have any comments or want to share how your departed ones are celebrated in your country you are welcome.


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How do you celebrate your departed dear ones October 28, 2005 3:03 PM

My children decided to celebrate the anniversary of their father's death by doing one of the things that he enjoyed most.

They went to the Saratoga Springs Day Track which only runs during the summer months - and he was always at opening day. They did that this year in his memory ...  it was their way of carrying on his tradition.

Prayers for all of our departed loved ones


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I haven't quite reached that celebration part yet Tulsi... October 31, 2005 1:48 PM

I haven't quite reached that celebration part yet Tulsi...On my niece's birthday, I posted a photo on her guestbook online with some comments. ---ginger  [ send green star]
 October 31, 2005 2:10 PM

I will be celebrating my loved ones on Nov.2nd.

customary an alter is prepared and adorned with flowers and pictures of saints,then the pictures of the family starting by the old ones,like my GreatGrandparents,my parents,my brothers,niece,sister in law then in another group my Guru,my friends some i have pics. some i don't so still i honor their memory by writting their names.

Candless are offered day and night from midnight of the 1st till midnight ending the 2nd ,lots of food is cooked and offered to them their favorite foods and also drinks ,my brothers loved to drink beer so have to buy a couple of bottles,some tequila for my Grandparents etc. My niece loved Mole a special dish but My Guru was vegetarian so there we go each will have to have a plate and lots of music,my Father loved old Mexican folk songs,valzes and polkas ,my brothers loved Cumbia,rock etc. so will try to please everyone.

Is not really...a sad more like a family reunion usually at the end of the day I sit with my Son and tell Him stories accomplishements of those ancestors or family members who have left,lots of funny episodes.

trough the day prayers,Rosary is done several times but mostly will be a time of joy and remembrance i don't feel sadness but ...reconnection.

Well....some day my Son will do the same,and will tell His children about their Grandma who is on the picture now  keeping some traditions alive where the dead becomes alive this day and come to eat ,dance and be merry and there is not a tear of saddness but a feeling of fulness because will be part of this tradition on the future too and this is what keep us together as a family.

love to all


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Dear Tulsi, October 31, 2005 4:32 PM

I enjoyed your interesting postings but I didn't quite understand whether you actually combine the South American and Indian traditions when you celebrate your departed loved ones.  Does the ceremony last the entire day?  What kind of rosary do you use? 

Here in Italy, people simply bring flowers to the cemetery.  Nov. 2 is a day of mourning and, up to roughly 20 years ago, radio and TV stations would only broadcast classical music concerts, religious movies, news, and current events. 

Personally, I've never been able to "handle" cemeteries...  so I prefer to pray at home, by myself.  Otherwise, I'd be having crying spells for days, or faint, get physically and emotionally sick for a very long time...

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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 October 31, 2005 4:44 PM

Dear G;

I found that in most Traditions of the world the Dead is honored and kept as part of the family.

Example in India homages are done daily to the ancestors when the offerings are done to the Gods each morning,a great sense of Honor to the parents and grandparents they still are treated like if they were alive,on each wedding the couple goes after getting the blessings of the living parents to the picture of the Deseased one to get the blessings also.

In China an altar on the home also for the ancestors and also they have a yearly day to be celebrated with food etc.  and in many cultures is the same,Only some are very pessimistic concerning this tradition and in some others like USA is almost forgotten.

I found not much difference between my roots of Mexican Traditons to be embeded with the Hindu traditions they are very close ,to this tradition of the Day of the dead i keep as it was instructed to me by my Parents and my Mexican customes and really make me very happy to connect this way with those who have gone before us and will keep me linked to my Children and Grandchildren in the future.

Mexicans have a very Satirical/joyful way of looking at death,we don't aknowledge that is the end of our relationship but only a transition where is more subtle and we make sense by joking and laughing about our own Humanity this way there is no fear only acceptance and faith.



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 October 31, 2005 4:50 PM

Sorry G;

yes the ceremony is the whole day with music,drinks,prayers and lots of cooking,usually the food starts in the morning some offerings for some of the ancestors,more cooking,more food,music,drinks,prayers,more cooking ,music,fun,stories,drinks and finish with prayers and until next year when more will join the altar or maybe even i will be on the altar who knows,but the idea is the tradition.

We used regular Rosary from the Catholic church and usually tears are of laughing is a sweet bitter occassion to tell the kids the pranks they used to do and how proud one feels to be part of this family.

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Tulsi, my dear... November 02, 2005 3:15 PM

Thanks for answering my questions and explaining celebrations in detail.  I like that kind of attitude because I feel there's some truth to it...  Interesting to notice the mixing of pagan and Catholic rites, Rosary included.  I think there's always something to learn from different cultures...  It's a fascinating undertaking!  The exchange of information can enrich everybody's souls!


Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock 

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