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Petition:EscapeHybrid Lead to BetterExplorer January 04, 2005 12:55 PM

Here is another petition I signed it today. I know some people wonít support this latest technology due to the higher cost. But there is $2000 tax deduction (check this out with the dealer where you want to purchase), and some people just love this modern car that serves the cleaner air environment. For anyone who thinks itís a cool for our future cars, please sign this petition. Whenever a new item introduces in the market, the price is always higher. Just look at the latest technology like PC, new software, flat monitor, newer model, etc. So what is the wrong with the expensive newer car? You donít to have buying this car now when you have your other reliable cars. But just a thought, would you be willing to get this car when you need another/replace car? Well I am not here to force your solid thought; I am here to educate there are other alternative cars available in the future. I am enclosing more information on this new-featured car; read the lower parts if you object on this petition. Thanks. Suzanne Petition: Escape Hybrid Support Lead to Better Explorer The first hybrid gasoline-electric SUV-the Escape Hybrid-recently began production on Ford's assembly lines. Ford can now take this bold step in SUV fuel economy and establish a reputation as the leader in the Sport Utility class by improving the #1 SUV in America--the Explorer. For a modest investment in existing technologies, Ford could make their Explorers safer and significantly more fuel efficient saving consumers thousands of dollars. Tell Fordís Chairman and CEO, William Ford that he is on the right track with the Escape Hybrid, and that by improving the conventional Explorer; he can help make Ford the leading company providing genuine SUV choices to American drivers. Recently, the first hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) made in the United States, and the first hybrid electric SUV, began production on a Kansas City assembly lineóthe Ford Escape Hybrid. The EPA fuel economy estimates for this vehicle are 31 mpg on the highway and 36 mpg in the city (hybrids typically get better city gas mileage because the ďstop-and-goĒ traffic takes better advantage of regenerative braking technology). The Escape Hybrid will be certified to the Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) standard in several states, including California, and scored a 9 out of a possible 10 in the EPAís green vehicle guide. According to new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Escape Hybrid will save consumers over $400 at the pumps in its first year based on a $1.50 per gallon gasoline price and 15,600 miles driven. The savings are based on the two-wheel drive version of the hybrid, compared to the conventional two-wheel drive Escape (19 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway). Indeed, the new Escape shows that the advantages of hybrid technology, combining low tailpipe emissions with superb fuel economy, can be expanded to any vehicle class while maintaining the performance, size and safety consumers rely on in their vehicles. A rare confluence of industry, labor, and environmentalists has come together to laud this advance in fuel-efficient technology. Ford now has an opportunity to build on this praise to become an industry vanguard for the entire Sport Utility Vehicle class. Indeed, the Escape Hybrid initiative is only a first step for two significant reasons. First, the Escape is a small SUV, which, while popular, is dwarfed in sales by mid-sized SUVs. Indeed, Fordís own Explorer mid-sized SUV is the best selling model in the United States, selling more than 400,000 units per year. Second, the Escape Hybrid is going to be produced at only 20,000-25,000 units per year, making up less than one half of one percent of Fordís total yearly vehicle production. Ford can do a lot better. In the report Building a Better SUV: A Blueprint for Saving Lives, Money, and Gasoline UCS showed that with technology improvements costing as little as $600 per vehicle, the Ford Explorer could improve its average fuel economy from the EPA window sticker value of 18mpg to 23.6mpg, making for a vehicle lifetime $2,500 savings at the pumps (estimated at a $1.40/gallon price). Further conventional technology improvements costing an added $2,315 per Explorer would net over $4,300 in lifetime gas savings by increasing its window sticker fuel economy to 30.7mpg. Ford should be lauded for the introduction of the Escape Hybrid SUV. Consumers should also urge that Ford become the industry leader both with new hybrid models while simultaneously improving their conventional SUV line starting with the nationís #1 model, the Explorer. This would demonstrate a true commitment to SUV Solutions that would make a revolutionary difference in the Sport Utility market. And if you happen to be an owner of a Ford vehicle right now, be sure to let Mr. Ford know in your letter! For more information, contact Scott Nathanson at On the Road to the Future: Interviews with Happy Hybrid Owners Federal law requires automobile manufacturers to determine the fuel economy of new vehicles offered for sale in the U.S. This information is provided on a fuel economy label affixed to each vehicleís window to help consumers make informed decisions regarding fuel economy when purchasing a new vehicle. While these labels may vary somewhat in appearance, they must all provide the same information Take your hybrid on a family vacation? Would you take your hybrid on a family vacation (considering factors such as distance, safety, comfort, family members' standards, etc.)? DICAPRIO: Oh, sure. I've had five people fit comfortably in the car.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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