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Your Inner Child 29.3.2005 March 28, 2005 5:02 PM

It is a very quiet day after the Easter weekend and now I have time to bring you to your Inner child and the benefits she or he will bring to you. If  you reconnect with them. I am not quite sure just how we lose contact with them, but we do! Yesterday I was reading a poem composed by Elizabeth F ,a wonderful friend of mine. You can find the beautiful poem on this link:

I have  only used the first few lines, because it was those that recalled a beautiful never-to-be-forgotten time when my inner child led me into the local park to play.

My Child Friday, 10:54 AM
I am the child within you
I speak to you and say
It's time for you my dearest
To please come out to play.
Please take my hand and follow
I'll lead you to the park

This extraordinary day began in a very  ordinary day. For Gerald the adult was in charge and just had to write the three pages of his journal before he did anything else. Then up spoke his liberated inner child," Let` s go and play in the park. We can't said I  WE haven't had breakfast! We have got a bar of chocolate and half a tub of ice-cream. And you can take a Thermos of hot tea he said. Let`s go now, before anybody else's gets there and off we went hand-in-hand.
When we got to the playground little gerald was off like a greyhound and I was sure that he would jump on the swings  as I would have done but he ran straight for the climbing frame and then shouted Anchors a weigh me lads  Let`s play Discover the day and with a Cat like spring he was haring for the Roundabouts. When an out of breath me caught up with him we became one. We raced anywhere and everywhere together. We swung as high as we could go, almost going over the top and down the other side. We walked carefully across  chasms and gorges on rope bridges without looking down and reached the other side of canyons and deep crevasses in the ice as we flashed across the world in next to no time and then there was  an uproar in a small tree brightened by the colourful wings of small parrots and the raucous voices of possessive  Myrna birds. We decided it was time for breakfast and we Chewed our chocolate and slurped our ice-cream and declared that it was the best breakfast we had ever  had and lo and behold the two groups of birds had decided that the tree wasn't worth fighting over and had left for greener pastures. And so over and Over again we strutted the Park stage, Masters of all we could see and hear and completely satisfied but our Creator had yet another surprise for us. The bright sun was reflecting through the high hedge and wonder after  wonder a appeared when a sprinkler turned on and we were treated to an magnificent display of rainbows without number. So awed were we a we simply watched the magnificent display of nature in all her glory as we silently sipped our  refreshing cup of tea. It was time to return home hand-in-hand together for it mattered not who could see a us. We were happy beyond compare.
Unconditional Love to you and yours ,especially to your inner child.
Big Gerald  and little gerald   [ send green star]
Gerald this was awesome! March 28, 2005 6:05 PM

Gerald this was awesome! Sometimes I gotta dig really deep lately to find any remnant of an inner child left inside me. It was & has been difficult to locate after my niece passed. I think sorrow can take that from you. Or we allow it too that is. But hopefully i will find it again. At least you got me thinking about it. Thank you! Only on earth but for a short time, but whilest here make it simply devine. warmly---ginger  [ send green star]
All of us can find time to play with our inner child. March 29, 2005 12:15 AM

All of us can find time to play with our inner child. Playing is the quickest way to know anything. I made my first contact with my inner child in my Sixty 7th year when he drew a wrinkled wizened head without a body and told me that his name was not Gerry but Gerald and would like to be called that. Any fool could have figured out that he was telling me that I had lived in my head for many years and needed to change my ways I followed his instructions and decided to change my name back to Gerald and hold I change my name party or my 67th birthday, to celebrate the occasion.
I knew that Gerald was Germanic and meant Spear thrower. I wasn't very pleased about that because  have never been violent. But a loud yet gentle voice said to me but you don't have to  throw hurting Spears. You can throw Loving Spears that only prick the skin with an unbarbed point. That only leaves your love behind when it is withdrawn. You can make this the purpose of the rest of your life.
And so on my birthday a few weeks later I gathered some of my friends together. Nobody had ever been to a name changing party before. And so with the help of two good friends we enacted the weekly frightening rows between my mother and father when my brother my two sisters and I stood behind my mother to protect her from physical violence.
 I then produced some gingerbread  Spear's that I had made that afternoon. Have you realised that a heart turned upside down becomes a spearhead! While the biscuits were still hot I pushed a single skewer into each one and then iced the initial of a friend upon them. After enjoying the good things to eat and drink I told the story of my life and the reason why I wanted to change my name to Gerald from then on. Then I handed each person a Loving Spear and asked them to point them at me and rename me Gerald. As they did so every bodies eyes including my own were filled with tears of Joy.
From that day to this .My inner child and I have become one and I have become more childlike moment by moment.
Always celebrate the high points in your life and they stay with you.
Unconditional love to you and your Inner child. May  Creator bless you both and may you grow  strong together.
Gerald the story teller of tales that are true 

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