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Have you felt their presence? Have they blessed you with a sign? March 07, 2005 3:07 PM

Have you felt their presence? Have they blessed you with a sign? Has this happened to any of you since your loved ones have gone on? Share if you would care to here...peace & blessings---ginger

P.S.- It has happened to me so I no longer laugh this off folks.

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 March 08, 2005 3:43 AM

It happend to me several times, with Mom and my husband Tony. 

My mother was a potential medium who never developed her abilities... but she was fantastic in reading cards and very perceptive about people and situations!  We often discussed mataphysics and agreed not to visit each other from the Spirit World because the simple idea of it made us nervous.  Nevertheless, she sent me several signs... 

I am a breast cancer survivor and, at the time 8 years ago), I was undergoing some tests to ascertain the disease.  One night she came to me in a dream, which now I would define more as a "visitation" because it was incredibly real!  She was wearing the night gown she had on when she died...  but she was also carrying a grocery bag...  We hugged each other... I could feel her frail body through the thin material...   I asked if she had seen Dad.  "Yes, and hd still has a bad temper!" - She replied.  Then she asked me if I would like a candy (methol, her favorite) and took it out of her bag.  I gave her another hug and told her I loved her.  Then I woke up.  A few days later, I found out I did have cancer and needed surgery right away!  It all worked fine and I healed perfectly.  I guess Mom wanted me to know she was watching over me...

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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What Do You Think of This? March 08, 2005 4:02 AM

This only happened about two months ago.  I was making arrangements for a reading with an America medium, but - somehow - it didn't work out.  The day after I had sent her a final email, I set the alarm because I needed to get up early the next morning.  Well, I woke up at the alarm but went right back to sleep...  A few minutes later, though, I heard Mom's voice call my name - LOUD and CLEAR!  Then I got up right away and went to the living room to turn on the heat.  There I could smell the tobacco of Mom's favorite cigarettes!  The way I interpreted it, was that she was trying to establish some communication with me/was ready to talk to the medium...  In any case, I never heard back from the medium and decided to join "The Spirit World", "Bara Krishna Inner Peace Meditation Mission"", and finally "Your Grief Will Turn into Joy"!  What do you think of all that, my dear friends?... Ginger, what's you input?  All this must definitely have some deep significance.

Hugs to all,

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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Giuliana It all has some deep significance... March 08, 2005 8:15 AM

i believe that everything that you have mentioned has some reasoning behind the occurence. it is all important. I discount nothing anymore. Life is so intersting and has so many unexplainables for us to ponder and sometimes come to a conclusion upon that why should i question its presence. So i don't. i dreamt of my niece in a surreal dream one night after suffering some major sorrow related depression w/ crying jags and i finally asked in prayer for a sign for relief that i would know she was alright.  The dream was of course surreal, but my husband and I were inside the house of my sister and I looked around for my niece and she was there amongst them and alive and my sister followed her everywhere in the dream, following her into the bedroom to administer her medicine. I could sense my sister's thoughts of how important it was to keep an eye on her daughter and keep that medicine in her. All communications were telepathic. My sister expressed confidence, "Why of course she is still here. She has been here all the time." I than approached my niece to hug her and she telepathically expressed to me that I could not hug her in this state. So I backed away. She had this aura about her. We than walked into another room where her father was engrossed in this unfamiliar board game that had pieces that were representative of people but it wasn't a chess game either.

The first thought that came to my head was this was a warning that he would continue to play games with people and himself the rest of his life on earth and so far that has proven to ring true. But I awakened the next day feeling better about my niece and my sorrow load became less. That is not to say that there are not still moments and days and hours, of tremendous sorrow or thoughts of her passing under those circumstances and oh so young of soul and life's nectar. For not a day goes by that she is not thought of...--ginger

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 March 08, 2005 8:38 AM

There are a few times I have felt their presence. I have actally felt the presence of my cat who died sevreal years ago.

When I was five my grate grandmother died, she was 99 years old. For all my life she lived in my grandparets house with her own room. That was really the first time I had ever had to deal with death so it was pretty hard on me. But I remember sitting in her room, in the dark. Just sitting and talking with her. I remember feeling her there. Being with her and just sitting. My grandfather still lives in the same  house and I still go and sit in the dark. My grate grandmother and I never knew each other very well so I don't really know what it was that caused me to sit in her dark room, other then the fact I just wanted to be with her.

I have also felt Maggie. Sweet Maggie. She was only three years old when she died. I didn't get to know her but a few months but we had a very strong connection. She was the daughtor of my brother's Karatie (sry spelling?) teacher. They had these huge mats all around the room that she loved to run around on. She would climb onto a bunch of mats stacked on top of each other and jump into my arms. I would swing her around and she could climb all over me. The last belt meeting that they had I went to watch and I really think she was there. On the mats waiting for me to catch her, laughing and running around. Looking over her new baby sister. I could really feel her. Other people said they could too. That night I went home and wrote her a letter, and I think she herd me too. How I love her.



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Tony Came to Visit Me from the Spirit World March 08, 2005 2:24 PM

The shock of Tony's death didn't come alone...  I had to take care of a lot of problems, some were even of financial nature because I had invested ALL of my savings in buying the apt. we were living in and having it entirely renovated.  Tony was taking care of all other expenses. I also had to move out of the summer place we were rentingin Gaeta (half way between Naples and Rome), pay all the bills for both apts., sell some furniture, make arrangements for the funeral, etc.  Anyway, the first few months were a nightmare!  But I finally managed to get everything done!  Returning to Naples made me feel a lot better!  I was back home!  One day, at 6:00 A.M., I suddenly woke up and turned on my right side.  I could see part of the hallway from the bed...  I was well rested but too lazy and depressed to get up...  All of sudden, I saw Tony come out of the bathroom and walk towards the living room!  He looked like his "good old self"... tall and handsome...  However, his body wasn't quite ethereal but didn't have the normal "consistency" of a living being... And he had NO feet! What surprised me even more was my reaction:  I was neither surprised nor scared!  It seemed perfectly normal.  It was just my Tony who wanted me to know he was alright!

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

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